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Buddie and his Catster Love......

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August 14th 2007 2:36 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
I am still sick...mommie took us to the vet today and she gave Mac her
fluids....and her meds....and then she turned her attention to me...oh my,
that was not what I wanted to see....well, she is a 'looker' (as I use to say last
summer when I had to see so many foxy vets) so it is not that bad. hehehe
Anyhow, she thought, since I can't breathe, that she would put nose drops
into my little nose...I did not like that one little bit...I even managed a tiny
defensive meow....but, hopefully, it will help. Last night daddy (kisskiss) and I
didn't sleep a wink...he stayed downstairs with me on the couch and watched
me trying to breathe all night long....see, furfriends, that is why I love him
so much.....there is nothing more important to him than ME! hehehe
Mommie tried to put the nose drops into my nose this afternoon by herself...
well, I may be sick, but I sure can swish my head back and forth so fast that no
human can put those drops even near my nose!!! Tonight there will be TWO
of them so it might be a different story....but, if it will help me breathe tonight,
well, I MIGHT allow it...we will see! hehe
Until later,
I remain,
Your sneezing and weezing Buddie



August 11th 2007 8:48 am
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Hello Furfriends,
I am on the wonderful Bike Ride with all my friends now...BUT, had to get Brother Ricki to fly me back today for a vets appointment....I went to a new vet today....they told me I had a bad upper respiratory infection and I am
on meds regular vet had a rash of these infections in their clinic but I didn't
know all week my humans thought I had swallowed something and I was scheduled for a minor operation today...we were SO lucky that the new vet
saw I had the infection and said I didn't need the operation! Yea for Dr. Myers! So,
now maybe I will start eating again and get better!! We have to watch Sister
McKenna for any signs of this infection too but, so far, she is ok! Yea for little
sis!! hehe
I will have Brother Ricki fly me back to join our Pack of Biker Kitties just as
soon as I grab some lunch!! I will be 'fit as a fiddle' very soon. I would appreciate your prayers once again tho, my furfriends...see on you on the
Highway....I will be the one with the bugs in my whiskers!! hehehe
Your Pal Forever,



August 9th 2007 12:41 pm
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Hey Furfriends,
Just a short note to let you know that I have
been away from the computer for about a week...
Mommie (yes, HER) is having the house remodeled.
I really don't know what that means but, personally,
it means living in Ricki's old bachelor pad with that
prissy sister of mine, McKenna, and no computer time
due to the strong smell of paint!
I try to hold my breathe and run up to the computer
room to check Catster out as much as I can...please
forgive me for
being so behind on pmails, rosettes and stuff like that.
Hope to be back to normal before too long but, from the looks of
things, it won't be anytime soon.
Keep those paws crossed for me having to share space with
that sister of mine.....she watches me like a hawk when I head
for the litter box....seems I am not as particular as she is when
it comes to leaving purr-fect peaks of litter over our little
presents. ha!
Until later,
I remain,
Your manly Buddie



August 4th 2007 8:15 pm
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Hello Biker Friends,
We did it.... Gimmie and I and our Biker Friends have started out on our Bike
Ride...we had a BIG breakfast this morning to get the day off to a healthy start and then we VAROOMED off in a cloud of smoke....there were so many of us....we were in our Harley Jackets and Caps and we looked mean and lean....well, as lean as most of us could look! heheheh Our boots hardly touched the ground as we hit the road...we have been looking forward to this adventure for SO long and here it is..Biker Friends...we can pick you up as we go along..just join the group....there is room for all..we will sleep under the Stars...maybe look for Navins star up in the sky and all of our other Kitty Angel Friends who are up there watching out for us on this ride!! We are wearing our helmets too...that way (with face guards) no bugs will get in our mouths as we talk along the don't know the excitement of
bike riding until you open your mouth to say something important and have a big juicy bug fly in!! hehehehe
Well, my friends..I am writing this on one of our 'pit stops' is at a truckers stop
and I'd better keep my eye on the just never know what trouble
a biker kitty can get into when he is on the road!!
Will write tomorrow after our night spent out under the
it get any better???
Your Pal,
Biker Buddie
PS Thank you, my Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy. for allowing me this adventure....
you are a understanding loving furwife!!



July 29th 2007 1:19 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
Today I am mewing sad mews....daddy (kisskiss) left for something
called England after he and mommie came home from Church...I tried
to make HER go instead of daddy (kisskiss) but he said it was something
to do with 'work' and mommie had to stay here and take care of us! HER
take care of us?? We will miss one week of wonderful STROLLING just
because SHE can't lift the stroller out the door and down the few steps
to get us on the walkway!! The woman is WORTHLESS, my friends, WORTHLESS!
Why can't I make daddy (kisskiss) see that?? He seems to love her so I guess
I am stuck with her.....hehehheheehe
Sister McKenna and I are trying to find ways to make her life miserable
while daddy (kisskiss) is way is not to eat...boy, that will set
her off!! hehe We do that anyhow when daddy (kisskiss) is not where he
should be (which is AT HOME WITH US), but we have a whole week to
make her sweat! hehe
I think, my friends, this week will be more fun than I originally thought!!
Daddy (kisskiss) gone and mommie a fun filled
week this will be!! Yippee.....your Buddie is dancing with joy!!!!
Until later,



July 25th 2007 6:15 am
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Hello Furfriends,
Last night Gimmie 's grandpa thought up this great name for our long anticipated BIKE ride!!!! YIPEE!
We have set up a Group Page (gee, I am talking like I know something
about this computer stuff!! hehe) and I am inviting ALL the furkittyguys
who want to ride with us in a few weeks to drop me a pmail so I can invite
you to join the only need to WANT to VIRTUALLY ride....
you can be sick (like me) or feeling fine...three legs or blind (my oldest
and most fine friend, STEVIE, can't see but is one cool dude)
come on and join up for one of the most adventerous times you will
ever have!!!
VAROOM, my furfriends!!
Your Pal,



