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Won-Ton Reflects

I Have Been To The Emergency Clinic

December 27th 2011 11:53 pm
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I have been sick. When I went wee it hurt. A lot. And there was blood in my wee. So my dad took me to the emergency clinic, and I had to stay there for several hours because they had to poke me and prod me and stick things in me to find out what was wrong. It was hurting so bad to go wee that I held it for hours and hours and hours, but when I really needed to go I couldn't because I knew how much it would hurt.

Finally they injected me with medicine and I went home with my dad. It was nice to be home but I felt miserable because it still hurt really bad to go wee. I would cry and cry and cry. My mom went back to the emergency clinic in the middle of the night to get pain medicine for me. That really helped me feel better. I began being able to go wee normally. I didn't feel like I was on fire when I went, and I felt like going more often, which helped me feel better. And eventually I didn't need the pain medicine anymore, and I got better.

But my mom and dad took me back to the vet to make sure the infection was really all gone. At the vet they poked me and prodded me some more, and stuck me with needles in my belly and my neck. I really do not like it at that place. It is never nice there. The people who work there all say they like me a lot and that I'm their favorite, but then they do such undignified things to me when I'm there, so how much could they really like me, you know? If they liked me as much as my mom and dad do, they wouldn't poke me with needles or try to take my temperature. It is very confusing for me, and most unpleasant.

Anyway, according to them my infection really is all gone. And I do not have a bladder stone, either. I could have told them that, but no one ever asked me. They just hauled me in to the vet where they poked me and prodded me and took my X-ray, none of which I enjoyed, and none of which, apparently, was really necessary since I am as good as new.

So that is the story of what happened recently. I am strictly not allowed on my mom's computer so I can't tell lots of stories about me very often anymore. My mom doesn't feel very well herself these days and sometimes I sit in her lap when she's sitting in bed. We have a nice cuddle and some quiet time together. She is one of the quietest people I know, almost as quiet as a cat. That's what I like about her.


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