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Won-Ton Reflects

A day without a peep

April 17th 2008 5:30 pm
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Yesterday my dad left very early to go out of town, so I had the whole day alone with my mom. She spent the day on the couch, and I drowsed next to her while she clickety-clacked on her little computer. Through the day's long hours, part of me was always in contact with her -- my paw, my back, my tail.

Eventually my dad came home again and said hello to my mom and me. I stirred and yawned.

"Won has been very quiet all day long," my mom told my dad, and he went into his office.

She turned to me. "You've been so quiet all day."

I rose and stretched.

"Not a peep out of you all day."

I meowed.

"Until now."

I looked at her and trilled quietly.

"Not a peep, not a poop, out of you. All day."

I walked over to her laptop and tried to climb onto the keyboard.

"But you're back to normal now, I see. Off the keyboard, please."

I reversed course and followed my mom into the kitchen. I hadn't eaten since my dad left very early, when it was still dark. I went past my almost-empty food bowl and started meowing up a racket.

"Well, I see you're making up for lost time!" said my mom as she got more kibbles for me and a spoonful of pumpkin. Pumpkin is the best! I get a scoop of some every evening, on top of my kibbles. It is so yummy! It must be what ice cream is like for people. So yummy.

So I ate my pumpkin and kibbles and thought about the quiet day, a day without a peep. A day without a peep is okay, I guess, because some days are just quiet, thoughtful days where you have time to dream and think about stuff. But a day without pumpkin would be sad indeed.


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