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A trip to the vet -

April 2nd 2008 6:23 pm
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Today the Lady of the House took me to the vet. I might as well share with my diary what my recent problems have been: for the past several weeks, the Lady of the House has found, randomly, small inch-long droppings in various places throughout the house. As there are three of us cats, she was not sure of the source. Unfortunately, that source has been found to be me. I have been getting very excited and running throughout the house in a most undignified manner, jumping on furniture running through rooms and in circles, whirring and chirping. And, leaving a trail of droppings in my wake. At first, she did not see many, but they have increased quite a bit. And then, well, I jumped on her dresser and nightstand and the floor next to the bed - and those weren't small or dried-up. The morning after this, she actually witnessed my display of excitement. So, she decided to call the vet to make sure I am OK. Our vet was completely mystified as to what might be causing this odd behaviour. I have always been very docile and well-behaved. And, the vet could only say that I appear to be perfect health, but she agrees that this problem is not normal. Right now, the vet is not sure what is causing my.....problems. I have some rather vile looking liquid medicine I have to take twice a day for two weeks. If that doesn't work, then my vet has recommended that my mum take me to the University's Small Animal Health Clinic for behavioural evaluation and observation. Please cross your claws that this medicine works, and that I don't have to go to the University!


Let's have a read, shall we?

February 21st 2008 7:10 pm
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So, I have recently discovered the wonder of these things called "bookcases" that the Lord and Lady of the house have. They are very tall, and they have these wonderful "shelves" on them. They are excellent for a gentleman cat such as myself who likes high ground. I am learning to get to the very top of these fixtures in order to best survey the room. Plus, these things are repositories for books, which smell wonderful. I like to sniff them. I sniffed some of the very best books when I attended Gentleman School. It's nice to have books at home for sniffing. The Lady does not much care, though, for my scratching at the backs of the cases and taking books off the shelf. She seems to think it "naughty." I can't see why! She doesn't even sniff books, she just holds them for a very long time. Well - I must take leave of you, dear readers, and get back to my cases!


A true gentleman admits his errors...

December 1st 2007 10:22 pm
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So, I must admit that though I was very appalled at the removal of my best and most favourite end table last week, I have grown quite accustomed to this new arrangement. This tree that has been placed in the home is quite cozy to nap under. Even better, it has this lovely red felt "skirt" that I have found makes an excellent bed! Perfect, indeed, for these chilly winter nights. I am still a bit offended that the lady of the house does not trust me to handle the toys that adorn it, but overall it is very nice. Indeed, my dear sister, the Little Miss, is quite fond of the tree also. She and I spent the afternoon there today, napping and just enjoying each others company. She and Reese have been at war again of late, so I groomed her for nearly 20 minutes to help relax her. I can see, now, that there are benefits to having a tree in the home. It is nearly as nice as venturing outside to enjoy them, but I do not understand what the Lord and Lady of the house get out of having it, as they cannot stretch out under it. Alas, I shall not trouble myself much about them; I am pleased at how things have turned out!


A most egregious affront

November 25th 2007 8:12 pm
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Today, my most best and favorite relaxation spot has been taken away. I have had this lovely little end table in the corner of the living room, just next to a window. Often, I sit on the table and watch the outdoors - the rabbits, squirrels, birds, leaves. Other times, I will recline on the floor next to it, in the cozy space between the wall and it's lower tier. And on occasion, I rest on the bottom tier with some magazines. But today of all days, the Lord and Lady of the house have behaved most shockingly. They have removed my table to the garage, where I can no longer enjoy it. And, in its place they have erected a most hideous instrument of torture. There is a tree, bright, twinkly, and covered with toys standing there. And, to oblige them - even though I detest it - I at least decided to give a few of the toys some dutiful swats. You can imagine my shameful surprise and disgrace when they clapped their hands loudly and chased me away. Whyever would you bring a tree into the home, cover it with toys, and ask me to stay away. Surely it is not as good as my table, but why deny this small pleasure. I fear they are unwell. Perhaps the cold is getting to them. While they had the front door open, hanging up some hideous circle thing that is similar to the tree I decided to join them outside. Then, they finished and went inside and forgot me! I found it most rude of them to shut me out, and can you believe they did not hear my plaintive meows. I must say - this pair acts as if they need a refresher course from finishing school - the bloody nerve! I can only hope for improvement in the future. And, I pray for the return of my table. It is a sad day in Athens, friends.


Thanksgiving Tag, courtesy of Mlle. L. Bit

November 19th 2007 6:34 pm
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Ah, 'tis the season for gratitude and games! I have been tagged by the lovely Miss Little Bit. The rules of this holiday game are quite simple. When you are tagged, pen a diary entry regarding what you are thankful for, then send a Rosette or Pmail to 5 cats, telling them they have been tagged. They then do the same, and usually they 'mail you back to tell you they've completed the task. So, without further adieu, a few things I am thankful for.

