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I Think I'm A Cat Grass Addict

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I Have Happy, Happy Ears For Easter!

April 4th 2015 6:44 pm
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Meowmy and I are so happy, that finally, after months and months of being terribly uncomfortable, my White Coat made the right diagnosis, and after staying overnight at the hospital, I *finally* have non-itchy ears!

I have to go there to get my skin shot efurry couple of months because I have a chronic skin allergy, and Meowmy always tells him that my ears are bothering me terribly, and he kept telling us the shots would clear that up. Well, that didn't work at all and it's been furry furstrating! This is the first day in many months that I am comfortable and happy and even though I don't like those anti biotic ear drops Meowmy puts in my ears once a day, I know they are helping me. I feel wonderful and Meowmy can pet me now without it bothering my ears, and recovering is such a catastic Easter present!

I hope all my furriends have a wonderpurr Easter weekend and that soon, we can comment to our furiends diaries too! Lots of love to all of you.


We Made A Blog On Blogger

January 21st 2014 1:53 pm
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We are furry excited about it and hope others will make blogs too - we are looking furwards so much to staying in touch wif all our beloved furiends on here and no, we do not do Disgracebook so it's Blogger fur us, at least fur now!

I don't know if this link will work but I hope so!

Humphrey And Roger's Catnip Corner

PURRlease come ofur and visit us and make a blog too so we can all stay hang out together!


Suave At Seventeen

October 15th 2013 3:16 pm
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It's my birfday today, and I think I'm 17, but Meowmy and I aren't totally sure because she adopted me in 1997, and I looked like I was about 6 months old but then I neFUR got any bigger, (I'm small but swift and sleek), so I might have been 1. So FUR, I'm getting some furry yummy home-cooked-just-fur-me chicken, and being fussed ofur and also getting to boss my little brofur around, which are all wunnerful birfday PURResents - MOL!

I had to spend an oFUR night visit to the White Coats oFUR the weekend because I had a furry bad bladder infection, my furst one eFUR, but the good news is that after they did blood tests and efurrything, it turns out that my kidneys are in PURRfect shape! That is catastic fur a kitty my age and Meowmy and I are furry happy about that. I'm so glad to be home now, even though I have to have this icky pink cherry flavored antibiotic medicine twice a day - some of it gets on my whiskers, but yew know, I think pink and grey look rather nice together. But seriously, cherry-flavored medicine fur kitties?! Why not salmon or tuna - eeesh?!

The White Coat told Meowmy that even though my kidneys are in great shape, I have to eat special PURRscription food now, which is supposed to be yummy, but it's not! Meowmy bought a great big furry expensive case of it but I fooled her, because I will NOT eat it - that is why she is hand cooking me my furry own chicken now, and after all, it IS my birfday, so naturally I get to have the food I like! We're not sure why I have to eat special PURRscription food fur kitties with bad kidneys, when mine are in such catastic shape, except that the White Coat said that it would PURRtect them, now that I am getting older - but still suave, like Sean Connery, of course!

Thank yew to my wonderful, catastic Catster furriends who've stopped by my page - you are all so special to me and Meowmy and I love each and efurryone of yew - I wish I could share my home cooked chicken with all of yew! Lots and lots of love!


Meowmy Tried To Bake Me - I Am NOT A PIE!

January 23rd 2013 6:46 pm
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Yew know, sometimes I really think I need to be rehomed, eesh! I am a huge fan of my little ceramic heater, which is so furry nice to lay near and right befur bed, Meowmy always sets it in the room I sleep in so I can toast myself like a marshmallow right befur I goes to sleep in my nice heated cat bed. After a few minutes of luxurious warmth, she turns it off so I can be safe. I can't sleep in the same room wif her and Humphrey because more than once I have run right across her face with my claws out and she had some serious damage to her eye fur awhile heehee. I also chase Humphrey all ofur the house at all times of the day or night and Meowmy is afraid the noise will disturb our nice, quiet downstairs neighbors. Not to mention, Meowmy herself doesn't get furry much sleep that way either.

I like my little sleep room and in the Winter, I get the extra fun of enjoying my pre-sleep heater time. Well, the other night, Meowmy furgot that she had not turned my heater off - (it is MY heater, I'm sure she bought it just fur me!) - befur she went to bed. Eeeeesh, that is just so wrong - and thank catness, she realized what she had done and came and turned it off after about 10 minutes. I am not a pie or a cake or cookies, what was she thinking??!

She is totally on PURRbation now and I am keeping a close eye on her, because she is obviously confused and has furgotten I am a cat, not a cat cookie! I wonder if I should make a PURRfile on Petfinders and see if anypawdy would like to adopt a nice silver fox senior grey kitty - someone who won't try to turn my sleep-room into a tanning bed?!


Bleu Is A Happy Color This Christmas

December 23rd 2012 10:50 pm
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Humphrey and Meowmy and I are really looking furwards to celebrating Kitmus together this year! I'm furry, furry happy and grateful because Meowmy was furry worried about my health a couple of months ago, but when she took me to the White Coats to have my kidneys checked (I'm 16, and was drinking a lot more water than usual), all my tests came back PURRfect, suPURRizing both her and my doctor. They weren't expecting that at all, and now I am on a special diet fur kidney health, to keep me in the pink/bleu, and I LOVE it! It is so yummy Humphrey keeps trying to sneak oFUR to my food bowl to share it, but that's not allowed MOL! My White Coat wants to use PURRventitive medicine about my kidneys - they are fine, but this special food will keep them that way.

