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December 17th

December 17th 2008 5:10 pm
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Well, it is somewhat cold here. The temperature got down to the low 30's and that is pretty cold. I have a nice chair and blankets to set in. Plus we use the heater and it get warm enough. I guess we will have a cold spell for awhile, but what do you expect it is almost winter.
I am looking forward to Christmas. My aunt sent a package and she always sends catnip toys. So I am looking to investigate what is under the tree. My humans have some packages with ribbons on them, and I keep playing with them. Of course momma gets mad at me, but not to mad. She just does not want me to eat the ribbons as they do upset my tummy.
Nikita is still living here, but we are getting use to each other. She sleeps a lot in the day, and plays all night. I do the same, so when we finally get to sleep together I think we will have a lot of fun.
Going to get dinner


December 18th

December 18th 2008 7:57 pm
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Winter has arrived early this year. It is cold, windy, and we are expecting more rain and snow in the mountains. The rain does not really bother me as I am a indoor cat, but it does keep Abbey inside more and home more as she does not go for long walks, dog park ect. She really bugs me a lot. She is always just wondering around looking at me, it is kind of creepy. She also is always sneaking into my room and eatting my food. I think that is kind of rude
She is a fat dog, and she should leave my food alone. The family has put her on a diet, but that does not stop her from eatting.
I am looking forward to Christmas and Santa coming. I love the packages under the tree. I love to nibble on the strings which does not make my momma very happy. She thinks the bows and strings belong on the packages, and the strings should not be eatten. I do not where she got that strange idea. I have been sitting under the tree, and I think I look pretty cute. Momma and I been doing a lot of visiting. I enjoy visiting with momma. Momma says I have lost weight and she is the first person in the family to notice. I must admit I have not eatten as much as I am still upset about Sophie dying. I am not to sure about Nikita as she is a little strange. She likes to sit in the window and play in the bedroom. She does not come out much so I really do not know her well.
Gotta go do something


December 22

December 22nd 2008 7:56 pm
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It is officially the first day of Winter. So far so good. It is not to cold, and not hot. There is no rain, but some fog. The streets and lawn are wet as we had quite a storm yesterday and last night.
Yeah, my Aunt Dorothy's package came today. I was worried it would not come in time for Christmas. Every year my aunt sends a package for us pets. There is always a treat for Abbey and catnap toy for each us ( me and Sophie). This year the catnip toy was for me and Nikita. Momma would not let me have the catnip toy yet. She said I have to wait until Christmas. I know the catnip is under the tree, and when no one is looking I am going to go look under the tree for that catnip
On some sad news Nikita likes catnip toys too. Sophie did not like catnip toys, and as a result I got her toy. Now I will not get an extra toy. Nikita has already been into her toy. She found it under the tree and was batting it around the living room. Momma found her doing that, and took the toy away. Momma hide it under the tree as she also has to wait until Christmas. Anyway, I am so glad my Aunt Dorothy from Cedar Rapids Iowa was kind enough to send me and Nikita catnip toys. She is a real nice aunt.


December 29th

December 29th 2008 4:38 pm
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Well the Chistmas season is over. It is a sad, but there is still the new year to celebrate. I had a good Christmas. I got some catnip, toys and treats. Santa was good to me. Nikita wanted to play in my catnip and with my catnip toy. My family let her play in some cat nip, and she like rolling around in the cat nip. I also like playing in catnip. However, thankfully momma would not let Nikita steal my catnip toy my aunt Dorothy made me. Thank goodness for momma.
I am looking foward to the new year. I am hoping it will be good, and I sure it will be good. We only have 23 days left of living without a president. I am so excited for Obama to be president. I wish I lived in Washington D.C it would be so exciting. Obama is going to be a good president for all of us.


December 30th

December 30th 2008 7:37 pm
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Well, it night and I can report that the fog is very heavy. It was very thick this morning, and never got to much better. Just a dumpy day. I wish it was not so foggy as when I look out the window you can not see much. It is not going to get much better for tomorrow.
Last night I spent some quality time with Nikita trying to make friends with her. Nikita spends a lot of time in momma's bed at night so I decided to go into the room last night. I jumped into the bed, and went over and sat right down next to her. We sleep next to each other for a few hours. I left the room to spend some time with momma. I was very glad that Nikita did not hiss or fight with me while I was sleeping next to her. It is a lot of progress for us, and maybe we will be friends soon. It will be nice to have a good cat friend again. Hoping for a better tomorrow