This year, I am glad I have gotten friendly with my new brother Reese. We now have spend quality time together as cats do. I am also thankful for the very plush new bed in the home, having the Lord and the Lady of the house more frequently in residence, and the upgrade in our diet. I am also grateful for Catster and the many wonderful new friends I have made here - what a blessing you all are! Truly, I have been most fortunate this year.

I now choose these 5 comrades to play also:

1. Timmy
2. Freki
3. Bootsy
4. Mama
5. Titus.

A happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


'Tis true, I have been tagged.

November 12th 2007 6:40 pm
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So, today I have been tagged by my dear friend, the young Viking cat Freki. In kind, I shall respond with 10 kind thoughts about cats I know and tag them also. Friends, should I tag you, please choose 10 cats dear to you and respond in kind. Do p-mail them and let them know they are tagged.

1. Looie Weaver - this man is a gentleman and a great friend to all.

2. Milani - Reese has shown me pictures from the Halloween party he attended, and she dances the Charleston most gracefully.

3. Jakers - is a lovely shade of stripey gray and is quite the creative writer! A wonderful diary!

4. Cruize - He is quite a food connoiseur, and he specializes in pork-- most specifically ham.

5. Chadwick - What a wonderful cat, to give Catster a literary forum!

6. Freki - I know you tagged me, but I would like to take the opportunity to tell you what a wonderful friend you have become and how much I do enjoy your companionship.

7. Little Bit - Now, this is a true lady, and she endeavors to keep manners, decency, and etiquette at the forefront of daily living. A cat after my own heart, if I must say so.

8. Tom J. Katt - a wonderful poet, and quite the "punning" catster. A wizard with words!

9. Titus - a kitten with a grown cat's ruff. What a style, what fashion!

10. Mr. Kitty - a lady with a real sense of humor, and well, I must admit I enjoy her sense of humor. She does enjoy the best television show in the world, even though I know that South Park isn't true gentleman viewing. But one cannot always watch public television!

So, there you have it - I hope you have enjoyed this, friends.


An adventure.

November 6th 2007 8:12 pm
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Well, my good friend Mr. Reese has been allowed several trips outside of late. And, interestingly, this same privilege has been extended to me. I am not quite cognizant of why the lord and lady of the house would expect me to wander around in the outside like some commoner. After all, dirt and leaves are not accessories befitting a perfect gentleman such as myself. However, on the third day that they stood at the door insisting that surely I must be curious, I made a run for it. Surely they would not intentionally mislead me! I sniffed about, but I didn't care to venture onto the grass and dirt from the patio. I chewed on some grass, trying to be polite, but really - I am just not made for such a rough life. When they came to breakfast with me on the patio, I excused myself and went back inside. Only a ruffian such as Reese could enjoy this place. And, much to my grave embarrassment, this morning I was very ill and did expel quite a bit of partially digested grass on the carpet. For once, look where gentility and manner have gotten me. I have now learned that part of good ettiquette is not compromising one's standards.



October 8th 2007 8:09 pm
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Ah, this week-end, the Lord and Lady of the house went on holiday. They finally took my advice, and went on a brief sabbatical to a tropical clime: Tallahassee, Florida. My, but they have been tired and stressed lately. I always say that when one is overworked, a bit of holiday is in order. How good of them to listen! Rather selfish of the other cats to be so clingy and rude when they returned. I did my best to show my best manners and demonstrate how well we got on for a couple of days without them. I purred, received some pets, and went about my usual business. And, indeed, they rewarded this good behaviour by purchasing my favorite type of gourmet wet food today. Yes, what a balancing week-end. Surely they have realised how good my advice it, and perhaps they will choose to seek my counsel again in future. As it is, the hour grows late, and it is time for me to retire to the foot of their bed. I must say, it is nice to have their companionship back, nonetheless.


An Apology

September 30th 2007 2:07 pm
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I know it isn't exactly perfect-gentleman behavior to be jealous, but I simply could not help myself. Today I was relaxing at home, spending some quality time with the lord and lady of the house, when they chose to act in a most unseemly manner. First, Lord J. decided to use that dreadful vacuum cleaner like some sort of common barbarian. The ruffian Reese unplugged it, but my lord did persist in using it. The insult to injury, though, was that Reese was allowed to take a stroll in the back garden. Lord J. was perfectly rude in not considering myself and Miss Stank. The sun was shining, and there was a cool breeze ruffling the first fall leaves. Reese gadded about in the back yard, almost performing for us. I could not help but stare out the windows, looking at him. Fortunately, his stay was short, but the stroll had put him in a foul humor. He was positively brutish, taking swats at myself and Miss Stank, running around like some stray tom, and being a regular beast. I acted rather withdrawn, for I was miffed, but now I am terribly sorry I did so. What poor manners I have shown! I fear I must give some face rubs to make up for this.

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