July 18th 2007 7:21 pm
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Hello FurFriends!!
Oh my...SUMMERTIME is wonderful since my humans have added this STROLLER thing to my life....I just hop in it, howl and howl, and they come running....then before I can catch my breath..out the door we go!! WOW!! Life is just too good!
One drawback tho...this past week, just after we came in from my MY stroll and I expected to be fawned over when we entered the house because I was such a good little
boy....well, I was helped out of the stroller, not a word said to me and Sister McKenna was placed in it...IN MY STROLLER!! My yellow hairs are everywhere to mark my yellow hairs are strong and me....well, she sniffed
the stroller....I expected her to cry and whimper like a baby (sound familiar? hehe)
and jump out..nope, she just sat down on MY YELLOW HAIRS and started cleaning herself....well, it LOOKED like she was cleaning herself..she actually was taking
her tortie hairs out and placing them OVER my yellow hairs!! She glanced over
at me and winked....then she turned and looked at MY humans with such a sweet
innocent wide eyed expression..they said: Oh look, little McKenna is cleaning herself so she will be all shiny for her ride.....isn't she a smart little girl??
My friends...yes, she is a smart little girl...much smarter than the humans
think she is...she is out riding around in MY stroller... with MY yellow hairs
being trampled by her mulitcolored ones....oh my goodness! I must go somewhere dark
and quiet and think this matter over.....she has a complete new personality due
Your confused furfriend,



July 5th 2007 6:35 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
Today was a full day for me....Sister McKenna and I had to play
'find the kitties' this morning with mommie...yes, it was VET day...and
did we make her work for it!! hehe Well, she moved the BIG couch out
from the wall and caught us....I didn't think she had it in her, but she did!
Early this morning, around THREE AM (my favorite time), I jumped in
the Stroller and howled my heart out...they did come down but, for some
strange reason, I think this has lost it's charm....but, after dinner tonight
I did get my stroll..yesterday we coudn't because of all the booming going
on around sounded like a war zone! I was scared. Sister McKenna was
scared. We hid till late into the night!!
Anyhow, tonight I strolled like a KING....They pushed me around, took
pictures of me, neighbors asked about my humans 'baby'..then were shocked
when there was NO baby...just my little furry yellow face looking at them!! hehe I love to shock humans so much....with no fur on their faces, they
can't hide too much. ehhheh
Well, must rest know, Three O'clock in the morning comes awfully
early, my furfriends...I MUST BE READY!!!
Your happy strolling pal,
Buddie, King of His World!!!



June 25th 2007 7:09 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
My humans took me out last week for my second stroller
ride....what an! I loved was NOT like
the FIRST ride where I 'cried liked a baby'...hehhehhe
Now, Sunday night (last night) I went for my third ride.....
it was awesome!! I coudn't wait for them to get down the steps
to take me out....hence my video clip..hehehhe In fact,
they were SOOOO SLOW that I jumped
into the stroller all by myself and waited for them with
my furry little mousie beside me (for support) we! The outside world is SOOOOO big, my
So last night, when everyone was asleep, around
12:30, I started screaming...boy, you should of seen
them come running down those steps!! Well, I was sitting
in the stroller because I wanted another ride....they
told me "NO, is the middle of the night....go
to sleep" they left me sitting in my stroller..I know
they didn't mean to do, at 3:30AM I screamed
some more....again, they came flying down the steps....
it is sort of fun to watch their frantic expressions and
their bleary eyes...heeehhe Anyway, they said "Buddie,
daddy (kisskiss) has to get up in a few hours for work..PLEASE
go to sleep NOW!!"....We are going back to
sleep too"....did I believe them?? Nope!!
I know they were just 'playing with me' I gave
them another hour or so and at 5:00, I gave it my last and
best shot....some big howling screams.....yep, they
came down the steps but this time they didn't run
down the steps....and they didn't look happy!!!
Uh oh, I think I over played my 'adorable' card!!!!!
hehehe They decided 'something had to be done'
and daddy (kisskiss) told mommie she had created
a 'monster'..I am sure he was not talking about me...
probably talking about her after seeing her at 3:30
in the morning....NOT a pretty sight!!
So, today, after they ate their dinner, I was quietly
sitting in the stroller WAITING...yes, my friends...they
put on their sneakers and out the door we went....the
three happy little strollers!!!
Can't wait till tonight.....late at night....very late....
Your strolling pal,



June 22nd 2007 6:57 pm
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Hello Friends,
Tonight my mommie called me to the computer too look at The Beautiful
Miss Hazel Lucy's diary....she strolled!!!! My Furwife STROLLED!! Her first stroll
and did she cry? Whimper?, mommie looked at daddy (kisskiss) who looked at me and said: TIME TO STROLL, MY FURSON!!!!
So, the red bubble with wheels came out of the foyer and in I went....And out
the door before I knew what hit me....down the street we strolled...daddy (kisskiss)
beside me talking the whole way.....Friends.....did I cry? Whimper? NOOOOO!!
I was BRAVE BUDDIE!! BIG MAN BUDDIE!! People stopped to inquire about
my mommie and daddy's baby......when they said "No baby but a kitty", I
laughed inside when I saw them go into shock!!! Yes, Buddie can still knock
them dead, my friends! hehehehehe
We were gone for about 50, daddy (kisskiss) and HER....I did
fine, my time I want to ditch HER and just stroll with my
daddy (kisskiss) dad and me knocking the humans dead with my
red bubble on wheels.....WOW! This strolling may work out after all!!!
Until next time, my friends,
A happier Buddie
AKA The Strolling Budman

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