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Won-Ton Reflects

I Visit the Emergency Room

January 21st 2010 12:12 am
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The other night I felt really awful. My tummy was on fire, especially when I went wee in the box. I tried not to yelp when I went wee but I couldn't help it. And it felt like I had to go wee every two minutes. Ooh, my little tummy burned! And stung! And I had to strain so hard to go wee. And from all the straining I had an enormous tum-ups of all the food I'd just eaten, plus a little hairball.

All this commotion got my mom out of bed (it was after midnight). She told my dad there was blood in my urine. There was a lot of chaos for several minutes, and I knew something was up, but I felt too miserable to go find a good hidey-hole. The next thing I knew I was being put into my carrier and whisked away in the car. My mom and dad know how much I hate my carrier and how much I hate the car, and how much I hate everything else associated with carriers and cars, but they insisted upon dragging me out into the dark, rainy night, as if I didn't feel miserable enough already.

I was taken to a strange place and was poked and prodded by strange people. Somehow a man made me wee into a little bowl. That was extremely strange. He went and looked at my wee in a microscope. He told my mom and dad that there were lots of wide blood cells in my wee. (Maybe that's why it hurt to wee, the cells were so wide. Or maybe he said white blood cells? I'm not sure.)

Anyway, another man gave me a shot and a pill, and then gave me fluids into the scruff of my neck. The shot made me feel woozy but the pain began to fade away, so I began to relax somewhat because things stopped hurting so bad. I barely remember sitting in my carrier in the lobby for a while, then being whisked back home through the dark, rainy night. I think I saw lightning off in the distance, but I'm really not sure. When we got back home I just crawled behind the little palm tree in the living room and hid. My mom and dad offered me some food and even some treats, but I felt too lousy to eat anything.

The next day I felt really lousy. My dad gave me 3 medicines and 2 of them made me feel woozy and wonky and the other one tasted foul. Nothing good ever happens when I get whisked away to strange places and get poked and prodded by strange people. My life becomes miserable for days afterward. And my mom and dad wonder why I hate the carrier and the car so much . . .

But I digress. So, I was saying that I felt lousy for the next day, but today I felt a lot better. My dad stopped giving me 2 of the medicines, and I feel a lot more like my usual self. I even went wee without any real problems. My mom said she hasn't seen any more blood in my wee, so that's good. I'm not quite back to where I was before all this began, but at least my tummy isn't on fire any more. And at least they're not making me wear one of those [CENSORED] cones.


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Purred by: Amy B

January 21st 2010 at 3:23 am

Goodness Won-Ton! What an adventure! We are all purring that you don't have any more pain and can feel better fast!!

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