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~ A note from Fire of the Rainbow Bridge ~

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We gained a bright star today at the Bridge.

November 25th 2008 3:37 pm
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A sweet and brave furiend came to the Bridge today. His name is Spunky. He battled cancer and was so brave. Please remember him and his grieving furmily in your purrs.


I am a DDP today and Lil' Muppet is DOTD!

November 24th 2008 8:25 pm
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Wow. What a day to be a DDP! I get to share this pawsome honor with my sweet furiend Lil' Muppet. Awesome! My last diary entry was about Muppet and I could not be more proud than to share this day with her. Please remember to purr for Muppet and to give her your support.

I am also honored to share this diary honor with none other than the incredible Luka! Luka has helped us so much with all the weddings we have had in our furmily since my wedding in September. Wow, what a wonderpurr day to share this with my furiend Luka.

Others in the diary list are Jeter Harris and Wilson J. Scooter. I don't have the honor of knowing these cats but wish big concatulations to both of them.

Hondo, Mittens, Boogers, Fido, Tiskers and PorkChop sent me a cool pilgrim hat and said, "Hey Fire! Concats on your DDP! We hope you all have a pawsome Thanksgiving!!!" Thank you for my first rosette!

Wanda, Norman, Tess, Rupert, Mitchell, Beckie, Fay, Princess, Harvey, Bess, Lewis, Einstein, Mama Kitty, Lilly, Blackie, Patti, Nikki, Frankie, Freddie, Marie, Sunni, Roxanne, a beautipurr angel, Rosie, Bob and Jesse sent me a purrty heart and said, "Congrats for being a daily diary pick, hopefully it will bring some much needed help for Lil Muppet. A perfect example why we love your family so much. Love Wanda, Norman and the rest of the Texas herd" Wanda, I really hope and pray that our dear furiend Muppet will get the help she needs. We are purring overtime in our home for her.

Cocoa, Picasso, Kashmere, Jaspurr, Aspen, Snowmitts,Biscotti and Cannoli sent me a sweet rose and said, "Dear Fire~ Sending you a big catgrats on your DDP honor and may you and your angel furiends have a wonderful Thanksgiving."

Mercy, Melody, Milo, (a beautiful angel), Sofie, Riley, Pebbles, Reebok, Nike, Joy, The Furbies, Enzo and Pixie sent me a turkey. They said, "Congratulations on being a DDP, Fire! Fly high today!"

My sweet angel furiend Wally sent me a beautifur heart... just like his own heart. He said, "ConCATs sweet Fire~ Hugs, Wally" He put my memento in the heart for my page.

Penny sent me a big Power of the Paw. She said, "Congrats on the DDP and your help spreading the word about Muppet!" I want effuryfur to know about Muppet. Thank you, Penny for the sweet gift and words.

Thank you HQ for choosing me today and for placing me with two dear furiends. Diary Gal you just outdid yourself.


Our furiend Muppet needs our help.

November 23rd 2008 7:48 am
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A sweet furiend named Lil' Muppet needs our help. She is in need of two surgeries to save her life and her meowmy can't afford it. We can all help out. The surgeries will cost around $5,000 and that is a lot of money for anyone today. The surgeries she will require on her ears are called a TECA (Total Ear Canal Ablation) & a Bullaosteotomy. They will remove her ear canals and seal them up. The Bullaosteotomy is the scraping of the Bulla, located behind the ear canal, to make sure no debri or infection is trapped in them before her ear canals are sealed up. There are some risks involved. The surgeries may leave her completely deaf and there is a possibility of permanent facial paralysis. Her surgeon promises her that this is very rare and only ever happened once with all of the TECA’s he’s performed. Please stop by her page for support and, if you can spare a little extra cash, there is an address where you may send money to help out. It is Catster approved. Let's rally behind Muppet to give her the chance at life she deserves. Please read her story on her page and help her out, if you are able.


Happy Turkey Day wishes to me from Tigger!

November 19th 2008 9:53 pm
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Tigger sent me a drumstick. He said, "Happy Turkey Day... coming up! Remember get your "give me some yum" faces on. Meow, Tigger" Thank you, Tigger, for remembering a beloved Bridge cat.


Mojo is marrying Tuffy tomorrow.

November 15th 2008 9:18 am
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Announcing the marriage of Tuffy and Mojo on Sunday, November 16th. It will be held at 4 PM Catster time and 7 PM EST. Please come to the Wedding of Tuffy and Mojo if you can. Mojo and Tuffy would love to have all of you present as they take their marriage vows and pledge their eternal love for each other.


A Memorial Service for Macallan tomorrow.

November 14th 2008 4:57 pm
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There will be a memorial service for our Bridge furiend Macallan on Saturday, November 15th. It will be held at noon Catster time. Please stop by the Memorial for Macallan if you can. If you are not able to attend Macallan's Memorial Service, you could drop his furmily a line to help comfort them.