It was a furry happy suPURise fur Meowmy and me this year to learn I was still in furry good health fur a kitty my age, and although I can't eat regular dry food any more because it's too hard on older kittie's kidneys, I don't mind at all, because my new special kidney diet dry food is even yummier. My good health rePURRt was the nicest Kitmus PURResent Meowmy and I could eFUR have - I feel furry blessed.

Fur Kitmus this year Meowmy made lots of furry PURRdy hand-made blankies fur shelter animals, and Humphrey and I lay on them to test them beFUR she delivered them. They all passed with flying colors and I think she might even make us each one of our own fur Kitmus, but I'm not supposed to know that so I have to remember to act suPURRized on Kitmus Day heehee! I hope mine will be bleu, because that is my lucky color, and I'm glad to say it will be a Bleu Christmas this year. *happy purrs*


My Brofur Tried To Suffocate Me Tonight In My Own Home

March 27th 2011 2:52 am
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I am outraged! Tonight, whilst peacefully slumbering under the lovely, cozy covers on Meowmy's bed, I suddenly awoke to realize that I was trapped in there. TRAPPED! It was pitch dark and I could not get out. Why, you are asking yourself? Because a certain large tuxedo cat was sitting on them right where I usually exit. Yes! I had to call and call for Meowmy to come in and free me - she was shocked to see Humphrey sitting on the covers, and now he's pretending that is was an "accident". An accident, my paw!

Just wait 'til tommorow when *someone* will be pounced on when they least expect it.....


I'm Being Discriminated Against!

March 5th 2011 11:33 pm
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Well, even though Meowmy renewed for Plus in plenty of time fur it to not run out, I see that only Humphrey and my sweet doggy angel sister Greta's pages are Plus, while mine is regular. Eeeeeesh is all I have to say about that! Where are all my photos and my nice photo borders and captions?! I wonder if Humphrey had something to do with this? I'm going to go chase him around the house now until he fesses up!

I still say, I am The Top Cat in our house! *scampers off*


I Simply Will NOT Tolerate Interruptions To My Heated Cat- Bed!

February 27th 2011 11:35 pm
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The other night was just very, very annoying, to say the least! I was lounging in my lovely heated cat bed, when all of a sudden, all the lights went out in our apartment and the entire building.

Meowmy got out some candles, and we heard lots of furry, furry irritating loud noises out in the alley behind our home. My heated cat bed quickly became a non-heated, regular cat bed and the entire thing was just most bothersome.

Meowmy opened our back door to see what was going on, and there were lots of men milling about, and trucks and all sorts of commotion, so I took it open myself to march out the door to tell them off! Humphrey and I are not allowed outside ever, and we never have any interest in going there, but I was very annoyed!
I started off down the stairs so I could yell at them, but Meowmy grabbed me and plunked me back inside.

Well, I was not happy about that at all, because I am most certain that had I been allowed to go down there and tell them off, our electricity would have come back on much sooner. As it was, I had to wait three whole hours (!!!) for my heated cat bed to be warm again, and for us to have lights again. Meowmy told us stories and kept us amused, but really, as the Top Cat of our house, I still feel it was my place to order those men around and get things back to normal! Thank catness it's all over, but I still think I was right MOL!


I'm Home From The Vet's And So Happy

December 28th 2010 9:06 pm
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Humphrey and I had a wonderful Kitmus, thanks to our Secret Santa, and some of our other wonderful furriends and of course, Meowmy. We got lots of fun prezzies, toys, treats, catnip and Meowmy got us a neato box that has lots of paw shaped holes all along the sides and top of it, filled with small toys and goodies and we can reach our paws in and pull things out. I figured out how to do that the minute I saw it, but some other people in this house were sort of afraid of it and didn't get the hang of it 'til much later that night. I'm not only much older, but apparently, I'm much smarter too!

I had to go to the vet's yesterday though (not nearly as much fun as new toys and treats!), and did my usual yelling all the way there in the car, which Meowmy always enjoys so much! I have to have my teeth cleaned yearly, and Meowmy was afraid this time I might have to have one or two pulled because I am an older boy now at 15, but happily, I didn't have to, and had a great check up. The doctor - (who calls me "Roger honey") - did a full work up of blood tests, and all my organs are in purrfect working order, which made me and Meowmy furry happy to find out, because I know by this age, it's not unusual fur older kitties to have some problems. I'm home now, enjoying my castle, with clean fresh breath and healthy gums, and my little brother is hiding in his "office" (the hall closet), because I'm back mwahahahaha!

He had Meowmy all to himself overnight while I was gone, but that's all over now - heehee! I can't wait to have my furst meal at home tommorow (only water 'til tommmorow, doctor's orders), and enjoy playing with our new Kitmus toys! There's no place like home!


I hate to bother anyone, but is there any way someone can- help us with a screenshot?

November 19th 2010 3:02 am
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Mommy has no idea how to do those and I am a Diary Pick Of The Day today and my photo is on the community home page - it would be so nice to have a picture of that but we don't know how to do it?! I'm glad I'm wearing my suave fedora in the picture MOL! Thank you to anyone who can help us!

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