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"May 2013"

Home:Pawrump, NV  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 8 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 9 lbs.

~ tasting sunshine ~ Feb 2013

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"~ tasting sunshine ~ Feb 2013"

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~ My Handsome Beau Grey & I ~ ~ sweet pic thanks to Grey

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"~ My Handsome Beau Grey & I ~ ~ sweet pic thanks to Grey's mom ~"

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Kind of late posting this....Meomy is short on our play time these days. Happy Fall!!

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"Kind of late posting this....Meomy is short on our play time these days. Happy Fall!!"

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~ soaking up some sun ~ March 2013

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"~ soaking up some sun ~ March 2013"

Co-piloting for Lee on my way to Las Vegas with him & mom. I

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"Co-piloting for Lee on my way to Las Vegas with him & mom. I'm going to vacation with the sweet 'M' Crew! 'Look out Las Vegas, Here comes Muppet!' Mol! ~2-22-2013~"

Keeping an eye on my neighbor

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"Keeping an eye on my neighbor's doggies."

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Puppet, Precious & now 'Muppet-ini '- thanks to my good furiend Sausage

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Quick Bio:
-deaf -cat rescue

May 31st 2006


attention, not letting mom out of her sight & being able to play outdoors ~supervised~

vet visits, people chuckling at her cute facial expressions, and the vacuum

Favorite Toy:
~ Her piece of sisal rope & pens,pencils & mousies. UPDATE: Mupp's piece of sisal rope was lost & now she's attached to her big brown mousie & a featherwand that has a mousie attached to it ~

Favorite Nap Spot:
anywhere she feels like it, usually the room I'm in

Favorite Food:
~ Beef and Halibut - - Tuna, but she is allergic to it ~

She speaks 'monkey language'. Oooh ooh, ahh ahh ! Too adorable! ~She also has the ability to miraculously overcome all of her life's obstacles~


Arrival Story:
I rescued Muppet from a huge cat sanctuary where the cats had been left to starve. Several hundred did not make it and many more were critical when we arrived to try and help the end of May 2007. Muppet and precious Beannie Baby were among the most critical too and the heartbreaking day when Beannie Baby died from kidney failure I scooped up Muppet and brought her home. I didn't want to let her out of my sight. She weighed only 4 pounds, she was emaciated and dehydrated. She could barely walk and she looked like a puppet on strings when she tried. It's been over 3 months now, and Muppet weighs in at 6 pounds. Still needs to gain a couple more pounds. Her kidneys are thankfully hanging in there, but she's still having some problems with her ears. For the first month after we brought her home, she slept by the food and water bowls. She didn't want her food and water to ever get 'lost' again. She's learned to trust again that the food and water will always be there, so now she likes to sleep on a bed or by a window. Her personality is starting to come out and she is such a sweet little character. We love her so much.

Later, in mid July, Best Friends thankfully took over the sanctuary thanks to my pleading phone calls, and they've already adopted out over 100 cats. About 550 cats still need to find homes. We have now officially adopted Muppet!! Yeah! I named her Cassidy in June when I first took her to the vet, but 'Muppet' seems to fit her better. On Catsters, Best Friends has posted some of the beautiful cats from the sanctuary for adoption. They accidentally put my Cassidy/Muppet's picture on another cat's story. They do have another Tortie that they named Cassidy also who is up for adoption. But that adorable little kitty that I'm holding in their photo is our precious baby. :) The photo I added where she's sitting on a chair I took the end of May 2007 out at the sanctuary. Muppet, as most of the cats, was emaciated and almost bald from malnutrition, mange and ringworm. There will be justice for the cats in this horrible animal cruelty and neglect case at this sanctuary. I will be one of the many to testify to make sure the persons responsible hopefully get what they deserve. .......................... UPDATE 12-02-07 - What can one say about Best Friends Animal Society? After they arrived, 748 cats were recovered and 684 of those survived thanks to BF's at this nightmare animal place. (They were awarded by the court another 114 animals,that they flew to Utah, when the former owner's home was raided by Animal Control.) In all, over 300 sadly did not survive due to neglect, and in the end starvation and dehydration, by the previous owners. But as of today, out of the 684 cats that BF's endlessly and diligently worked to save, only 200 or so remain that need to be adopted in to their forever new homes. That's close to 500 cats saved, at times to the tune of $50,000 a week in vet care expenses, and placed into fantastic new homes!! This horrible, so called sanctuary, known as F.L.O.C.K., For Love Of Cats & Kittens (Now rightfully renamed 'For Lack Of Care & Kindness') is now known as among the worst ever recorded hoarding, animal neglect and cruelty cases ever discovered in our Nation's history. We are STILL WAITING for the D.A. to press charges................ As for Little Muppet, she's doing better. Her right ear still bothers her a bit from time to time, but other than that her health has greatly improved. Her newest thing is that she's discovered how to play and that it's fun. She still will freeze and stare at her feet if another cat comes close to her. She has recently warmed up enough to trust one kitty, Armani, a huge breakthrough for her. (Thank you Armani for being so gentle and patient with her) She's such a doll and we love her so much. :) (Further updates are in her diary )********************************* ********************************** ********************************** ********************************** **** It's been so many years since I posted the above, I wanted to give an update to those who are new reading Mupp's story. It was determined in 2008 that Muppet had irreversible ear canal damage from untreated ear infections while out at flock and was suffering as a result from it. It was recommended by many vets that I 'set her free from her pain.' I ended up at a surgeon's office in Las Vegas, NV who promised me that he could 'fix' her problems, but for a range out of my pocketbook. Remember I had spent huge bucks just getting her to this point after smuggling her off of that icky property. Many on Catster heard her plea, and in early December 2008 Muppet had her lifesaving surgeries thanks to all of them!! I kindly, with HQ's thumbs up, asked for Bucks to be placed in Muppet's Bucket, and a miracle happened with the forming of 'Muppet's Bucket' and the wonderful 'Muppetheads!' Overwhelmed with kindness & gratitude, Muppet had her surgeries! All did not go as well as expected, but these surgeries did save her life. Today...over three years later, Muppet is finally pain-med free and doing well, all thanks to her beloved Muppetheads! Her kidneys are not so well, but every ounce of Mupp's being makes up for that! She is all love, curiosity, and definitely keeps me on my toes with her adventurous spirit! ********************************** ********************************** **As for flock.... I, as many, were called to testify in the court case. It was thrown out on a mere technicality, the hoarders walked free and immediately started a 'sanctuary for cats' all over again. ********************************** ********************************** **Many of the cats adopted after the rescue of them have not survived, mostly from kidney failure and other starvation/dehydration/disease issues. But those who have survived, have made all efforts worthwhile! :)******************************** ******************************* NOTE: In late 2005 I was literally shoved into a psychic's reading at a fundraiser for a friend of mine. The psychic was 'right on with everything she said about me' except I had to differ on one thing she stated.... she said *with overwhelming emotion* that "she saw me surrounded by literally hundreds, upon hundreds, upon hundreds of cats!!" I just laughed and said that she must be picking up on somebody else. Then in early 2007 the flock disaster hit... and this sadly became the truth!