December 31st

December 31st 2008 7:16 pm
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Good-bye to the year 2008. Not a good year as my fur sister Sophie was so sick then she died. I spent a lot of that year worring about her and that worry just added to more weight for me to lose, and my humans complaining about it
Well, I am pretty much a purfect cat so I do not need to make any new years resolutions to improve or change myself. However, I am willing to help others out.
1. I resolve to help momma to become a better momma
2. I resolve to help my human sisters to be come better human sisters
3. I resolve to help Abbey make major improvements to her dog self(in opinion she needs a lot of improving.
4. I resolve to help Nikita become a better cat.
It looks like I am going to be a very busy cat in the year 2009. Oh well.
I am looking forward to January 20th when Obama becomes our president. I say bring on 2009 our future looks bright.


January 2nd

January 2nd 2009 8:42 pm
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Well, our my family took down our Christmas tree. It is a little sad, but at least my favorite chair is back in its right spot. The family took all the decortions down yesterday, and I supervised. It took a long time, but it would have taken a lot longer if I had not been supervising.
Today the weather was rainy, and there was not much for a cat to do except watch the rain. After awhile that got boring so I took a long nap. I must say after the nap I felt a whole lot better. I had some snacks, and then I did some deep meditation. I then had dinner with my fur sister Nikita. Today we ate together, and it was fun. We did not fight and it was fun.
My asthma was bothering me a little bit. I took some medicine and now I feel good. I heard that latter this month I might have to go to the vet to get my annual physical. I do not think that is a good idea. I have gained some weight, and I do not need to hear the vet tell me I need to lose weight. What does he think I am stupid. I know I am a fat cat, but it works for me. I love my treats, and I do not want to give them up. I know I should, but there is nothing like a good cat treat right after a nap. Well, I am going to go watch some TV.


January 3rd 2009

January 3rd 2009 4:56 pm
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It is cold and windy here. However, my aunt who lives in Iowa says it is not that cold, but it is cold to us Californians. The temperatures were in the 30's then add a wind chill and it felt like the upper 20's. However, it did warm up in the afternoon. No birds or many squirrles
to watch so another boring day for a cat.
My asthma is doing much better. I have not been wheezing much today. I am off my predisone so that is a good thing, I am still hearing I have to go to the vet at the end of the month. I just do not want to go. I know the vet is going to give me a lecture about dieting. He may even give me diet pills (yuck). I am happy with how I look, but I guess I need to diet as that is all my family says to me. except momma. Momma says I am just a big cat and need to eat. Momma does not think I am that fat. I will think about a diet tomorrow.
My fur sister Nikita has been wondering around the house. She is very nosey. She even went to my cat room and looked around. I guess she is getting braver and braver. Almost dinner time so I am better get going so I do not miss dinner.


January 5th

January 4th 2009 4:23 pm
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Well, it is Sunday and it a pretty nice day. The morning was quite cool, but not to cold. There was frost on the ground, and the temperatures were in the upper 20's. It did warm up in the afternoon.
In the morning my asthma was bothering me, but I took my asthma medicine, and I soon was feeling much better. I spent some time wondering around the house, looking out the living room window, and helping momma. Momma needs my help to get things done. In my opinion things wound not get done if I did not help. Since it is Sunday I did spend some time relaxing and enjoying myself.
Only 2 1/2 weeks until Obama is our President, and I am looking forward to that happening. I wished I lived in Washington DC to see al the stuff going on for his inagural. I guess I will just have to watch it on TV.
Well it is almost dinner time, I think I wash up and wait for dinner


January 6th

January 6th 2009 4:47 pm
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My goodness it is already Tuesday. We have only 2 weeks left until Obama takes office. I am so excited I can hardly wait. It is going to be so much better when we have president Obama. Having him as president is going to make things better just by giving hope to people and animals alike.
Today is a pretty nice day and not to cold. I have been busy taking care of my fur sister Nikita. She followed me around, and did what ever I did. It was kind of annoying, but she is just learning. We now eat together, and some times she steals my food. Fortunately momma is now watching and I am able to get some good food. For a few days I was not getting as much as usual to eat, and I did lose weight. Hopefully now momma will keep an eye on her. She is quite a character. She is being to feel more comfortable everyday. She even gets up when my human sister and Abbey get up which is early. She runs around the house and snoops into everything. Oh well I remember what it is like to me a newbie. Go to go watch the news. I am sure some interesting things are happening in the human world. That is one thing I can always count on. Humans they are quite a puzzle. Maybe someday they will grow up and behave more like us animals.

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