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what is wrong with our world

February 21st 2009 7:00 am
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*RANT* og/man-who-microwaved-kitten-freed-with-no-jail-time/2009/02 /20/

if some peice of crap, evil son of a gun cooks a tiny kitten in the microwave, it means he is an evil person with no soul. why are we letting them get away with a slap on the wrist, when this a proven sign that this person is not right in the head? People who murder animals like this are nuts, and will do other horrifc things to other defensless creatures, such as kids or the elderly. This kid is sick. he needs to go to jail and get professonal help. If it were up to me he'd be locked up for good. People like that dont belong on the streets. They are just no good and will keep being no good. i dont care if he was 'drunk' it wasnt a joke or 'being stupid' this kid isnt sorry. hes only sorry he got caught and now everyone sees him for the peice of crap he is.

why do we let people get away with this...esp. cats. cats are seen as low class creatures. 'well i hate cats because it scratched me' WELL THE CAT KNOWS YOUR BAD. if people hurt dogs its a bigger outrage...but cats, people just kind look the other way. its even funny to some people. movies and tv, its quirky and funny to hate cats, hurt cats, ect. if your a women who likes cats your 'lonley, loser, crazy' if your a man your a 'sissy, gay, girly'

The public image of the cat is poor. All the time i see people advocating for dogs (which is good) but not cats. Its cool and socially acceptable to help dogs. theres even movies like hotel for dogs that make it hip and cool. we are sending a message to people that dogs are our best freind, part of the family. its ok and even cool to have a dog in the house. This is great for dogs. im glad that dogs went from being 'mutts' who sleep outside and eat leftovers to pamperd housepets. but when will this status be given to our cats?

its all about trend. people use to only get purebreds. now its the mutt that is in style. and im sorry, its a MIX or a MUTT not a pompoo yorkeipoo peakapoo, labradoodle. Its. a. Mutt. ( it angers me that people are breeding mixes when there are thousands in pounds but thats another story)

*sigh* i look forward to the day when im not labled as nuts or lonely for having cats. i look forward to the day when people who abuse and murder pets get what they deserve. the day when we take responsibilty for the pets we domestcated and bred.


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