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Sammy's >^..^< Day...

March 31st 2008 5:42 pm
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Meowllo Monday! Thanks furr not being gloomy! Meowllo Sun! Thanks furr coming out today! You have cheered up me and my meowmy and provided lots of bright sunshine furr me to bask in by the window! I'm happy to be a southern California boy ~ 65 degrees and purrrrrfect breeze! But I'm also thinking of all my buddies who live where it's really cold and rainy still and I'm purrrrrrrrrring furr them to be warm and snuggly in their beds, and furr the sun to shine brightly furr them really soon so they can finally play outdoors. Have a great week efurrybuddy!


Oh My Cat! Medical Updates on Meowmy

March 20th 2008 12:17 am
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Warmest Whisker-Greetings =^..^= Efurrybuddy...

My meowmy wasn't supposed to have her surgery until this week (on March 19th), but, last Thursday night (March 13), unfortunately, these big scary guys came and took my meowmy away in an ambulance and took her away to the hospital. I was really traumitized because it was so sudden and stressful and scary for a kitty like me! So officially my meowmy had her surgery on emergency-basis last Friday the 14th, then because of complications of internal-bleeding (yucky), she had a second surgery to fix it on Saturday the 15th. She was in the hospital in a lot of pain for 6 days and a lot of struggles because she's so petite and sensitive to those heavy pain killers. She didn't sleep or eat and she missed me so much. Even though paw-paw was at the hospital a lot with meowmy, he did come home and sleep next to me on the couch furr comfort each night, except furr one night, when our nice neighbor lady checked on me 3 times that day and fed me. Meowmy was really anxious to get stable and progress to get better so could get home to me, because paw-paw said I hadn't gone "number 2" in my litter-box furr a few days because of all the stress. Well the day before meowmy came home from the hospital I couldn't wait any longer and finally did go a lot (sorry furr the details) in my litter box. She finally came home yesterday evening and we were soooooo happy to see each other! Even though she can't really bend down to pet me, she can talk to me and send me kisses from across the room, and now finally, since paw-paw propped her up with pillows on the couch, she's helping me type this update. Yay! Finally! But meowmy is dizzy and nausious again so I must go, but before I do, let me THANK ALL MY FURRIENDS FURR YOUR SWEET PURRAYERS AND THOUGHTFUL GIFTS & ROSETTES in light of her recovery!

Love, Hugs, and Paw-shakes of gratitude,
>^..^< Sammy, your California pal


Update & Appreciation

March 13th 2008 3:09 am
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Whisker-greetings efurrybuddy! =^..^=

I want to purrrrrsonally say THANK YOU! to all my special furriends furr being so thoughtful and encouraging and sending cheerful messages and rosettes to me and my meowmy! Her official surgery date is next Wednesday (March 19) and she will be brave and strong. All your caring purrs mean A LOT to her as she prepares furr the surgery, and on into her recuperation...

Hugs and Best Whisker-Wishes to all!
>^..^< Sammy, sunny Cali boy

PS...I'll be back soon to join in the group fun once again when meowmy (my catputer assistant) gets better! In the meantime, I miss efurrybuddy!



February 3rd 2008 4:51 am
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MOL ~ I feel pawpular this week! I've been tagged by 4 special furriends:
Mittens ( and
Rudy ( and
Rusty ( and
Wanda (

Here are the rules of the game:
Write 7 special qualities or fun-facts about you, then tag 7 other furriends to play as well, and enter them on your list. Be sure to pawmail them so they know they're tagged and direct them to your diary furr directions on how to play and to read your entry. Have fun!

7 fun-facts about me:

1. I'm a talkative kitty...I like to meow, purr, & trill all the time!
2. I often give kitty-kissies to my meowmy & paw-paw by slowly blinking & winking my eyes at them!
3. My meowmy saved my baby-teeth (tiny fangs!) after they fell out to make room furr my adult teeth. Meowmy stored them in a little plastic baggie in my scrapbook, where she can show them off to furriends and furramily!
4. I love to play soccer with my toys!
5. Sometimes I bite when I'm grumpy!
6. I refuse to go outside if it's cold!
7. I love to eat fresh, green kitty grass!

Here are the wonderful felines I tagged:
Sarge Kitty -
Benjamin -
Cheese -
Bandit -
Nikita -
Zane Gray -
Norman -


Chosen Interviewee furr the week of Jan. 30, 2008!

February 2nd 2008 1:13 am
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Whisker-greetings everybuddy!

