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May 29th 2014 1:35 am
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CATS ARE CARBON COPIES OF THEIR LARGER COUSINS "BIG CATS" :- In May 2014 had been on a safari to "Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve" and was blessed to see 7 tigers in 4 safari rides ! People normally see a single tiger with great difficulty unless billionaires and making up-teen safari tours inside the core forest area of a tiger reserve.I came across one such gentleman at Tadoba tiger reserve who stayed for a month and made almost 40 safari's inside the park with his Rs 10 lakh camera, a sheer hobby ! I was privileged to watch a tigress and her 4 cubs from a close distance and they reminded me of my cats back at home in Mumbai.The approximately 5 month old cubs were as playful as kittens, only larger in size. As for the mother "Madhuri", she seemed as protective as cat matahari was with her kittens. Read the link:- http://tadobaandharitiger.blogspot.in/ .



November 3rd 2013 7:15 pm
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CAT MATAHART'S BIZZARRE BEHAVIOUR since "ALL SOULS DAY(Saturday 2-11-2013):- As a Catholic "All Souls Day(2-11-2013)" is a very important day in our religious rituals.Had visited the "St Peters Haines Road Cemetery" at Mahalaxmi at 0730 hrs in the morning.Both my parents are buried in this cemetery and as usual the cemetery was crowded with relatives and well-wishers of the dead.After attending the normal mass at the cemetery chapel i drove my way back home.This day also happened to coincide with Deepavali celebrations in Mumbai and hence fireworks were on abundant display, including loud crackerts. Strangely that night cat matahari slept under my bed in the bedroom, something she avoided after i refrained her from entering the bedroom. She disturbed us the entire night with her soft "Me-oow's", something she never did before, especially at night. It was normally tomcat matata who would "Yowl" at night, never ever matahari.The next morning she was perfectly normal, having her food and squatting on the gallery ledge as usual, her very normal daily cat behaviour. She again slept under my bed the next night and refuses to leave the bedroom, sleeping on the floor in the corner below my bed .I will be touring Vietnam and Cambodia in December-2013 and Cat Matahari has demonstrated her bizarre behaviour. Do you believe in Ghosts and spirits ? Why did cat matahari change her behaviour abruptly after i returned from the cemetery ?Tomcat matata never ever demonstrates irregular cat behaviour unlike his dam matahari. We have always had pets in our small household since my childhood in Mombasa(Kenya), the pets being a extension of our human family.


Queen Cat Matahari's unique behaviour in "HEAT". (Thursday- 11-7-2013)

July 10th 2013 10:21 pm
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Queen cat Matahari has been on "Heat" since the last 2 days, indications being the normal female cat display of overt affection towards its human owners.She rubs herself against me or my house-keeper Sabina,rolling on the ground and rubbing her face against my slippers or my personal possessions. At 6 years of age she is in the last year or two of her fertility for kitten rearing.Strangely, Tomcat Matata at 4 years of age is totally "ILLITERATE' in the mating game, a bizarre failure as a "STUD CAT". He totally avoids her when she is on "Heat" and in fact is scared of her as she becomes playful and chases him around the house, typical mating game amongst cats.Strangely, when he approaches her she chases him and has never ever allowed him to mount her as would have been the case in a normal mating behaviour of cats.In fact a "Stud Cat" akin to a "Stud Horse" will imediately mount a female cat in heat , bold and daring irrespective of the female cats response.This was the manner in which Matahari got mated to the male stud i had brought home, the result being 6 kittens, the first born kitten being tomcat matata.She will be on heat for another day and then get back to her normal behaviour of eating and sleeping throughout the day and night .I don't intend mating matahari to any other Persian cat for the sake of monetary profits although she is a excellent breeder and mother.As for Tomcat Matata, seems he is destined to be a celibate without ever experiencing the joys of sex! Bizarre. I wanted to "INBREED" the mother and son to produce a localized "MUMBAI PERSIAN CAT", a cat acclimatized to the damp humid weather of Mumbai. Humans will be aghast at a "Mother to Son or Father to Daughter " breeding as also most pet owners ignorant of "LINE-BREEDING" in animals for producing a new cat breed. All new cat and dog breeds were created through human intervention in choosing the mates for the breeding programme and initially always mated a "Father-Daughter or Mother-Son" to create a prototype of the new cat breed. Hence the "Punch faced (Ultra) Persian cat" was developed by humans through gradual breeding of the "Traditional Persian Cat" over a few years.My intentions and breeding plans have been a spectacular flop but in the process i have been lucky to own one of the most comical cat, half-dog and half-cat in behaviour, the one and only Tomcat Matata.
Animal Husbandry is a very difficult business and i am reminded of the spectacular flop of the American Billionaire/politician Late Mr Nelson.A.Rockefeller in setting a "PIG-BREEDING FARM" in South America.High quality Pigs were specially flown from U.S.A to a Country in South America but bizarrely they all turned out to be "STERILE" and hence that was the end of Mr Nelson.Rockefeller's brilliant scheme of setting up a "Pig Industry" in Latin America.If a Rockefeller with all the world's money could fail in "Animal Husbandry" then so could anyone else.Today both the cats are my non-human children, the centre of my life at home along with India's best talking Alexandrine parakeet "Mittoo".