OMC! I am a first time DDP today! I am so honored.

November 7th 2008 9:52 pm
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Thank you so much HQ and Diary Gal. I just found out I am a DDP today. This is so exciting for me because it is my first time to receive this honor. Wow.

I want to mention the other pawsome cats who are on the daily diary pick list with me. My sweet furiends Hazel Lucy and Sampson Silver Dollar were chosen, along with Callie Rose and Oliver, who was the DOTD. I am honored to be listed with such fine furs. And a sweet furiend named K C Sunshine was named COTD today. Please stop by and wish all of them big concatulations.

Wanda, Norman, Tess, Rupert, Mitchell, Beckie, Fay, Princess, Harvey, Bess, Lewis, Einstein, Mama Kitty, Lilly, Blackie, Patti, Nikki, Frankie, Freddie, Marie, Sunni, Roxanne, a beautipurr angel, Rosie, Bob and Jesse sent me a fun acorn. They said, "Wow! You're a daily diary pick! Congrats! Have a pawsome day celebrating!"

Calamity (my brofur Hooch's fiancee) and her wonderpurr furmily Romeo, Calia, Henry and Kana sent me a power of the paw. they said, "Fire! Your a DDP today! Yay! Congradulations sweet girl! I hope you celebrate big time with all the other bridge kitties for your special day! Your are always in our hearts and we love you!" I love them too.

Lily, Poo (my sisfur Patchez' husband) Tigger, Odie, Oreo, George, Chandron (missing), and angels Oingo and Boingo sent me the World's Coolest sunglasses. They said, "Way to go, sweet sisfur in law!! Concats on being a DDP today! We love you very much!!" I love all of them too!

Cocoa, Picasso, Kashmere, Jaspurr, Aspen, Snowmitts,Biscotti and Cannoli sent me a rose. They said, "Dear Fire ~ Catgrats on being today's DDP... Enjoy your day celebrating with your furiends at the Bridge!" They also included a cute cat picture saying Hugs.

Sampy sent me a pumpkin. He said, "Hi Fire, CONCATS on your Diary Pick Also! It's great sharing the limelight with you! Have a pawsome day of fame!" It was a true honor to be on the diary pick list with my furiend Sampy.

Sausage and Meatball sent me a nice heart. It had a purrty congratulations with a sparking heart on it and under that it read, "on being a DDP!"

Kittanna, Taillee, Zilla, Lilly and Tigger (a sweet angel) sent me the World's Coolest sunglasses. They had the cutest angel cat DDP picture and said above it, "Way to go!!!"

Wyatt James (a sweet angel) sent me a lovely heart. He told me, "I am sure we are best friends here at the Rainbow Bridge." (((hugs her new furiend)))

Reena, Chloe and Doc sent me a blue ribbon. They said, "Congrats on being a DDP!! "

Teebo and Callie sent me a power of the paw. They said, "Hi Fire, Concats on being a DDP! We hope you enjoy your well deserved time in the spotlight!!"

Tiger Edward Bush and his furmily sent me a rose. They said, "We wanted to say congrads on being chosen as Caster's Diary Pick of the Day. The Bush Meows and Woofs and those already at the Bridge"

I, also, want to thank all the sweet cats who have written me special concatulation pmails. I appreciate each and every single one and love all of you. Thank you for helping me celebrate my first DDP honor.


Rainbow Bridge gained another special angel named Albie.

November 3rd 2008 8:16 am
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We have just heard that our sweet furiend Albie has come to the Rainbow Bridge. My furmily is in shock again with the loss of so many special furs in our lives. Here is the latest from Albie's page -

Albie went to Rainbow Bridge today at 2.00 p.m. He had a cancerous tumour deep in his abdomen which was detected by x-rays. It was inoperable and treatment would not have been beneficial. Heaven has gained the sweetest angel. His meowmy is heartbroken and his brofur Alfie is desperately looking for him.

Please remember this precious furmily in your purrs.


Please purr for our furiend Albie.

November 2nd 2008 4:27 pm
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We have just heard that our sweet furiend from the UK named Albie is on a drip in the hospital. Please read his diary entry for details. Albie is such a fine furiend and we all are purring extra hard for him.


Halloween wishes from furiends.

October 31st 2008 11:33 pm
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Mouser sent me a collar. he said, "I JUST WAN'T TO SAY HI TO ALL MY FUR FRIENDS HAVE A SAFE HALLOWEEN GET PLENTY OF TREATS" Happy Halloween to Mouser and to all my furiends!

*eyes pop open wide* Oh, wow!! I got a cool Dancing Halloween Skeleton from Miss Madhi, Lucy (a beautifur and blind doggie who just celebrated her birthday on the 28th) and Hambone. They told me, "Happy Meowlloween! We hope your day is filled with lots of tricks and treats! With purrs, Hambone and furmily"

Sausage and Meatball sent me a collar. They said, "Happy halloween to you" It had a really cute animation inside it.

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