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Age: 9 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 4 lbs.

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doominator, hey you, dummy and many others, but he won't come unless he feels like it

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed

July 5th 2007

Orange & White Tabby

To snuggle up on your neck and get lots of loving while you pet him.

Running water, loud noises, the vacuum and not sharing your food with him.

Favorite Toy:
Foil balls, toy mouse and anything that moves, fingers, toes, earrings and necklaces beware.

Favorite Nap Spot:
The middle of the bed or his fuzzy blue bed.

Favorite Food:
Anything you are eating except onions.

Bossing around a 60 pound American Stafford named Killian and playing hide and seek til the doggies cry.


Arrival Story:
Doom and his family were dropped off at the animal shelter in August. My family went to the pet adoption day at the Michigan zoo took one look at that face and had to have him.

Lives Remaining:
9 of 9

Forums Motto:
Are you going to finish that?

The Last Forum I Posted In:
1st ever KIK Valentines bash Feb 9th all day

Doom loves attention and let's you know when he is not getting enough. He loves to curl up on your face and have you breath on him while he kicks his purr into high gear. This kitty has one loud motor. His favorite game is "swat the pooper scooper" when mommy is cleaning the litter box followed by "twirly twirly" in the clean litterbox to see how much can hit the floor. His favorite hobby is food tasting and when he grows up he hopes to become an official food taster. His favorite foods are pizza, mushrooms, stewed tomatoes, bran buds, guacamole (hold the onions), cheese and most of all popcorn cheese. When he is watching his calories he snacks on fingers, toes and arms and cucumbers.

I've Been On Catster Since:
October 14th 2007 More than 9 years!

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Doom's Daily Details


April 19th 2008 10:37 pm
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Hi, it's me Doom and I am back.

Mom gave me a plastic bag to play in today but I am just not up to it. I tried to play in it for a while but it is hard to breathe and I am very tired. I don't have an appetite so I have not eaten in a few days. Mom is taking me back to the vets now.

We are here at the vet's. Mom is holding me close and talking softly to me. I want to check things out for a minute so she puts me down so I can smell around. I can hear the vet lady coming.

She tells mom the tests are back and that I have something called FIP. She says I can't get any better, ever. I am very tired and I don't want to feel sick anymore. Mom is holding me now. She says I am not going to suffer anymore. I am going to go to sleep, and then I will be in a new place and I will be well again.

Mom can't come with me right now but she says I will see her again.

"Doom", mom whispers, "there will be lots of tissues and you can have all you want, there will be lots of things for you to explore and new adventures for you to. Mommy and Cody love you very, very much, you are the best kitty in the world. We love you Doom, now go to sleep baby." She kisses me and gives me a hug.

Please don't be sad for me everyone. I know saying goodbye is never easy but remember, I had a wonderful life and many amazing adventures. Mom and my boy Cody, rescued me from the shelter and gave me a great home and lots of love. No kitten could of asked for more. I hope that my mom goes and rescues another kitty just like she did me. That will be the luckiest kitty in the world. My mom and Cody have a lot of love to give. I know they gave it all to me.

I don't like feeling sick and I miss getting into trouble. I love you all and I will think of you as I eat my tissue. I hope they are ready for me where I am going, because Doom The Destroyer is on his way, and I am ready for action.

Goodbye everyone, and thanks for the love. I'm going to close my eyes now and I will see you in your dreams.

Love forever and always,

Doom The Destroyer

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Doom the Destroyer Part 6

April 18th 2008 9:12 pm
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Hi, it’s me Doom and I am back.

I was sitting in the living room looking out the front window, and then the bedroom window, when I started wondering what outside was actually like. Not the outside out front, that is way too noisy and there are just too many cars and trucks going by. The outside from mom’s room looks a bit better and I can see some birds, but the outside in the back of the house looks great and I can see the squirrels!

There are lots of trees and a really big deck and so many leaves blowing around but it’s the squirrels that I am concerned about. They are on my property, running around on my deck, my grass and in my trees. I think they are teasing me. I am Doom The Destroyer and I can’t let that happen. My only problem is, how do I get outside? Now, mom opens the sliding door when it gets warmer outside and I am hoping it’s warm now, it sure feels it from the other windows. Here she comes now and yes, she is opening the door. I better play it cool though. I will walk away and pretend not to care.