Extreme Mumbai hot weather.matahari given a partial- bathe.(Wednesday 29-5-2013)

May 29th 2013 10:47 pm
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The heat in the month of May is at its maximum in Mumbai and the cats feel it the most. Matahari has a tendency to lick her fur excessively and occasionally vomits the long fur-balls.I decided to give her a partial bathe on Wednesday as a complete bathe could mean a cat-fight between she and tomcat matata, as has happened on previous occasions.After the bathe she seems better and less irritated.


A Balanced "Cat Food Formula", cheap and- nutritious.(Wednesday(28-11-2012)

November 28th 2012 4:25 am
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If you have the time and not fussy about handling raw meat and fish products , then my personal experience says that cooked fish waste added to minced boiled meat along with rice is the best natural food for cats. I discovered this “CAT FOOD FORMULA” on an experimentation basis realizing that a lot of fish was wasted in the fish markets in Mumbai.I now collect the fish waste, boil it at home and give my cats a mixture of rice/minced meat/fish waste. My cats Matahari & Matata are now beautiful specimens of their breed type with excellent fur coat.Prior to this they would shed their fur in excess than normal, addition of fish in their diet improved their health considerably. Try this for your cats if you have the time as most people are too busy at work to prepare fresh food for their cats. Hence the billion dollar business of “PACKAGED CAT FOOD”.Remember, "PACKAGED FOOD" also consists of the same products that i use, only difference, a multinational pet company sells it and it is processed and smells and looks good.


Cat matahari gets "De-Worming dosage".( Thursday 8-11-2012)

November 9th 2012 9:18 pm
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On Thursday(8-11-2012) gave Queen cat Matahari her de-worming dosage of 1/2 tablet.Had been on a fortnights tour of Sri Lanka and on returning home found a change in her personality. She has now taken a fancy for sleeping beneath my study table near the computer.


Does cat Matahari suffer from O.C.D(Obsessive Compulsive- disorder)?(Wed 3-102012)

October 3rd 2012 2:27 am
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As a compulsive blogger and reader have been personally contributing cat articles of my cats on "Pictures of Cats" blog website owned and managed by Britisher Mr Michael.Broad."Pictures of Cats" is the perfect website to understand cat problems as various cat owners and fanciers contribute to the site.Thanks to "P.O.c" discussion blog have finally come to the conclusion that Queen cat Matahari suffers from the sickness known as "O.C.D". Matahari has “O.C.D” problems as she over-grooms excessively to the point of looking wet and dirty. She has no flea problems and to re-confirm the same i got her bathed in “Flea Shampoo’ just yesterday(Tue 2-10-2012).Even after the bathe she began her habit of licking herself, thoroughly confusing and irritating to me.Otherwise, she is a perfectly normal cat with a habit of over-eating and a tendency to put on weight.Her kitten Matata, now a 3 1/2 year old tomcat is robust and never over-grooms his fur.He has an excellent thick fur coat and is a handsome specimen of his breed.Strange, the mother cat over-grooms while the kitten cat from the same lineage is absolutely normal.


Queen cat Matahari almost swallows a baby lizard.Same saved- by me.(Friday 7-9-2012)

September 6th 2012 11:37 pm
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Queen cat Matahari looks deceptively lazy and lethargic at the age of 5 years. But,at the sight of a lizard or any insect she turns hyperactive .Today my housekeeper Sabina.Dias was cleaning the gallery which also has a few potted Bonsai trees,and is a natural environment for a few lizards.Suddenly i noticed Matahari running from the gallery into the kitchen with something dangling from her mouth. I went after her and noticed that she had caught a baby lizard , totally swallowing it into her mouth, just the tail visible. To the lizards providence i happened to see its tail jutting out of Matahari's mouth and caught her by the scruff of the neck.Made her drop the lizard from her mouth, miraculously the tiny lizard totally intact and alive.Released it onto my house loft.No wonder cats are called "Miniature Big Cats", totally replica's of their big cousins, lions, leopards , tigers etc.Both my cats, Matahari and Matata are excellent hunters and i have lost count of the number of times that they have caught gecko lizards in the house, a few rescued and released by me, including the extremely lucky gecko today morning.Gecko lizards are extremely useful in houses as they are natural pest controllers preying on the few insects that are prevalent in my house and most house-holds.


Queen cat Matahai's "HOUDINI ACT" Nos ???(Tuesday 7-8-2012).

August 7th 2012 11:14 pm
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On Tuesday(7-8-2012) matahari was suddenly found missing from the house at approx 1930 hrs, last seen playing in the house kitchen.Housekeeper Sabina and myself searched the entire house and i felt my worst fears had come true, Queen cat matahari had probably slipped from the kitchen window ledge and fallen five floors below.As i opened the house door to go to the building basement cat matahari emerged like a ghost, quietly walking towards us.This was a anti-climax of a real-life suspense thriller at the expense of us, Queen cat matahari's care-takers!I am still perplexed as to the manner in which she hid herself in our small one bedroom house and the reasons she does this unique "HOUDINI DISAPPEARING ACT".


Cat Matahari given "De-worming Dosage" of Plozin- tablet.(Wednesday 11-7-2012)

July 11th 2012 12:32 am
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Gave Queen cat Matahari 3/4 of a plozin tablet as "Deworming Dosage" to be given every 3 months.

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