Photos We Love: 10 Huge Cats in Teeny-Tiny Boxes


This scenario plays out all too often in cat households: You order something online and it arrives a few days later. The UPS or FedEx driver knocks on the door and your kitty flies under the bed, hiding for cover and cowering for dear life. Then, a few minutes later, you’re opening the package and your cat CANNOT WAIT to get into that box.

It’s a phenomenon I’ve never quite understood. Cats love boxes. The UPS guy brings boxes. (In fact, that’s his sole purpose as far as your cat is concerned, right?) So, why, I beg to know, are cats so afraid of the delivery guy? He always brings them their precious boxes!

As I type, I have three boxes in various states of dishevel lying around my living room floor. My cats know when I’m about to throw them out and jump in and remind me they’re still using them as soon as the thought crosses my mind. I don’t know how they know.

What I do know, however, is that the smaller the box, the bigger the challenge. And no box challenge will ever go ignored by a cat! Allow these 10 kitties to demonstrate how to conquer a box, no matter the size:

Large cat, small box

An aerial view, so as to get the best angle on the accomplishment here. Every single square centimeter of this box is stuffed with cat! [Photo by lebatihem]

Cat asleep in a really small box

Sometimes floof overflows and spills over the top. This is allowed, so long as the butt and all four legs are firmly squeezed in. Squozed, if you will. [Photo by CelloPics]

large cat. small box.

Sometimes the cat cannot wait for the box to be emptied. In these cases, kitty must share the already tiny box with other miscellaneous items such as bubble wrap and newspaper packing. The prize is made more appetizing by this extra layer of challenge. [Photo by queue_queue]

big cat small box

Who do you think is more comfortable here? The answer, as you can imagine, is not the kitty in the fluffy flower bed. [Phot by slipper clutch]

smallest box I can fit in

Does this box make my butt look big? Because if it’s not the box, it’s the lighting. I assure you, my butt is not big. [Photo by Sebastian Geithner]

cat in a box

This has to be some kind of optical illusion. There’s no way, is there? This is one talented kitty! It looks like his head alone is bigger than the box. [Photo by Lady-Jan]

large cat, small box

Wait, that’s a basket, not a box. Still: impressive! [Photo by clarkey-84]

Cat in box

Oh, kitty. At least try and pretend you’re comfortable in there! [Photo by Cat-a-blog]

Cat in a box.

We’re guessing that delicious new shoe smell is still in there. [Photo by voidboi]

no box too small

We saved this one for the grand finale. Just check out this cat’s magnificent form. All tucked in, proud, accomplished, yet slightly displeased about being photographed. “I do not look ridiculous, human. Put away the flashy box, mmkay?” [Photo by nemolu]

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