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cutest ME, the Q-Tip QUEEN got tagged!! ***Delightedly- flings celebratory Q-Tips EVERYWHERE!***

August 21st 2008 11:23 am
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I was tagged by my good friend CLOUD to play this game. I'm supposed to list 6 things I don't like. *claps and giggles* I LOVE talking about things I DON’T like! are the 6 things I don't like.

1. Anything that does NOT have anything to do with Q-Tips!!!! *glances at mom, sees her rolling her eyes muttering, “here we go again”* *sticks tongue out at mom and laughs* Hey- this is MY diary!

2. I HATE being held. HATE HATE HAAATE! I mean, what is with that mushy hooman baloney? SHEESH. Just leave me ALONE (with my Q-Tips) All a kitty needs in life is Q-TIPS!

3. *spies a Q-Tip and gets distracted….* OH! *giggle* Lessee, question #3: I DON’T LIKE EATING MY CRUNCHIES WITH EVERYONE ELSE. Phoooey! I get my princess pillow at the garden window, where mom serves me, CUTEST ME, my special crunchies (IAMS Kitten) And she’d better darn well tootin’ serve me. I am THE QUEEN OF Q-TIPS!

4. I don’t like to be alone. *sigh* Okay. I suppose I’m not THAT horrid. *lowers voice so mom can’t hear….”I DO love her and follow her everywhere, but she can’t know that”* (Looks at mom to see if she’s listening) {mom speaking: I HEARD that!} ….smiles

5. I don't like taking medicine!!! HEY. It is MY choice to swallow “foreign objects”, isn’t it?! It’s interesting! Especially when I chew up the foam padding from my bed. It’s actually kind of tasty and if it fits in your mouth, you can eat it, right? I mean, why, WHY should I have to take medicine after having had to go to the v.e.t. to have a barium done to have the foreign object be flushed out of my system? I KNOW how to use the poopie box. I don’t understand this hooman business.

6. And finally, I hate wearing one of those collars with jingle bells on it. My WHOLE family has those things on and all that bell ringing just makes me CRAZY! How EMBARRASSING. *Looks at mom and does the “crazy-sign” – pointing at the side of her head and making a circular motion next to her ear* Cuckoo! Cuckoo!! I mean, HELLO?! NO cat in her right mind should have to put up with that silly dress-up charade. Hey- if you kits need any tips on how to avoid these kinds of things, just see me. I chewed up three brand new collars in one week, just so that I would not have to wear it! MOL MOL MOL!!! Eeeevil MOL!!! Hey mom: I WIN

*claps paws!!* YIPPIESSS! Now, I am going to tag six of my friends....

MEATBALL (my sisfur O-R-E-O’S bestest best friend)

GINNY “DANGEROUS BEANS” (LMTO!!! I love that name!)

MADISON (hi sisfur in law!)

LUKA (hi adopted brofur!)


STANLEY (hi brofur in law!)

*Flings Q-Tips to all of her friends and happily scampers off to go find some trouble to get into!*


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