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Blackie's Chat from the Bridge

Thank you Catster for my Diary honour

January 9th 2012 1:59 am
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Wow - Mum couldn't believe it when she logged on to her emai and saw I was Diary of the Day.

What a great honour for what would have been my 25th birthday here. We had a great time celebrating at the Bridge, and we also sprinkled Angel Dust on the stray kitties and puppies in Phnim Penh.

Mum was very saddened by them - she believes all kitties and puppies should have loving forever homes. Of course, there are also kitties in need of homes in Oz - and everywhere else. But it is wonderful that there are caring people like Madame Loan who ensure they have food and medication. And many of them are sweet, loving babies. Mum gave a pill to one, and he curled on her lap and purred after he got over the initial shock of this stranger shoving a pill down his throat. When Mum first got to the temple she saw a little (they are all tiny - even the dogs) ginger cat. She spoke to him and he came running over. Talking to her. When she sat on the ground he climbed in her lap and chatted away. Poor little mite. Mum wishes there was some way she could take him home.

It would be so nice to win the lottery so you had money to help. Mum knows every little bit does help, but a big bit would help more. Our priorities are very strange - we spend large sums of money on self indulgence when there are so many animals and people in need.

Anyway - I will hop off my soapbox. Thank you Catster, and thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes. Catster is the best extended family a guy could have.

Whisker kisses from The Rainbow Bridge.


My Birthday

January 8th 2012 1:45 am
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Guess what Mum was doing today on my birthday? She was at a temple in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, called Wat Koh, feeding stray cats. She also met Madame Loan at the temple - she feeds the cats, gives them medicine for their illnesses and gets them speyed and neutered. She has an organization called Phnom Penh Animals Welfare Society (PPAWS) which is on Facebook. You need to search for the full name.

Mum took photos but will probably not get a chance to post them u til she returns to Australia.


AOH's August Photo Contest - Nominated in "Best Buddies" category

August 19th 2010 7:31 pm
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Foxey and I are honoured that we have been entered in the Best Buddies category in the ~Always in Our Hearts~ August Photo Contest.

Really, Foxey's BFF is Sieglinde, and she is at the Bridge with us. But we are buddies too, so I guess it is OK.

You can vote for us at


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