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i love my babies

oh i am now spayed!

February 20th 2008 8:33 pm
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today sasha got spayed. her 2 boys were adopted and we still have one baby. many thanks to catster for having an adoption site. that is where the new mom and dad found their new babies . my husband could not bare to see those kittens in a cage and this gave us another option. besides that,the humane society here was hard to reach on the three days that you can call in. sasha is a little upset with me. she is eating well and her incision is very small. the new snap clinic is nice. well run and a good deal. it cost me $55.00. that included a pain shot. when i got my other cats done they had pills. i couldn't get those pills in their mouths and ended up throwing them away! now she can go on and strut like she does without me having to worry about getting pregnant. maybe i can also find her a new home since we have 7 other kitties. she has street smart and is very polite. if she stays with us we will have to try to keep her inside more. there are at least six other strays outside and i would hate for her to get some disease from one of the other cats outside. well she is sleeping now. she looks so comfortable sleeping on the couch. sasha has gained some weight since we brought her in and now she is a really puuurrrrty girl.


hi my name is sasha

January 23rd 2008 7:15 pm
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i am about six months older than my babies. i love them so much. they are starting to get bigger all of the time. my son,mo, is my biggest. the other day i was cleaning them and then mo just jumped me! he kicked me in the face and thought that i was one of his brothers. i usually don't play in front of them. i like to go outside to do that. they let me go outside and i run real fast across the street.i make sure no one is coming. i love to climb trees and i like to go on the neighbors roof. everyone knows me. the people at another house brought me home. they let me stay outside. then one day i had my babies. after a while it got cold and i took my babies to the people across the street. they always have food outside for all cats. sometimes even a stray dog will eat the cat food. anyways one by one i took all 4 of my babies to that house. they let my babies go inside. we were very happy to come inside. every one likes my babies. there is a man who makes noises, he likes to pet me. some times he holds my tail and then lets it go. but he will not pick me up. the other man calls me sasha shasha. sometimes i like to go in the garage and just get away. because it is very warm in there. they have a couch and i like to sit on it. i kid of got it good here. i think i will stay.

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