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Hear It From Harry

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A Not So Scary Picture

July 20th 2009 4:56 pm
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Hi my friends,

Today I got another picture taken. I look a little better, right?
I went to the vet today, and my weight is now up to 8.8 pounds.
A tiny gain, but a gain. That is good, considering I have been so off my food lately.
I ate a few bites today, but I am tired of the same old bland kidney diet every day.

Also, my Stomatitis is flaring up again, my breath is really bad. So I am back on the antibiotic liquid twice a day. Yuk.
It tastes worse than the food. But I was very good about taking it. The vet says if my next blood tests show my kidney numbers substantially better, than she will consider removing the rest of my choppers.
Oh NO, can I still kiss my girl, Daisy? *worrying about that*
But it might clear up the Stomatitis, and prevent any more bacteria spreading from my mouth. So maybe I will think on that. *pouts a little*

Anyway, let me know if you like that picture a little better. :)

Hope to see you all soon.
Love & bonks & purrs, Harry


OK, Just A Taste...

July 18th 2009 11:30 am
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I finally gave in, and ate some of my prescription food. Five days, I held out, but this morning the cool food tasted good again. I still didn't eat my normal amount, and mom is convinced that I am eating the other cats dry food, and getting full. She has seen me do it three times, so far.

Dad checked into the dry version of Purina NF, and it is $25 dollars for 8 pounds! Too expensive to feed this crowd. Besides, I am not supposed to be able to chew dry food with my messed up jaw. I guess I proved them wrong on that fact too. *grin*

So, I will humor the pawrents, and nibble at the canned food. I am drinking plenty of water, which is good.

Okay, now I wanted to say something else. My beautiful girlfriend, Daisy, sent me a most wonderful present! She purrsonally supervised her mom, as she made me a lovely two-tone blue blanket to lay on! She also sent a crocheted red heart that I can slip on my collar, or carry around in my mouth. I feel so loved! I have asked mom to take some pictures, so watch for those soon. Thank you Daisy, my dear sweetheart. Thank you for all the purrs too.

I am a happy guy!

Bonks and purrs,


Just Not Hungry...

July 15th 2009 8:24 pm
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Mom is worried about me.
For two days now, I have refused to eat any of my prescription canned food. Mom keeps offering it to me, I take maybe one bite, then go and drink my water. She even opened a fresh can, thinking maybe the coldness from the refrigerator, bothered me, but it was the same. I act like I am just not hungry.
I will have lost any weight I gained.
The first day, she thought it might be the heat, but I am acting like myself in all other ways, and not acting ill.
Oh well...I guess it will be a waiting game, to see if my stubbornness can outlast her determination to get me well.
Cat's always win, right?

No purrs needed for me yet, but please keep purring for Hooch, Tyler, Madi, Muppet and Edward. They need the Power of Purr.
Also Buckley ( ) is still missing.
His momma misses him very much.

Goodnight bonks, and drooly kisses, Harry


Candle Reminders

July 9th 2009 1:14 pm
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My angel brother, Zack, asked me to leave a message about the candle pages.

He noticed that all the candles had gone out for Hooch and Madi. I don't have the links for others needing purrs, and I will add those if someone will pmail me the URL's.

I will list these, and mine and Zack's.
(Please don't feel obligated to go to mine, or Zack's, that is mostly for mom now)

Hooch's candle page: ng&gi=hooch

Madison's candle page: ng&gi=Madi%27

Edward's candle page: ng&gi=Ed-Gr

Muppet's candle page: ng&gi=Mupet

Tyler's candle page: =eng&gi%20=Tyler

(thank you, Kaci Sunshine, for sending these links, loving bonks~H)

Harry's candle page: ng&gi=harry

Zack's candle page: ng&gi=TWB

(note: Zack's page is a TWB page, and we will use it for any cat in our family that needs purrs, in the future too)

Thank you, dear friends
We all have experienced how strong the Power of Prayer and the Power of Purr is.
It is a real force, and has worked some miracles.

Much love,
Hardly handsome anymore, but hanging in there Harry! XOXOXO

UPDATE: Dear friends, if you have tried these links, and can't get them to work...I am sorry. They work until I publish this diary, and I even tried deleting it an re-doing it, to no avail. Also, if anycat left a comment, I didn't get to read it before I deleted the first copy of this diary entry. Sorry. :(

Kaci is going to try to make them work in her diary, so please visit her page:

Thanks again, Love, bonks and frustrated purrs, Harry


Scary Picture

July 7th 2009 4:05 pm
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Mom took a photo of me today. After she added it to my page, she said, 'Harry, you might give your friends a scare, when they see this latest picture". Better write to let them know you are OK.

So here I am. I really am OK. The great thing about that picture is my mouth is closed. That means my jaw is aligned, and healing. I am eating the new Purina NF food, straight out of the can, no dilution. I can chew! I also (as you can see in the picture), am not drooling!
These are all good things. So despite my scary-thin face, I am improving. In another week, I return to the vet for more blood tests, and we will see how my kidney's are faring.
Mom expects better numbers this time. So do I.

I would also like to ask for purrs for many sick friends.
Please purr long and hard for Hooch, Tyler, Madi, Edward, Muppet. I think I have more names to add here, but I will add those soon.

That's it for now, but I will write again sooner, next time.

Love & bonks & purrs,


Monday's Good Report

June 29th 2009 9:54 am
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Hello my pals,

Well...I don't have much to tell you, but I didn't want to worry anyone.

I am eating well, and loving my new Purina NF Kidney diet. If any of you are forced to eat Hills K/D, and don't like it, you should give this food a try.
We got lucky, and found a local vet who carries it, but it can be ordered from National Pet Pharmacy on-line. If anyone wants the URL, comment my diary, or pmail me, and I will post it.

