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Happy Independence Day!

July 3rd 2011 5:15 am
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Hi efurryone,
I know today isn't quite the day but I want to let efurryone know that there is a sale on at the store, -- everything Made in America is 20% off! The sale is through Monday July 4.

Everyone have a safe and happy Independence Day weekend!!

Tiny pink nose kisses,


Happy Cats' Dads Day!!

June 19th 2011 6:47 am
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I want to wish all the Daddies a Happy Day. I don't have one so we decided to celebrate by having a sale at the store -- all Cat Supplies and More products (except Omnipets Art products) are on sale with a 15% discount. You can shop for your daddies by getting the discount coupon code here: The store's home page link is

Also, we have added some great new treats!! DO YOU LIKE BACON??? Go to the store at and search for bacon. You'll glad you did!

Tiny pink nose kisses,


New entry in the Cat Supplies Review Blog

June 4th 2011 1:06 pm
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Momma just updated the store's blog:

Here is a link to the Cat Supplies and More store:



Happy Cats' Moms Day!

May 8th 2011 10:00 am
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Happy Cats's Moms Day to all the Cats' Moms!!

I hope you kitties are showing some luv. I have been fluttering around my Momma this morning and I know she feels that in her heart!

We want to let you know that if you want to buy your Mom something wonderful, like new catnip toys, some anti-hairball-barfing stuff, or a figure-8 harness and leash so you can go on walks together, Cat Supplies and More is having a 15% off sale today! Here is the link to the discount coupon:

Mouse-o ver "View Product Categories" to start shopping!

And remember, a portion of all purchases goes to animals in need!

Tiny Pink Nose Kisses,


An important note! Help needed here...

April 14th 2011 5:55 am
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Dear Furiends,
Two terrible things have happened in America lately. First, the States of Idaho and Montana managed to slide some language into the Federal budget that would delist wolves from protection and allow them to be hunted in massive numbers. What in the #*(@ does wolves have to do with the US Budget? And because of the need to rush through the budget before a government shut-down, there wasn't time for anyone to raise red flags (and maybe no interest). THIS IS SO WRONG!! Read more here... ame=savewolves_homepage&JServSessionIdr004=s8a1o7lri1.app217 a

And second, the legislators of the State of Missouri decided to ignore the will of the people, to act as though voters do not matter, to go entirely against a significant majority of voters, and overturn Proposition B which was approved by voters last November. Prop. B provides protections for MO's huge and truly horrible puppy mill industry. MO legislators are obviously in bed with the owners of the puppy mills, because they voted to overturn Prop. B, make like the vote in November never happened.

You can read more here:

In both cases, I'm totally outraged for animals, but I am equally if not more outraged at what this means for democracy in America.

TODAY, APRIL 14, Will everyone receiving this message please help us here in Missouri? The Governor's Office is not taking names, addresses or any other information, only tallying the phone calls, for and against SB113. Please call (Thursday April 14) and tell him to VETO SB113. MO Gov Jay Nixon 573-751-3222.

PLEASE call your own elected officials and tell them you are appalled that Government is working this way and insist they work to reverse delisting Wolves because of the method by which it was done if nothing else. Also, call the MO Governor to express support for vetoing the attempt to overturn Prop B.

Tiny pink noses kisses of thanks,


Missy Angle's Diary

February 19th 2011 4:36 am
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Dear Friends,
I am so happy that Missy Angel is back at Catster after a long absence.

Yesterday, the 18th, was the 2nd anniversary of her coming to the Bridge. She wrote in her diary yesterday about a special wish in her memory, and I invite you to read that help her with her wish:

Missy's diary

I'm going to help with her wish, I hope you do too.

Tiny pink nose kisses,


I have a new Guardee (I'm a Guardian Angel)!!

May 14th 2009 12:50 pm
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Hi efurryone,

I want to let you know that I have a new fur to watch, a very wonderfully sweet and handsome young kitty, Tiskers -

Tiskers has a number of heart-related ailments. I admit I don't understand the medical language and hope he will translate for us soon. But I DO know that he is much, much to young to be sick like this, and his diseases are largely "juvenile" -- as in, he's much, much to young to have those ailments!!

Please visit Tiskers, leave him some purrs, and help me keep his spirits up. After all, I'm just an angel but you all are the Power of the Paw!!

Hugs and kisses,


One door closes, another opens

March 29th 2009 2:50 pm
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Dear all,
I've just got back from attending the Rainbow Bridge wedding of Mietzi and Boots. This ceremony included the adoption of the Wee Ones, whom I was so fortunate as to escort to the Bridge. They are now officially part of this new furmily. So as one door closed on their lives hear on earth, another opens on their lives at the Bridge. We know they are there to delight us all, as babies do.

(If you missed it, you can catch up here, the ceremony was lovely!)

I am now removing their pictures from my page because they are in good hands, and you will see their pictures with their Angel mom and dad. I hope, if you read this, you will stop by their pages to congratulate the new furmily.



OMC -- I was DDP!! And please remember Belle...

March 23rd 2009 10:52 am
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Dear efurryone,
OMC, thank you to HQ for noticing all the purrs for our Wee One (now named Betsy by her adopting Angel mother Mietzi) and for making me a DDP. I'm so honored!! I don't know what got their attention but I must believe it was all the wonderful furs on Catster who were visiting my diary and reading the story while holding Betsy in their hearts.

Mom the typist was away for the weekend and so I want to say thank you SO MUCH to the wonderful friend Angel Wally who captured the memorial for me. That was really thoughtful, so thank you to Wally and his Mom.

I also want to take a moment to say how very sad I am that one of the furs who was following Betsy's journey so closely, Emma, lost her own sister Belle the day after Betsy went to the bridge. Our hearts go out to Emma and her family and I we are all purring hard for them as they purred for us! PRRRRRRRRRRRRR for Emma, Belle, and their family from the entire Torrington Team.

Please stop by and share your purrs too: the furmily is here:

I must dash but I will be back to report more on Priyanka.



Meet the Wee One's Mom: Priyanka

March 20th 2009 7:40 am
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Dear all,
We miss the Wee One very much right now. So we thought it would help to introduce the Wee One's erstwhile mother, Priyanka. She is the kitten Mom first grabbed on Sunday, March 1. Mom knew Priyanka was pregnant and so she had a plan to bring her inside, into the spare room. She had the top-loading box ready, the room ready, and when the time looked right she didn't have her gloves but grabbed Priyanka nevertheless. Mom got a solid bite in her middle finger for that and 12 hours later, she was at the hospital ER (it being a Sunday evening) and got a tetenus (sp) shot and an IV of antibiotics. Anyway, that is the beginning of the story, which you can read in my diary. Priyanka's picture is now on my page.

She's probably 7 months old, and she is in heat again at this minute. She'll be fixed and tested and everything shortly, we hope. She's a real sweety, very affectionate, and has gorgeous green eyes. The Wee One's eyes are sure to turn green as he lives on at the Rainbow Bridge.

Mom is going away for the weekend. She wasn't going to, but now she is. So she'll answer all the wonderful pmails and gifts when she gets back.

Hugs and eternal thanks,

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