I think I have waited long enough now to make my great escape. It looks easy enough, I will just slide this screen open and out I go. I will just shove this over with my paw and, well now, that’s not a good sign. It’s not moving, I think its stuck. It’s not going to be as easy as I thought. Looks like I will be doing this bit by bit, inch by inch.

First things first, I need to see how much this will move. I will just stick my paw in the crack and push a bit. It moved a tiny bit which means I am going to need some force and something bigger than my paw to get this open.

My head, I will use my head. I will just stick my nose in this crack and push really hard. It moved, not a whole lot but it still moved. If I just keep this up, and my face holds out this might actually work. Just a few more shoves and yes, it moved again. Now I have enough room to fit my paw through, then my head and body and I am so getting me a squirrel.

I am out! What the heck? Mom just caught me and I was so close. I had 2 whole paws on the deck. I was so excited I forgot to check on mom first. She is now closing the screen and blocking it. Maybe it is just as well, I am not feeling that great and I am a bit tired. I think I will save the Great Escape for another day and just go bug mom in the living room a while, wait I can hear her calling me.

“Doom, come here sweetie, I have something for you”, she yelled from the other room.

Normally I would wait a minute or two but I was a bit curious so off I go. What is that on the floor? It’s a container with something inside. What is that smell? It smells funny but I can’t seem to stop sniffing it. I feel all tingly and a bit silly. I need to investigate this a bit closer. Time to tip this thing over and check it out close up. One little swat is all it should take.

There I have some out, it sure smells good whatever it is. It feels kind of crunchy under my paw. I think I need to dump this all out and get a really close look. One more swat should do the trick. I was wrong, I am feeling kind of lightheaded and that tingly feeling is getting stronger. I am trying to flip this container but I can’t seem to get it, I just keep pushing it around the floor, concentrate Doom. Finally, I flipped it and it’s all over the floor. Now for a closer look, and some paws on investigating.

I give it a few sniffs, boy that smelled good. I shoved it around with my paws. What was this stuff? Why can’t I stop smelling it? Why is mom laughing at me?

“Doom, are you enjoying the catnip?”, she asked.

So this was catnip. I have heard a lot of things about this stuff. It is supposed to make kitties all crazy. That’s fine for normal kitties but I am Doom, The Destroyer and nothing controls me. I was so wrong. The rest is kind of a blur. I remember lying down to get closer to it, to investigate. Then something came over me, I had to roll in this wonderful stuff. I tried to stop myself but it was no use. The nip had me and I wanted, no I needed more. I reached for the container and pulled it towards me but it was empty. Then I was rolling again. I could not get close enough. I wanted it in my fur, between my toes I wanted to bath in this wonderful stuff. I couldn’t of stopped even if I wanted to, but I didn’t want to. I was covered in catnip from the tip of my nose to the end of my tail. I was swimming in it and having a great time.

Suddenly, I was dizzy and not feeling so well. I think I might of overdone it. My mom called my boy to come and watch me being all silly. My boy laughed at me and then started to clean up the catnip. No, it’s mine, mine.

I swatted his hand and he laughed a bit more. The race was on. I needed to hide some before it was too late, but where? The carpet, I would hide it under the carpet. It works for my q-tips and this is a lot smaller. Now to lift it a bit and start shoving. Here comes that dizzy feeling again. I have to be quick my boy already has half the container full. Maybe if I shove it over again it will distract him. That did the trick, just a few more shoves and mission accomplished. I would of tried for a bit more but I am just not feeling up to it. Mom took me to the doctors the other day because I am not feeling well and they gave me medicine. I am not hungry anymore and I get tired fast. I think I am going to go take a nap.

Viva La Tissue!


Doom the Destroyer Part 5

April 17th 2008 10:32 pm
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Hi, It's me Doom and I'm back.

My last plan didn't get me any tissue but it sure was fun. I waited for mom to get home, hoping to get my reward but when she came in the house and looked at the floor she just started to laugh, she thought it was funny.

"Well I see that you have been busy Doom. I guess you thought the room needed a bit of redecorating", she said.

Where was the "look", the wagging finger and the "voice" ? Then mom picked me up and gave me a big kiss and hug, she put me down, sat on the floor and started putting the paper back in my box. I don't think so mom. I was all over that. I jumped in the box, flipped it over and started pushing it back out. I didn't spend hours doing this to have it end so quickly. Well, soon mom and I were tossing paper around. She would dump it on my head and I would jump out and try to get her hand. Mom was laughing so hard my boy heard her and he came to join in the fun. Soon there was paper flying everywhere and I was attacking anything that moved, mostly my boys hand. It was great. I didn't get any tissue but that's okay for now. I am already working on a new plan.

