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miss tiny burr burrs personal Memoirs’


September 5th 2013 11:46 pm
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poor miss tiny hurt herself on the mini blind cord. she got tangled. owners beware of this! she has a nasty abscess and bruising but will be okay.


oh geeze, ma!

November 23rd 2009 4:41 am
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yes ma, i know im cute. yes ma, i know i am a fat verison of an oriental and im super cute. yes ma, i know i won ribbions at the cat show for being so oriental and cute. I KNOW i have the build, and the voice.

but i swear, if you adopt that other oriental mix cat and expect me to like it...well...your in for a shock. It wont be like me, im cuter.

if i would have know me being a half breed would encourage you to adopt another one, well, i wouldnt have told you. i would have been just like any other lazy ol tortie and bite, growl and never talk to you again. have you BEEN around my sisters lately? Spooky and Minnie are grumpy ol things without an ounce of my body and charm. i could be like them. Your lucky grandma took those ol' grumps. i doubt you'd be hurrying to the pound to get another.



thats just tiny.

March 10th 2009 9:11 am
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3am: I hear the crinkling of paper, the unmistakable sound of a plastic trash can hitting the floor, followed by more crinkling of paper. For about 5 minutes i lay half alseep while tiny rips open a fast food bag from Rallys. Fully awake and annoyed, i utter a sharp "TEEN!" and in response tiny meows out in her high pitch voice " buuuurrr wow!!" and flys up to the bed purring. You cant ever yell at Tiny. she just purrs.

7am: i get up to roll over and ponder if my need to use the bathroom is greater then my need to fall back asleep, when Tiny hosits herself onto my back and lays down. I difrt back to sleep. I feel a cold paw pad on my face. I ignore. I feel a pointed claw on my face, i pet the cat. Tiny contiunes to tap my face with her paws untill i get up and feed her. I put her dry cat food in her bowl, Tiny sniffs it and walks away. She wasnt hungry, but just wanted to make sure i put the food in the bowl at the proper time.

8am: My houseguest comes into my bedroom. He picks up the upturned trash and puts the now empty chicken wing box back into the bag. I roll over from my post cat feeding nap and say " you left a chicken wing in the bag" and fall back to sleep. No explnation is needed. Thats just Tiny.


what is wrong with our world

February 21st 2009 7:00 am
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*RANT* og/man-who-microwaved-kitten-freed-with-no-jail-time/2009/02 /20/

if some peice of crap, evil son of a gun cooks a tiny kitten in the microwave, it means he is an evil person with no soul. why are we letting them get away with a slap on the wrist, when this a proven sign that this person is not right in the head? People who murder animals like this are nuts, and will do other horrifc things to other defensless creatures, such as kids or the elderly. This kid is sick. he needs to go to jail and get professonal help. If it were up to me he'd be locked up for good. People like that dont belong on the streets. They are just no good and will keep being no good. i dont care if he was 'drunk' it wasnt a joke or 'being stupid' this kid isnt sorry. hes only sorry he got caught and now everyone sees him for the peice of crap he is.

why do we let people get away with this...esp. cats. cats are seen as low class creatures. 'well i hate cats because it scratched me' WELL THE CAT KNOWS YOUR BAD. if people hurt dogs its a bigger outrage...but cats, people just kind look the other way. its even funny to some people. movies and tv, its quirky and funny to hate cats, hurt cats, ect. if your a women who likes cats your 'lonley, loser, crazy' if your a man your a 'sissy, gay, girly'

The public image of the cat is poor. All the time i see people advocating for dogs (which is good) but not cats. Its cool and socially acceptable to help dogs. theres even movies like hotel for dogs that make it hip and cool. we are sending a message to people that dogs are our best freind, part of the family. its ok and even cool to have a dog in the house. This is great for dogs. im glad that dogs went from being 'mutts' who sleep outside and eat leftovers to pamperd housepets. but when will this status be given to our cats?

its all about trend. people use to only get purebreds. now its the mutt that is in style. and im sorry, its a MIX or a MUTT not a pompoo yorkeipoo peakapoo, labradoodle. Its. a. Mutt. ( it angers me that people are breeding mixes when there are thousands in pounds but thats another story)