Also, I got weighed again, at the vet's, on Friday, and I am not losing weight, but gained another tenth pound!
Some more good news, I have spent the last two nights back inside the house! Yay!
But not all the cats remember me. I was gone too long, I guess.
So there has been some hissing and growling going on. Mom re-freshed all the Feli-ways, just to help.
During the day, when she isn't home, I go back into the cage, just in case. I'm sure they will get used to me again soon.

My girlfriend, Daisy, wrote, and she and her mom are making me a surprise! I am excited, but I promised to be patient, and not rush her because her momma works very hard.

My friend Sky also sent me a present! It is a white towel with my name and a cute clown's face embroidered on it. I really love that Sky! It made momma smile too.

My friends are the best, aren't they?
Well, I think this hot Texas weather is making me sleepy, so I am gonna lay in front of a fan and take a nap.

Gentle bonks, purrs and lotza love!



Food News

June 17th 2009 3:38 pm
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The hunt for an acceptable food I will eat is driving momma bonkers!
First I loved the K/D, then I hated it. So we tried another brand.
The new food was a waste of money. It was Royal Canin Renal LP, and they only had it in the pouches, not the can. It was these little chunks, like giblets, that were hard, and I could not chew them. I would lick the gravy part, but leave the rest. So once again, my garbage disposal doggie sister, Liz, got to finish it off. She'll eat anything. :)

Speaking of you know why some dogs eat cat poop? I though this was interesting. It's because it's almost all protein. I'm glad our dog doesn't do that. She would weigh three hundred pounds, by now. MOL.

Another diversion...speaking of dogs, mom and dad just got back from work, and their client had found the cutest little young dog. We think it is a rough coated Jack Russell, or Parson's terrier. She bounced the whole time they were there. The lady plans to take her to the vet tomorrow, to see if she is chipped. If not, then she will place some adds. Mom said if she doesn't find the owner, we might give her a home. Our dog would love the company.

Back to the foods. So I was stuck back on the K/D again. Until...
a fateful phone call. Our vet called, and said that someone who had sadly lost their cat, had returned 3/4 of a case of food that was for kidney patients! It was made by Purina, which we use, almost exclusively. We belong to the Purina Pro Club, and get food rebates from them. Anyway...this stuff is called Purina NF, and guess what? I loved it!
(today, at least, hehehe)
So we will see.

Thanks for following my progress! I will write again soon.

Bonks, purrs and oops, a little drool..sorry :)


More News

June 12th 2009 4:53 pm
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Harry here...bonks to everyone.

I was a perfect gentleman at the vet's this afternoon, and my vet said I looked much better...but my kidney numbers were not so hot.
My Bun was 6.3 (normal is 3.6)
My creatine was 4,5 (normal is 2.4)
Those numbers are lost on me and Mom, but it basically means I am still in kidney failure.

She said my jaw has infection in it, and that may be why I am not closing my mouth, so I got another of those long acting antibiotic shots. ouch.

She did say that I can't have any more tuna sprinkles on the K/D. rats.
She called it "leaving off the cherry". She called a prescription in for a different food, so we will give that a try this weekend.

On a good note, my weight is stable. I actually gained 1/10, and weigh 8.5 pounds now.
Still a lightweight, I'm afraid. :(

My pretty girlfriend, Daisy, sent me a kiss. *smooch* (kisses Daisy back)
I am fighting honey. I'm not giving up. Zack is my inspiration, and I am going to make him proud, and get better.

Got to go pick up my new food now. I'm looking forward to supper!
(anycat want to buy some yucky-icky-sticky K/D?

Love you, my friends,


Headed Back To The Vet Tomorrow

June 11th 2009 9:28 pm
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Hi my friends,

I wanted to give you a little update on me. I am going back to the vet tomorrow afternoon. It was supposed to be Saturday, but it got moved up. Mom does not think my jaw is healing properly because I keep my mouth hanging open slightly, and my tongue out a little. I am eating fine, and drinking water fine, but I had two hairball incidents, and mom is afraid I might have thrown my jaw out of line again.
She touched it very carefully and gently, and I did not object, or act like it hurts at all, but still, it needs to be looked at.
I also will have my kidney values checked again. Hopefully the numbers will be better. I would very much like to get off the K/D food, and on to a more tasty one.

That's about it for tonight. I will write tomorrow evening after I have more news.
Thank you once more, for all the kindness.

Sleepy Purrs, Harry


Much To Mew About Nothing

June 9th 2009 9:14 am
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They say that "No News is Good News"...

I am doing fine. Mom was a little worried last night, because I acted like I wasn't feeling good. I sat quietly for my fluids, but I picked at my supper. She was thinking about moving my next vet appointment up.

But this morning, I meowed at her when she came to give me my morning loving.
(I'm still in the garage, in the big dog kennel, but moving back inside soon)

Anyway, I had coughed up a really nasty hair ball, and lots of bile. Mom said "ewww", as she cleaned it up, and I headbonked her the whole time. I think I feel better now, but I still didn't eat much breakfast. I don't like that K/D food.
Mom talked to the vet about that, and she said if my kidney numbers were much better, then I might try a different food that has a little more protein in it, but not regular cat food. Mom is still cheating, and putting a few sprinkles of FF tuna on it, to tempt me. The vet said that was OK.

We are all trying to adjust to Zack being gone. Mom still lights his candle every night, and misses him more than she can imagine. But there are a lot of kitties here to love, and to give love back, so we will help her heart heal.

Going to take a nap now.

Soft purrs and gentle bonks,

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