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A day in the life of Madison Monkey Butt

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Daily Diary Pick - who, MEow?

July 25th 2009 7:36 am
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Thank you HQ fur the wonderpurr honor! I am THRILLED, how exciting!!!!!

I want to give a special shout out to ALL of my wonderpurr furriends fur always staying by my side through the trials and tribulations of my little life! It is because of you, your purrs, purrayers, never ending love and support, AND the Power of the Paw that I continue to hang in there!

My eye is almost completely healed, for which I am SO thankful.
I am now pawficially OFF steroids, and the atopica is controlling my IBD quite well! THANKFULLY!

The one very down side is that my tremors are back, so uncontrollable, that Mommy is just worried sick all the time. The doctors have gone back to the original diagnosis of hyperesthesia, amazing how things do a 360 every once in a while. I had my furst session of accupuncture yesterday, and it didn't go very well because my skin is so sensitive. But, we will keep trying because it has helped me in the past. Mommy also ordered me gabapentin, specially compounded fur my little body. We are hoping to receive it on Monday. That also has helped the tremors in the past. Mommy said I look like I have severe, severe parkinsons - I dontz like it much either. She can't tell if I am in pain, but she knows that it is definitely uncomfortable. Between her, my doctors, my wonderpurr furriends and all my Aunties, we will make these nasty tremors go away once and fur all. Keep those purrs coming!

Thank you again HQ fur the most wonderpurr honor!!!!!

Mad i-Hawk



July 17th 2009 3:47 pm
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Dear furriends ~ It's ME, MADI-HAWK! What, you don't recognize me wifout my cone? YUP, it's ME! I went back to MSU today fur a checkup. My eye is doing GREAT!

The ulcer is COMPLETELY healed (what ulcer you ask?? MOL)
The graft is fully attached and now has blood vessels running through it, which means that it is becoming PART of my eye, just as it should!

The doctor said........ Wow, that looks fantastic! And then he took pictures (because it is a teaching hospital) - and they had pictures from befur too.

Now I only have to get ONE drop evfurry EIGHT hours!!!!!!! I am thrilled about that! And, I get to keep my cone off, as long as I don't excessively rub at my eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The atopica has my diarrhea under FULL control amazingly! I am down to 2.5 mg of steroids every OTHER day (when I was getting 7.5 evfurry day) so Mom and the doctors are thrilled about that!

The one bad note is that my tremors are back, very badly - The steroids kept them under control, and now that I am on such a low dose, they are back........ Mommy can't tell if I am in pain when it happens, or not. Remember, 14 months ago, I had muscle and nerve biopsies, EMG, etc - to figure out *what the heck* was going on with my tremors - and these tests gave us no answer.

Well, I guess it is back to the drawing board fur Mommy and my staff, to see if there is something else that can help these tremors.

BUT, I am THRILLED that I get to keep my eye, THRILLED that it is healing, and THRILLED that I gotz my cone off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sending all of you big hugs, luvs and kitty kisses!


We're back!

July 2nd 2009 4:23 pm
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We gotz back from MSU a while ago, and the visit went very well. The doctor said that my eye was MUCH improved and that the prognosis for vision went from poor to fair, based on the healing of the bullous keratopathy. Mommy was very happy and they told her what I already knew - that she was the most devoted, dedicated Mommy in the world! The bullous is less than HALF the original size - the ulcer is also MUCH smaller, so we are very happy.

I am waiting fur my aunties to get here, they should be here soon! I can't WAIT to meet them!

Much love to all!


Off to MSU!

July 2nd 2009 9:43 am
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Mommy and I are leaving on a roadtrip to MSU very soon! I can't WAIT to see the doctor's expression when they see how MUCH my eye has improved. I going to hiss and say - YOU SEE DOC, I am MADI-HAWK and I DON'T give UP!

I have four aunties coming to stay wif me through Monday and I am SO catcited! I just know that I am going to love them!

I will update you when I get home wif how the docs think my eye is!

Much love,


Wednesday Morning

July 1st 2009 6:50 am
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Morning furriends,

My eye is holding strong, we are making small amounts of progress each and evfurry day. I still have liquid diarrhea, and my tummy hurtz me. I go back to MSU tomorrow and Mommy said the vets there are going to be shocked and impressed with the progress we have made, considering a little over a week ago they said there was no hope.

I have a huge favor to ask, I have a very sick furriend who is in the hospital right now. I would like to ask that you offer HOOCH your purrs and purrayers right now. He needs our strength.

Much love,


Sheesh Mommy!

June 30th 2009 5:04 am
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Morning furriends, it's me, Madi-Hawk!

I had another very long night and terrible diarrhea again. My tummy hurtz me and I don't like it. On a positive note, my eye continues to improve! Mommy said it looks SO much better. What a miracle considering one week ago today they told Mommy that my eye was not 'salvageable' (it's NOT a car part) and that it should be removed. Mommy said - You don't know Madi-Hawk and you don't know Mommy, we CAN do this! (thanks Mommy)

I gotz sick of being in bed wif Mommy, if you can believe that. So sometime after my 3:30 eye drops I decided to come downstairs and sleep in my pink bed. Mommy woke up at 7:30 fur more eyedrops and I was GONE! She FREAKED! She is SO scared I am going to get this cone off and scratch my eye, cuz if that happens, she says "it's all over Madi-Hawk" - So, she looked fur me upstairs and didn't find me, then came rushing down the stairs, almost tripped on her own two feet at the bottom of the stairs (she needs paws like us so that doesn't happen to Mommy) in a panic to find me laying in my bed WITH my cone on. SHEESH MOMMY! I thoughted that the had a bad dream or something. She was scared. Mommy needs to lighten up, MOL!