I have to be honest, I was a bit confused, that sure was not the reaction I was looking for or expected. I am Doom The Destroyer! not Doom The Comedian and mom was not done with me, the day was about to get stranger.

"Doom, come here sweetie", I heard mom calling me from the kitchen.

Of course I didn't go right away. I am after all a kitty not a dog. So I waited a few minutes.

"Doom, come here Doom", she called again.

Okay, I'm not a dog but I am a kitty and a curious one so off i trotted.

She was standing beside the fridge with a cup in her hand. Then she pushed the thingy on the door and it made a funny noise. The cup filled with something. Mom reached in tossed one on the floor. I gave it a sniff but it had no smell. Since mom was right her I decided to give it a swat, if it tried anything funny mom would protect me. I lifted my paw and gave it a good whack. Wow, that was pawsome, it flew across the floor so fast and I was off after it. This stuff was great but a little cold. I turned and looked at mom.

"Mew", I asked her, what was this stuff? "Well, I see that you like ice cubes Doom", mom said.

So this was an ice cube. Mom pushed the button on the fridge again and tossed me another one and off I flew. Then I went back to get the first one and it was gone! What was going on here? It was just here a minute ago. I walked over and stuck my nose close to the ground and sniffed. I know, I know, it doesn't have a smell but I had to try. Did that mouse come back and steal my ice cube? I started to search the floor when I stepped in some water and it was cold. Now how did that get there? Well, I will look for it later, I will just go play with the other one. Off I went and can you believe it, It was gone to. Something was fishy here and it wasn't my food. I looked over at mom and gave her a long mew. Mom pushed the button and tossed me another cube. I was going to keep my eye on this one. I gave it a good swat and off I went again. These things can really go far on a ceramic floor. Back and forth I went, this was really fun. I reached down to give it another good swat and it was gone. It just disappeared! These ice cubes sure were sneaky. Here one minute, gone the next. I looked and looked for it but I had no luck. All I found was another puddle of cold water on the floor. I had a new adversary and it was great at hide and seek. Don't worry ice cube, I am Doom, Kitty Detective and this is not over. I will figure out your secret.

I was getting a bit tired and decided to go lie down for a while. I looked up at mom and she was smiling. Does she know where the ice cube is? Is she playing with my little kitty mind?

I think she did know where the ice cube was hiding and I think she was playing tricks on me. Well, two can play that game so before I went for my nap I decided to play a trick on her and I knew just what it would be. I trotted off to the bathroom as fast as my kitty feet would take me. A quick glance over my shoulder to check that mom was not going to follow me. Nope, she was getting herself a tea. Purrfect, I had time to put this plan in action. It really was quite simple.

Mom loves to take a bath almost every day. And I keep all my toys in the bathtub ( I have a great collection) so it's really funny to watch her take them out one by one. Have I ever showed you my collection? I have my big mousy, a toilet paper roll, a foil ball, a long twist tie, 2 little mousses and the bathtub plug. I keep my q-tips hid someplace else so mom can't take them away. Now, I know what you are thinking. A plug is not a toy, but this one is really fun, it has a loop on the end so I can pick it up and move it. When I am playing in the tub I like to roll my foil ball into the drain. Then I mew, mom comes in, pulls it out and puts the plug in so it won't fall down. I wait until she leaves the room then I reach down, grab the plug and toss it aside. Of course I immediately trot on over to my foil ball and roll it right back into the drain hole. I give a loud mew and it starts all over. It's fun.

Anyway, I think it's time to play hide the plug on mom. She is clearly helping the ice cube so I will help the plug. But first there was something I always wanted to do and now seems like as good a time as any. I am going to see what is making all that noise in the white thing in the corner. I hop up on it and look inside. It's water, it's full of water. Is this where the ice cube was hiding? I gave it a sniff but there was no smell, I touched it with my paw and it was cold. Well since I am here I might as well have a drink. Not bad, not bad at all. Now to grab the plug and sneak on out of here.

I peaked out into the kitchen but mom had gone. The coast was clear. I grabbed the plug and made a run for it. I planned on putting it under the bed in the spare room, it was the closest and she would not see me. Mission accomplished. Now I am off for a nap. It has been a busy day.

Viva La Tissue!

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