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Taiga's Climate


January 3rd 2006 6:53 am
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I have 2 new friends! My Daddy got a big glass box for Christmas. He was very excited, but I didn't understand why, cause it was just a big glass box that he wouldn't let me get into. The box it came in was pretty neat tho!

Then Mommy & Daddy started moving all sorts of stuff in one of the rooms upstairs, and they brought a dresser down to the living room, and put the glass box on it. They put all sorts of stuff in the box, and then turned it on. The bubbles were neat, but I got bored pretty quickly, and went back to playing with my Christmas stocking.

Then yesterday, they left and said they were going to go get fish. I didn't know what that meant, but Jericho said it sounded like food, and he was all excited. They came home with something much better than food. They put two fish in the glass box, and the fish swim all around it, moving this way and that. It makes me crazy to watch them! I want to reach in and play with them, but the glass blocks my paw. Anyways, I love the fish, even tho they are really tiny, and I hope we get more!


Mornings with Mommy

July 12th 2005 10:20 am
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Every morning, I cuddle with Mommy. I touch my nose to her face and hair and tap her with my paw until she finally relents and holds up the covers for me. Then I get in bed with her and massage her tummy while she pets me, until I'm too warm to stand it any longer.

I help her get ready for work. While she is in the bathroom, I pass my hot pink pony tail holder under the door to her. Sometimes it pops back, so I pass it under again, and then hit it really hard with my other paw so it will stay in. It doesn't.

While she stands in front of the mirror, cleaning her teeth and brushing - purrrrr- her fur, I watch carefully, so I can do it too. Then I play with tissue paper on the floor, hiding from here so only my tail shows. This makes her laugh, which is the most important thing she must do each morning.


It's Hot Up There!

October 29th 2004 7:49 am
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I was on Daddy's computer monitor, watching the floor lamp. It was so bright and shiny, and I felt like jumping. I wondered what was in the lamp. Maybe there was a bug? Or I might find a new toy? There are lots of other fun things I've found hidden in the house, in corners and under counters and on shelves. Maybe there was something wonderful up there! I just had to find out. I pondered it for a while, sitting there on the happy warmth of the monitor, and then gave it my best leap.

I landed with all four paws on the rim of the lamp. But there was no where else to go. The lamp was swaying back and forth, and I was gripping for dear life. But the metal rim was so hot, and I could feel the light bulb heating up my tummy. Oh no! Now what do I do? Then I felt Mommy's hand under my tummy and she lifted me off. She insisted on checking all my paws and toes, which tickled, but it felt good to be safe in her arms. Finally she let me get down. My front paw felt a little sore, but I forgot about it as soon as I saw DandyLion and his string. Time to play!

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