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Thank you all!

February 14th 2008 6:53 am
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First and foremost I want to thank everykitty who purred for me , sent me gifts and words of encouragement on my purrday. Meowmy spends so much time taking care of me and doing research to try to make me better that she can't thank everyone individually but you all know who you are and I am deeply grateful that you care and are purring for me. A special thanks to The Bunny, Angel, Merlin, Ashley Jay and their meowmies and everyone else who helped to E mail kitties and post in the groups about my purr day...oh and Kittanna too who posted in the Cardmaker group....and Simon and his friends!
I don't know how many of you know about my entire situation so I will start from the beginning...
I have been at my new home for about a month and a half now. After being returned to the shelter 3 times meowmy adopted me before I could be sent back to the main shelter where who knows what would have happened to me. I got better and then got to meet Sevie ( who I loved at first sight) and all the other kitties. I played, ran all over the house, typed on the puter with meowmy and Sevie at night, slept on the warm soft blankets on the bed and met my wonderpurr and very handsome boyfriend Caviar right here on Catster. I was so happy and felt like the luckiest kitty in the world!
The weekend of the 2nd. I didn't feel so good, meowmy noticed Sunday that I was not playing with Sevie and she fixed me up a room of my own so she could watch me, I had loose poopies and not much of an appetite.She thought maybe I had a bug and took me to the vets first thing Monday morning. They took a stool sample, it was negative but meowmy just had a feeling something was wrong so they took blood to send out (I was very bad, I hate being poked in the leg with a needle!!!) and I was sent home with some medicine for my loose poops.....I still doidn't want to eat so meowmy started trying everything from baby food to steak, some I would lick a little but not enough so she got stuff she could feed me in a syringe. Wed the test results were back, they didn't show much at all but meowmy was even more worried now, why was I not eating??? Friday the 8th. she took me to another vet, Dr. Antz, she is a very nice vet who treats any kitty here with a weird problem or when meowmy is just freaked out and needs another opinion......she was sort of stumped but not too concerned , I had a fever of 103.6 so they gave me antibiotics and some stuff to help in case I had some sort of parasite they could not see from my stool sample (yes they took another one)and another drug to give me to bring my fever down...Meowmy was told to keep me eating and warm and also to add daily sub-Q fluids to the list of things to give me.....meowmy told Dr. Antz of her concerns that I may have FIP, and the Dr. said what meowmy already knew..there is no test that will tell us for sure if I have FIP, if I have had vaccines I will test positive for corona virus which causes the disease so they will treat the symptoms and wait...nothing really helped over the weekend , I was, I am embarrassed to say hardly able to hold my poopies and sometimes it would get on meowmy kept me cleaned up and kept food in me everyday , sometimes I don't like it but I know she is trying to help me...
Since none of the medicine the vet gave her helped me at all she started doing some research into something herbal or homeopathic that might help my loose poops. She went to the health food store and got some slippery elm powder and probiotics to add to my food as well as organic chicken breast, oatmeal baby cereal and some supplements to make me up some new food which she blends up so she can put in a syringe and force feed it to me....and guess what ! I was able to hold my poops all day Wednesday! I do still have a fever but not having to use the litterbox every hour is a huge improvement.
Wednesday the 13th. Meowmy took me in to have more blood pulled and another stool sample checked, my stool sample showed some good bacteria where there was none before ( probably because of the probiotics she is giving me) but it was sent out to another lab to check for anything that might be making me sick. They took more blood as well to see if anything had changed since last time and took me off the antibiotic which was not helping anyway as well as the fever reducer ( I can only be on it a few days ) and said to just give me the flagyl which is for the intestinal stuff. I am still having a fever and not eating on my own but I have not lost any weight at all which is good....meowmy is still so worried that I may have FIP.....she is very upset and sad and is so afraid I will have to leave her, I am really trying to get better so I can stay with her, my family, my handsome boyfriend Caviar.....I love them all so much , I really don't want to leave them....!


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