*sigh* i look forward to the day when im not labled as nuts or lonely for having cats. i look forward to the day when people who abuse and murder pets get what they deserve. the day when we take responsibilty for the pets we domestcated and bred.


dear angel

February 16th 2009 7:21 am
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Dear angel,

please stop eating my earbuds, hairties and speaker wires. Also, if you cannot refrain from chewing them, please at least quit putting them in a puke after your done. thanks.


meowy is so sad

June 11th 2008 10:58 am
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Meowy is very sad today. I have tried everything to cheer her up. ive purred, head butted, loved on, and even found some trash for her to share with me. but alas, nothing. I know she is having a hard time dealing with all the deaths. First, Meowys sister had a cat that got ran over and had to be put down. Then the day after, the kitten meowy was fostering suddenly went down hill, and was unable to be revived at the vets. He was put to sleep. A few days after that, Meowy got a telephone call. The brother to her kitten had died in the same manner.

Completely heartbroken, and stumped as to why the kittens died, Meowy went to help her friend moved some things out of a garage. Next to the garage was a junkyard. Meowy saw a lady holding a kitten. The lady holding the kitten told Meowy she was feeding them milk and chicken bones, because the cat mother wouldnt feed them. Meowy tried to turn away, but couldnt. She followed the women into the junkyard. There, in the junk, and lying in the sun, was a tiny Siamse girl kitten. She was not doing well. Meowy knew that if the kitten didnt get out of the sun, she would be dead within a few hours. Meowy got a box out of the garage, promised the lady she would take good care of the kittens. She put a larger fluffy one and the sickly siamse into the box. The lady told Meowy that the siamse one bites.

Meowy put the kittens in the nice cool bathroom. they both were hot to the touch and panting. The bigger one recoverd quickly. The smaller one fell asleep. Meowy gave her some fluids, she was dehydrated. Meowy sat with the white kitten. She knew she was dying. Meowy felt sad. she had allways wanted a girl siamse kitten. this one was only about 5 weeks old. she was a beautifil cream color with blue points, and white feet. She would have been a blue lyxn point. Meowy sat with her untill the kitten cried out, gasped, and then went over the rainbow bridge. Meowy wrapped her up in a towel and said that she was sorry she didnt get to the kitten sooner. She was born in a junk pile and left to die in a junk pile. Meowy feels a little better knowing she at least died in peace in the cool bathroom, insted of the burning hot junk pile.

The bigger kitten has fleas, and an eye infection. Meowy combed the fleas out and put anti biotics on her eyes. She is too little for flea meds just yet. Meowy thinks she is only 7 weeks old. She named the bigger kitten "Chibi" after a fellow Catster cat. She is a soft grey color, with tan patches. She is also splashed with white and has long, wavy hair. Meowy says this is called a Dilute calico. I hope for Meowys sake, this kitten makes it. Meowy is very sad with all the kittens who have gone to the other side this week.


cow makes angel puke buckets

February 16th 2008 11:39 am
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the other day, Mom fed us canned evo cow. I was so so about it. I MUCH prefer Deer and Duck. Angel puked like 5 times and left a gross stain that mom has been trying to clean out for days.

Lately, we have been getting some yummy food with lamb in it. Mom has been complaining on how expesnsive our food is. She tried to feed us some cheepy crap and we all showed her our displeasure by puking that in giant logs on her bra in the bathroom. not amused. Now we have to eat this NASTY food that is in dry little pellets! Mom says its called "Wellness Healthy Weight" how insulting! *I* am NOT overweight! that stupid thing they call "punkin" is fat. And maybe Angel gained a little, i dunno. but now we are all forced to eat this "weight control" BS. i think it looks like rabbit food! I do admit, the Evo 95% deer canned we get is YUM-O. i approve. Mom says we get this as a treat because its almost 2 bucks for a tiny little can, and there are 4 of us. i say no excuse! she should get a 3rd job to pay for the best food! hump.

Mom is screaming at Angel, who i guess just took a huge dump right outside the litter. Funny, mom just cleaned the litter not 5 minutes before. Angel is weird sometimes. ok well i need to wash myself now, and some birds outside the window need to be yelled at. bur bur!

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