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October 16th 2008 9:03 am
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The Evolution of Mimi...

Mimi, oh sweet Mimi. She’s our latest foster kitten that Grandpaw plucked off the streets. Just a little background on her—she was only about 6 weeks old when Grandpaw rescued her. She was so brave—as soon as he’d come over every night to feed the feral colony, she’d come running up from her hiding place to get first dibs. Sadly, she had a really bad eye infection that turned itchy, and she scratched her cornea with her nails. We took her to the vet, and the vet said her eye would just go bad, and didn’t have to be removed. We were all really sad about that, b/c she is probably the prettiest, most dainty little girl we’ve rescued thus far. Mimi is a beautiful, tiny little white kitten, with splashes of calico markings, and a clear white face. Her now bad eye, has turned milky white, but her normal eye is a light yellow color, almost green…She’s got the teensiest little paws, and an even teensier little meow. Such a cutie.

Day 1: Grandpaw moved her to Mom’s house, b/c she wasn’t getting enough socialization inside her crate. She was liking it there, but it doesn’t mimic a real home environment. Day I was last last Friday, September 28, 2008. She was hissing at anyone, flattened her ears, and wouldn’t let anyone come close. However, she’s allowed us to pick her up, and has NEVER even gestured to bite, scratch, or hurt the humans in any way.


Friday, October 10, 2008: Luna is brought over with Mimi, after their vet appointment. They are so far getting along, though we didn’t see any close contact between the two. Later that night, Mimi has her paw on Luna’ butt, snuggling away. Luna couldn’t care less.

Saturday, October 11, 2008. The roles have reversed. Mom finds them together in the old cloth organizer. Luna now has her paw on Mimi’s butt, and they’re snuggling together.

Sunday, October 12, 2008: Mimi for the first time decides to play without fear, bc Luna is there. They both engage in some play with the dangly toys. It’s the first time Mom ha seen Mimi come out of her shell. She seems happier with Luna, and keeps on following her around. She even understands the food is coming from Mom, and eats from Mom’s holding out the bowl for her with no problems.

Week 2: October 13, 2008. On Monday morning, Luna, the older 5 month old black and white kitten was staying with us. Mimi comes out of her area, and sideways, starts walking towards Mom still scared. She tries different alternate routes to become physically closer in location o Mom, but Mom has to go to work. Luna gets adopted later that night, so sadly Mimi is alone again.

Tuesday: Mom wakes up to feed and medicate Mimi. At night after work, Mimi responds well to Mom caressing her neck and giving her massages, and starts purring like crazy. She sits with mom on her lap for quite some time, but I starting to tear up in the eyes again. That morning, s he raised her butt b/c she like mom petting her.

Wed: Same thing as Tuesday, but Mom sees Mimi knead her paws, almost imperceptibly as she massages MIm’s little neck and head area. So far, it’s really cute. She also seems to know that Mom is the food source, and gladly and greedily accepts the Tasty Temptation treats she doles out one by one from her hand. She even play bites Mom and exposes her belly to Mom for the first time, though she is still really really scared. Also, she raised her butt again ever so gently, and enjoyed playing with Mom. She was still really scared, and won’t grab the ball, but at least chases it!


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