I am sooooo happy to be chosen furr a special interview from my group 'I'm No Longer Alone'! Even my picture is on the group page's hall of chosen kitties! Check it out at

Here 's the interview, with questions asked by my furriend Athena:

This weeks's interview is with Sammy, from Orange County, California. While we are discussing food games we will definitely want to hear about him and pretzels--also, he may be the biggest guy in our group! He has lots to tell us about other things as well. . . .

1. You're a big guy! On your page it says that pretzels are your favorite food. Do you eat a lot of them? With or without salt?

18 lbs. to be exact!!! But I'm all muscle with a long and tall body ~ not overweight, mol! I was actually 17 pounds furr the last few years, but today I went to the vet -yucky- and he confirmed that I'm now 18 lbs. Now on to my faves...PRETZELS...I'm drooling now! I will claw at meowmy or paw-paw or climb up on them to get pretzels and I actually know the sound of the pretzel bag as opposed to the different crinkling noise of a cereal or potato chip bag! When I hear her opning the pretzel bag, I come running over really fast. I usually take them without salt :( My meowmy nips off the salt crystals first because salt is bad furr kitties (paw-mail me if you wanna know why ~ it's too long to write here). But I love all pretzels - sticks, twists, nuggets, etc. They're so crunchy!

2. You have a video on your page where you are playing with bubbles. Are you very interested in them?

Well, I think they are neat to look at, kinda like little floating buggies, but when they pop in my face it's kinda wet and soapy! I usually bat at them from a safe distance.

3. Is your brush really your favorite thing?

Catsolutely!!! My brushy is my everything! No matter what mood I'm in or what time of day it is, I am always up furr a brushing. In fact, sometimes, I will brush 'myself' by rubbing my face and cheeks across the brush if it's on the floor! I love my brushy soooo much that meowmy uses it as a bribe-tool when she wants to clip my nails. My meowmy says she could knit a sweater with all the fur that goes into my brushy!

4. You have a car! Do you drive it often?

My car is named 'Carby'. It came from a happy-meal-toy! It's black 'n white with pink wheels and I looooove chasing it around, especially when meowmy slides it under the rug -- I go crazy pawing at it! I must 'drive' and chase Carby at least 5 times a week to get my fun-fix!

5. Who is that bird on your back in one of the pictures on your page?

He's our red-breasted robin beanie-baby birdie named Early ~ he catches lots of wormies. I like to watch him eat, mol! My grandmeowmy sent it to me from San Diego. She's an animal rescuer. She 'saved' Early from the fate of her rescued doggies that like to rip up their toys. Grandmeomy knew I would take care of Early since I tolerate all animals really well. I keep him on my meowmy's desk and visit him when I'm using the cat-puter for catster.

6. Your orange markings form beautiful patterns--in fact, one of them, on your back, looks just like a miniature of you in profile! Have you ever noticed this?

*blushing* Wow, thanks furr noticing my markings! My meowmy says I'm unique and beautiful *blushing*

7. Do you actually play with squirrels? What are your views on them?

Yes, I do play with the squirrels, although they are a hand full and very mischievious, let me tell ya! Usually they instigate by coming in through our patio door. They come right up to me and do a nose-to-nose sniff with me, then they whip they're tails around until they get me to lunge forward (playfully, of course) They run away then come back furr more! They are my little buddies since I'm an only kitty. But there's one that I always chase off -- I think she's a female and I chase her off with a little more 'toughness'. But the boy squirrels are tough and they always come back furr more! Sometimes they even scare me 'cuz they're too persistant and in-my-face so I retreat to the sofa where they can't catch me! My meowmy throws raw almonds out into the yard so that they will leave me alone!

Group Hugs to all and thanks furr reading! >^..^< luv, Sammy



December 12th 2007 2:45 am
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Dear Diary,

It's me, Sammy. Ok, I now have a new favorite! Mommy just came over to pet me. She had a fleece blanket over her shoulders. She hugged me and put the blanket over my head, hehehe.

"I'M INSIDE A BLANKEY-CAVE! Puuurrrfect place for wintertime", I meowed.


Mommy writes: "Sammy purred sooooooooooo loud when I enveloped him in my blanket that it sounded like a mini-engine under there. It must be his new favorite thing!"


My Very 1st Page

December 11th 2007 11:46 am
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I don't know who's having more fun: my mom for creating this page and bringing me new friends and treats, or me for getting all the attention! Oh, one thing though, I hate the camera flash! No more pictures, mom, pwweeease?!?! Bye 4 now.

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