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At The Rainbow Bridge:(

March 10th 2012 2:15 pm
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I am sad to say I am at the Rainbow Bridge. Mama searched and searched for me and could not find me, and never saw me. She had moved away from Gulf Shores, but she kept coming back looking for me. With no luck. Her last trip she made, a few weeks ago where she talk to a neighbor, who had taken in Baby, which was a wonderful thing. He said his neighbor across the street purposely set cat traps on his yard, then would take the cats into the shelter and have them put down. For our old neighbor, one of his cats got caught in that trap and after being in the shelter for only 2 days was put down.

So, since no one has ever seen me, Mama beleives I was caught in this mans trap. I was caught in a trap once when I was younger and I totally freaked out and Mama rescued me from the trap, and I had injured myself trying to get out. So she beleives I have been caught and was put down.

Mama is so sad, please say your prayers for my family. Atleast I have Ralphie to play with! We were pals on earth now we are playing all over the bridge!

Mama I Love You!


Your Daisy Girl


Still Missing

January 30th 2011 10:20 pm
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Hello My Friends,

Please continue to pray hard, for I am still missing. It has been about 4 weeks now. Mama is so worried about me. She has not seen me at all, but will not give up on me.





January 20th 2011 11:18 am
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Mama went all over the neighborhood, door to door. And no one has seen us. Yesterday she went to the shelter, a pet store and 4 vets offices with our pictures. All will post our flyers. No one has seen us. Today Mama posted 5 flyers in front of our house, even the mail box. Please pray for us!


Daisy and Saphire.


We Need Your Prayers

January 18th 2011 4:31 pm
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Mama moved to Alabama and when she came back to Georgia, she picked us kitties up, and took us home to be with her in our new home in Gulf Shores, AL. This was at the end of Dec. in 2010. I was really liking my new home.

Mama didn't realize it but where the dryer vent goes to the outside, it had been knocked lose. Both Saphire and I fell through it. Mama is worried sick, and she has not seen or heard us, ever since then. That is 3 weeks ago.

Mama calls us everyday, and drives around the neighborhood with no luck. She even went out today, and went door to door with both our pictures. No one in the neighborhood has seen us. Many neighbors have said there are Cyottes here, and thats why many folks keep there cats in at night.

Mama is afraid we got taken by the Cyottes. She is so sad, and has been crying. She has our pictures op on the refrigerator. But she hasn't given up totally yet. Please pray for a miricle.

Mama we miss you, and we are trying to find our way home.


Daisy and Saphire


I Am an Indoor Kitty Now!

May 23rd 2010 8:39 pm
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About a month or so ago Mama was able to catch me. When I am outside I am very Feral. But when I am indoors I am very loving and affectionate. She has never been able to figure that one out. She saw I had an injury on the back of my right ear. It looked like, I had been bitten. But I also had earmites really bad. She got earmite medicene from the Vet, and treated me for the Earmites, and I am much better. The back of my right ear is almost healed. Mama had to shave it some to see the extent of my injuries. But I am doing much better. She also gave me Antibiotics.

It's not so bad being indoors. I will come up to anyone in the house now. Even go to the Kitchen table when Mama is eating dinner, which I never use to do. I am so much happier.

Roger, you were right, Indoors is not so bad! MOL! Thanks for the Tip!




I Came Home to Mommy!

June 27th 2008 12:47 pm
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Well I am happy to report that I came to Mommy on the porch a few days ago, and purred up a storm! Mommy was so happy, tears were rolling down her face. She picked me up and held me for awhile. It felt so good to cuddle with her. Then Mom brought me inside and gave me my deworming medicene and then the best part of it all, I got some canned food! Oh it tasted so good!

Yesterday I came to Mommy again, and came in the house and got some more canned food. I liked that part! I then went and relaxed on Mom's bed for a couple of hours. Then I went back outside. I guess being in the house is not so bad. Maybe I will come in more often.

I am happy to report I am putting on some weight, which Mommy is releived about. I need to go now and chase the butterfly I see in the backyard.




Mom is Worried about me!

June 15th 2008 8:41 pm
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Well a couple of months ago, all of us kitties were very sick. Having the runs all over the house. The vet tried us on different meds and nothing was working. Finally they put us on a med for Viral infection and another for Bacterial infection. As you know I am not one who likes to stay indoors, so Mom has tried to keep me indoors, but I keep escaping. The past two-three weeks, Mom has noticed I have lost weight. She says I am way to skinny. Well about a week ago I escaped again, and I won't come to Mommy. She is so worried about me. I don't want that awful medicene anymore! Mom stays up till 2-3 in the morning every night, trying to talk to me, and to get me in the house.

Last night I did come up on the porch and ate and drank some, but I run when anyone moves. Mommy says, I am going Ferral again, and it breaks her heart.

Mom saw me today, and talked to me for over 45 minutes. I know she loves me very much. Please pray for me.




Still Indoors

March 26th 2008 10:48 am
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Well I finally started to eat a little today. I had some canned food. I still can't manage the dry food yet. Mom is spoiling me rotten! And I love every minute of it!

Thank you all for your purrs and ruffs!




Missing Teeth:(

March 25th 2008 10:05 am
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After I got my medicene today, for my injuries over the weekend, Mom checked my mouth and found out I have 2 missing teeth. Most likely from trying to get out of the trap:(

Still not eating very much. Thank You all for your Purrs and ruffs!




Got Caught in a trap:(

March 24th 2008 2:31 pm
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Hi All,

Mom has been worried about me since Saturday night, she couldn't find me anywhere. This morning she went through the neighbrhood calling my name. I hollered almost a block away. I was in a Animal Control Trap:( My mom was able to get me out, and as soon as she did I started purring. When we got home, Mom checked me over and noticed my nose, left side of my face and gums had wounds. So off to the vet I went today.

The vet told mom I had alot of sores from trying to get out of the trap, and put me on some anti biotics and pain meds:( I haven't been able to eat yet, for it hurts to much. Please Purr for me!

PS. Don't go anywhere that looks like a cage!


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