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Hear It From Harry

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Wings And Things

January 3rd 2010 7:12 pm
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Today I got my wings!
Riley and I met up with Zack, and he showed us a few of his favorite spots. I have a nice napping place picked out under a huge Elm tree. The flowers below form a thick carpet and we can sleep there but we are so light, as angels, we don't even crush the flowers. It's pretty awesome.
Zack told me it's best not to look back to Earth just yet. Everyone in our family is very, very sad, and it takes a while for them to realize we are in a good place now.

I want to thank my lovely sister-in-love, Angel Sydney Rose, and my brother-in-love, Wally, for helping me get my wings! They are the best!
Also our friend K.C., for doing such a nice job on them. Thank you, lovely K.C.

I have many, many more friends to thank, too, for all the rosettes & gifts, and comments & pmails, and posts in the Forums. Riley and I are going to work on that soon...we're just going to let momma have a little rest first.

Hey, it's kinda hard to give my famous headbonks with this Halo...

Sending purrs and love from Heaven.


A Beautiful Poem

January 1st 2010 7:16 pm
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Our friends sent this beautiful poem to pay tribute to Harry.
I had to share it with you all.

~A Cat's Prayer~

To Those Who Love & Those Who Love Me

When I am gone, release me, let me go-
I have so many things to see and do.
You must not tie yourself to me with tears,
Be happy that we had so many years.
I gave you my love, you can only guess
How much you gave me in happiness.
I thank you for the love you have shown.
But now it is time I traveled alone.
So grieve awhile for me if grieve you must,
Then let your grief be comforted by trust,
It is only for a while that we must part,
So bless the memories within your heart,
I will not be far away, for life goes on,
So if you need me, call and I will come.
Though you can not see or touch me, I will be near.
And if you listen with your heart, you will hear
All my love around you soft and clear.
And then, when you must come this way alone,
I will greet you with a smile and "Welcome Home"

~Thank you so much, Baby, Lady, Sammie, and Cesar, for sending this lovely poem.


First Day Without You

January 1st 2010 3:43 pm
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To my sweet angel boy~
Happy New Year, my dearest love.
It's the first day of the new year, and the first day of the rest of my life without you in it.
I wish I could have stopped time.

Harry had been slowly slipping away from us for the last couple of months. His kidney values continued to worsen, and he began to cry when we tried to give him his sub-Q fluids. More and more he just slept the day away. I had moved him and Stinky into our office, to give them some privacy, and have a place to administer all the medications. They both loved it there, and rarely asked to leave that room. My husband and I started sleeping there too, on a couple of air mats on the floor. Rather rustic, but it let me stay close, for when Stinky had a coughing spell, or Harry needed something. Harry had a routine of waking up around 2 am, to use the litter, and then have a late snack. He had begun to eat the KD food again, which we were very happy about. Then, before he went back to his bed, he would climb onto my back, and spent about 15 minutes gently kneading me. He has grown so thin and light, I could barely feel his weight on me.
In the mornings, he was always ready for breakfast, and ate eagerly, though not very much. The day before yesterday he didn't want to eat, and worse, didn't drink much or use the litter. He was also much more unsteady on his feet. That night, we hydrated him with 150 cc's. He did not protest, but I feared that was because he was too weak to. That much liquid should have stimulated him to pee, but that night he did not get out of his bed all night. I lay awake most of the night. I was afraid he would pass in the night, curled into a small ball in his new bed. We had just bought him a really overstuffed velour and fleece bed, to help cushion his tiny body. He loved that bed, and sat in it, kneading it for about half an hour before he fell fast asleep.
The following morning, seems so long ago already...he could barely stand. He showed no interest in food or water, and he was unresponsive when I spoke to him.
My husband called the vet, and the vet said it was time. I had wanted to let him pass peacefully with us, the way most of the cats we have loved over the past three decades have, but we both did not want to see him suffer the way Riley had. He is only the third cat I have had to help cross, the first being a precious foster kitten, who had leukemia, and the second being my darling Riley. I know it was the right thing to do, but it was the hardest thing. Our vet was so kind. He reassured us that we had given Harry longer than he ever imagined he would live. His words were that it was a testament to our care that he lived as long as he did, with this terrible disease. But seven and a half short should have been double that at least.
And something else, that we both realized...we adopted Harry from that same vets office. He had been brought in as a days old kitten, found in a backyard, to be put to sleep. Now here I was...years later, bringing him back to the same place to complete his journey. Tears sting my face, and blur my eyes now, so I must end this.
Thank everyone, for your support and friendship, and for loving Harry and all the rest of my precious "Bunch".

With love from a broken heart,
Teri and David


Goodbye My Love

December 31st 2009 9:07 am
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I can only type a few words right now, as I can barely see the screen.
We had decided to let Harry stay with us as long as possible, as long as he seemed free of pain We did everything we could to make him comfortable. I hoped he would go softly in his sleep, in his new plush bed...but he grew very weak and tired, and it was time...his eyes told me.

Rest in peace, my handsome Harry.
Until we meet again, I will be missing you every day.

With forever love,
Momma & Daddy


New Name For My Diary

October 25th 2009 12:06 pm
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Headbonks hello, my friends.
No more tummy upset incidents today. I'm still not very hungry, I picked at breakfast, but I'm acting like I feel a little better.
Mom says she sometimes forgets that living with cats is like living with toddlers. We can get into anything, and you always have to try to be one step ahead of everything. Still not 100% sure what caused my problem last night, but the soapy water seems to be a good candidate. Especially after many of my friends think so too.

