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My Cat Tracks by Sampson

~ Fly Free Tom Kitty ~

April 6th 2009 5:33 pm
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Dear Diary,

The little neighborhood girls came callin’ the other day. They said that they had accidentally knocked their ball into our yard. When they went to retrieve their ball, they told mom that they had discovered a dead raccoon! A raccoon! *scratches head - raccoons do not live around our area* They explained to mom that it had a huge striped tail, long sharp claws and very sharp teeth. Oh my! What could that be? Mom asked the girls if it was possibly a dead mole and they said, “No Cheryl!! It’s HUGE and it’s a raccoon, we know what we are talking about!” All mom could muster up to say was, “Where did it come from and why did it have to die in my yard?” To which they replied, “We don’t know, but it’s all yours now!” *giggles how cute little kids are*

Mom put on her shoes and I demanded to go with her, but she said that I better stay inside. We watched out the window as mom slowly crept down the walkway in-between the neighbor’s fence and ours. As she approached the unknown critter, she sadly discovered that there lie the neighborhood feral Tom Kitty! Oh was mom sad!

Tom Kitty had shown up nothing but a bone with fur awhile back. Mom and a few neighbors put yummy food out for him every morning and night, and although he didn’t like me or Armani, he was never a nuisance around the neighborhood. He didn’t potty or mark in anybody’s yard, and he never jumped up on vehicles. He was just wild Tom Kitty and mom was the only one whom he ever even allowed to cautiously pet on him. She had an igloo house with cozy blankets in it for him outside for shelter. Although he seldom used it, he could be found sleeping in there on the coldest nights or when it rained.

So today mom held a funeral for him. Three people helped bury him and all of us kitties around the neighborhood watched out our windows and said our farewells. Fly free Tommy!! Although you were a loner in your Earthly life, we’re sure you’ll fit right in with all of the beautiful kitties at the Rainbow Bridge! You are Home and are alone no more.

Sad, Respectful Purrs,


Sampson ~DB 75a~


Family Pets

Gucci ~
adopted ~
Angel Chico
~DB 75b~
Spunky (king
at last)
~missing - we
love you~
Shadow~ loved
& missed~
Rahja~my angel
then & 4-ever~
Mystique ~with
the angels
Tigger ~
forever in my
heart ~
ZIM ~adopted~


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