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My Surgery

November 19th 2006 11:14 am
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Hello ~ Well, I had my surgery Friday, November 17th to take care of the hematoma in my ear. I had ear mites and shook my head so hard I broke a blood vessel. My ear flap filled with blood and swelled up horribly. I scared my Mommy to death! She felt so bad that I had mites, but the vet reminded her that she did everything that she should have, but that the mites are just such little buggers that they have their way of doing things. My 5 little sisters & I had all been treated; they think my dose should have been larger due to my size, so this time I had more, and Mommy took home some drops to treat my sisters all at once. We are hoping this will end it once & for all! We never go outside & we are not planning on any new cat members to the family, so this should be it! Thanks to all the cats who posted the wonderful advice in the message boards, and to the well-wishers who messaged us. Love to you all! ~Cuddles

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