Well, I just had my drops and now it is time fur some other meds. I hope that all of my wonderpurr furriends have a wonderpurr day!

Much love,


It's me, Madi-Hawk!

June 29th 2009 8:01 am
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Hiya kits, it's me, Madi-Hawk! I beez writing fur myself today. Mommy told me I could because I tolded her that I had to purrsonally say thank you to all of my wonderpurr furriends. I love you all SO furry much, you have been my strength through thick and thin and it is because of your purrs, purrayers and the Power of the Paw that I continue to fight. I lovez you.

I had liquid poopies again last night and it doesn't feel good. My tummy hurtz me bad when that happenz and I don't like it at all. Then Mommy has to clean me up, which does feel good cuz I dontz like when there is poopies on me. I am hoping the Atopica will do the trick fur my IBD. Mommy is going to make me some slippery elm today with probiotics to help soothe my tummy. I like my slippery elm.

My eye remains stable dear furriends and Mommy toldz me that she can even start to see the color of my beautiful eye through the blue. You see, when the fluid leaked into my cornea my eye gotz to be dark blue. Then where the graft is, the eye is bright red so I guess it looks kindof crazy. But Mommy toldz me just now that the blue is lightening and that she can see the color of my eye beneath all the blue now, which is a wonderful sign. I thinkz thatz great cuz I really want to keep my eye. Mommy had me up evfurry hour and a half again last night and told me to expect that fur a while. I getz so tired, I can only imagine how tired Mommy is. Speaking of tired, I thinkz that I need to go nap now. Mommy will be coming at me wif meds and drops within the hour so I better getz some sleep while I can.

I luv you my dear furriends and thank you so much fur all of your support. You give me the strength to battle anything that is thrown my way. And, I am Madi-Hawk and I dontz give up.

Luvz Madi-Hawk


Sunday morning

June 28th 2009 5:20 am
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Morning Kits,

Madi's Mommy here ~ we had another long but good night. Madi's eye is hanging tough and remaining stable. I feel very good about the progress we are making, although I know we are not out of the woods yet.

Madi had liquid stool this morning, surely a result of all the medications, AND being weaned off steroids.

Her Atopica went down and STAYED down smoothly last night, so I feel good about that. I can only hope that it will be effective in managing her diarrhea.

Madi is drinking plenty of water and eating quite well now! She is using her litterbox and staying right by Mommy's side. When we aren't up for meds, Madi lays in Mommy's arms and purrs. She has SUCH an amazing spirit.

Thank you for your continued support!!!!!
Angela and the fighting Madi-Hawk


Saturday Morning

June 27th 2009 9:03 am
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It was another long night with Madi, we were up every hour and a half for treatments. She is SUCH a trooper. After I gave her Atopica, she did NOT vomit last night, so I felt good about that. This morning she had horrible diarrhea, which is most likely the IBD with a combination of a million meds.

Her eye is holding stable and the graft is still attached. This morning she was tremoring, which breaks my heart.

Madi had not met Mitz yet as her and I are staying in the guest bedroom. This morning, I came downstairs to get Madi's meds out of the fridge and went back up - Mitz followed. I opened the door and there was Madi standing there. Mitz went right in and Madi went straight up to her, nose to nose, with her cone wrapped around Mitz's head. No hissing. Then Mitz must have been a little scared, so she took off running down the hall to her bedroom - Madi and her little cone waddled after her and followed her right into Mitz's bedroom! Again, nose to nose and Madi was just pleased as punch that she has a new sister. Then, soon Bear, Mojo and Zoey joined us in Mitz's room, so it was the five of us!!!! Yes, we ARE making progress with Mitz.

At that point, Madi decided she wanted to come downstairs so she took her adorable little self and waddled down the stairs!!!!!!!! Did some inspecting (as if to say do I have any more new furblings that I should know about) and then layed down on the rug to take a nap. At this point I brought her upstairs and put her to bed where she is resting now.

Please keep the power of the paw coming for Madi. Her vet visit at MSU went well yesterday - the graft is still attached and it appears that some of the swelling had gone down as well. She is holding stable, so we are cautiously optimistic. What a rough road for such an angel - Yet she remains positive, and her will to fight is stronger than ever.

Much love to each and every cat and human who is holding us in their hearts, purrs and prayers!!!!

Angela, and the fighting Madi-Hawk


Friday Morning

June 26th 2009 5:59 am
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Morning Kits ~ Madi's Mom here with an update. I have come to realize that these updates are important to Madi's furriends, and I SO very much appreciate that. I have been told that purrs wait and watch, I will do my best not to let you down. Thank you SO much to all of the wonderful cats and humans that we have met along Madi's long journey. It is thanks to you, your purrs, prayers, the Power of the Paw that Madi continues to fight.

First, I want to conCATulate PIEWACKIT, Madi's BFF - who is COTW! Please stop by and see her, she is truly a wonderful cat and is EVER deserving of this top honor.

It was another long night, but Madi is hanging tough. Bear and Mojo continuously wanted in the room so I was up and down letting them in and out, in addition to taking care of Madi. It was good for Madi though because she was quite pleased to see her big brothers. We made it through another night, although after I gave her Atopica, it wasn't pretty - she had two bouts of explosive diarrhea and then vomitted all over the bed. The number one reaction to this new med is vomitting, and typically goes away with continued treatment.

We have a 2:30 appointment with Dr. Pierce at MSU today for a recheck. Please continue to purr and purray for positive news. We are taking this one day at a time, and her eye is SO fragile right now.

Thank you again for your continued support and friendship.

With much love,
Angela, proud fighting Mom to Madi-Hawk

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