You might have noticed, I changed the title to my diary. When mom started it, Zack was very ill. It was just a couple days before he left for the Bridge. Mom promised to name it something different when she got time. So that promise is now honored. I hope that you will continue to "hear it from harry" for a long time.

Time to curl up for a nap. Join me? Zzzzzzzz

Love, Harry


Not a Good Night

October 24th 2009 10:35 pm
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Tonight was not a good night for me.
I spewed all over the place like I've never done before...twice even.
It frightened mom because it was almost all water, voluminous amounts of it. She has never seen that much liquid come out all at once. Needless to say, I didn't want any supper either.
Daddy gave me extra fluids, and maybe I will feel better in the morning.

Mom thinks it's possible I might have drunk some soapy water from two litter pans she had soaking. Do you think that would make that happen? Mom says she is pretty sure it would make my bowels go south, and they are fine.

So hopefully there is nothing else wrong. I was just starting to feel a little better too.
CRF is no fun at all. What I wouldn't give to be healthy again.

Soft purrs & gentle bonks, Harry


New Picture!

October 16th 2009 1:25 pm
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Well hello!
What do you think of my newest picture?
Mom thinks my face looks less thin, and my eyes look less tired. (from the photo below)
I have actually lost a little weight, I now weigh 8.3 pounds, but it's been an awfully hot summer, in the 90's just yesterday, and most of us have lost weight.
I was at the vet's yesterday, having my numbers rechecked. They stayed the same, so I am getting my fluids twice a day now, for two weeks, then I go back to the vet again.
There was a new assistant. She said I had pretty eyes, and that I was really good about having my blood drawn. She didn't know I'm a pro at it by now. :)
The vet wants me to eat the special diet food again, but I hate it. She told mom to withhold my supper, give me an appetite stimulant, then offer only the special food in the morning.
Mom tried, but I meowed her to death, so she gave in and gave me my Friskie's Prime Fillet.
We are going to see if maybe there is yet another food I might eat, that is better for me.
Also, I wanted to thank you for your prayers and purrs for Stinky. He seems to have turned the corner, and is starting to feel better. We are all furry happy here.
We need some cooler weather around here, so if any of you Northern cats want to send some cool air our way, I'll send you some warm Gulf breezes! But there might be a mosquito or two in them, so have your swatters ready!

Purrs and gentle bonks,


Hey...Just A Short Note

October 9th 2009 8:09 pm
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Meow, my friends. It's been a while since I last wrote.
We have all been so concerned with my brother, Stinky's illness, and mom didn't want to make everyone worry about me too.

Today I was supposed to go to the vet at 5:40 pm. Mom and dad were out working, and trying to hurry and finish their last job. I watched the clock...5:20...5:36...5:48...SAVED!
Ha Ha, too late, missed it! Then the door popped open, and daddy scooped me up.
What do you mean they're staying late for me??? Mom!!!
Tell them they don't need to do that!!! guessed it, I couldn't escape. :(

I got another antibiotic shot for my Stomatitis, and blood drawn for my kidney values.
The numbers were bad again. Mom said the Creatine was 5.8, and she must have mis-understood the vet because she wrote down my Bun was 116. That can't be right?
I have to increase my fluids on the weekends and get another test next week.

But I said months ago, we Texas cats are tough, and I'm still here, and not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. Thanks for reading, and thanks for purring for Stinky too.

Gentle bonks and many purrs, Harry


One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

August 26th 2009 1:29 pm
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Well my friends, I losing ground again. I seem to have lost the weight I gained, and then some. I look like a scrawny version of myself. But I am eating again, just not the things I am supposed to eat. We decided some food is better than no food, and I had simply refused to eat the NF anymore.
I will see my vet again, next week, for more blood work. Mom is scared of what it is going to tell. So, if you can spare a few purrs, I'll take them.

My friends, Lola, and Scooter sent momma some good links and info. Thanks ladies. We will try anything right now.

In two days, it will be my little brother, Dalton's first birthday. Wally made him a Kimi picture, and matching wallpaper. It's very nice.

I owe many of you letters. We are very behind right now. Daddy's computer had a blue screen attack, and died, so he is sharing Mom's. He is waiting for Windows 7 to come out in late October, before he gets a new one, so we might be a little scarce until then. I told mom that she has to be up to speed before Halloween. It was Zack's favorite time, he loved the trick-or-treaters.

Well that's about it. Hugs and kisses to my lovely Daisy! Miss you, sweetie pie.

Loving purrs and plenty of headbonks,


Catching Up

August 14th 2009 10:05 pm
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Purrs my pals,

I've been really bad about writing, and I know some of you loyal friends have inquired about my health. I am doing okay at present. I was at the vets, a few days ago, and I have lost a couple tenths of a pound, back down to 8.6 again. Mom wasn't surprised because I have been barely eating my wet food. I just look at it. Tonight mom tried an experiment. She opened me a can of Fancy Feast Chunky Turkey. I ate every drop, the whole can. So it is not my appetite that is off, which is good. Problem is, I can't keep eating the FF, and keep my kidney's working properly.
They bought me some of the dry Purina NF in a bag. I seem to like it, but only nibble at that too.

I have been very vocal lately, doing what dad calls, my "Viking Meow"...maawWow, maaawWow! I have also been extremely affectionate. All this makes momma think I am feeling pretty good, but she wishes she could see the "light" in my eyes, the way she used to. I look tired, and kind of sad.
Dad says mom looks tired, and kinda sad too. Maybe I should fix her a plate of my NF food?
Hope to hear from you all soon.

Goodnight purrs and bonks,

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