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6 of 9

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Kindness Matters


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Muppet's New Beginnings

Missed the Sticky Note.... humph!!

January 15th 2014 2:06 pm
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Dear Diary,

Since meomy ran off and joined the zombies working the graveyard shifts, we have not been romping around Catsterland. So, meomy missed the sticky note that warned NOT to try and change our rooms because it would let the icky fleas in. Needless to say, my room is now vacant! *hangs head & sighs*

Just in case we were not the only ones who were unaware of the lurking flea infestation, we wanted to put up a big sticky note to warn others.

I'm a cat and therefore I have patience. Hopefully the techs will fix this soon, and I can once again have my pretty room.

I send lots of hugs and love to all of my friends. I do miss being around here so much.

Ooh ooh, Aah aah!
Lil' Muppet


Zombies !!

June 2nd 2013 3:10 pm
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Dear Diary,

I hope everyone knows how grateful I am for helping to make my 7th birthday a fantastic one! I purr ‘thank you, thank you’ to all who stopped by with their best wishes, paw mails, gifts and pretty pictures. ~big hugs~ Meomy is going to leave my birthday room up until she has time to redecorate it. Did anyone notice my bottom banner? Mol!

There has been a major change in our routine at home, and mom says that I have to learn to adjust to it. Humph! Meomy has been disappearing at night and not coming home until morning! She says that she now has a graveyard job, so she must be gone all night and then sleep during the day. All I have known is for meomy to sleep with ME at night, and then spend lots of time with ME during the day. And those icky zombies at the graveyard are obviously having some sort of influence on her! No kidding!! If she is awake at any time during the day, she’s so tired that she stumbles around looking just like them! ~giggles~

We haven’t been able to romp around Catsterland much at all. I hope all of our friends know how much we miss them, and continue to purr for those who've fallen ill.

Ooh ooh, Aah aah!
Lots of Love & Hugs,
Lil’ Muppet


A vacation.... without me?

February 18th 2013 8:25 am
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Dear Diary

There are some fleas running amuck in our Catster rooms! They are playing silly tricks like hiding newly hung pictures, scrambling the order of our photo albums, and not allowing lots of photos to be displayed. Humph! Meomy and I just got done marking ’yes’ on the display option on over 125 of my pictures because those mischievous fleas went through and marked ‘no‘ on them. (Muppet adds ’flea spray’ to the shopping list)

Things have been settling down around here. Sissy C and Baby T are back at their home in California, and the doc is pretty confident that he got all of the icky ’C-word’ removed this time from Sissy C. My furmates are content that our home is now baby free, but I have to admit that I kind of miss that little guy.

Unfortunately there’s a new taller guy that’s been hanging around! He keeps taking meomy away for hours at a time and when he visits he sits in MY spot on the sofa! I jump up and paw at his shoulder and meow, “Ooh, ooh! Hey mister, that’s MY spot!! Can you please move over?” But he doesn’t budge an inch, he just pets me and tells me how cute I am! Really?! Humph!

Now this new guy has talked meomy to going on something called a ‘vacation.’ Huh? *Jumps on the Cat-net & looks up the meaning* Mol! I had to giggle, you see my meomy can’t go anywhere overnight without me, let alone be gone for several days. I thought, ’she has to be dreaming!’

But then I spotted it! Ooh ooh! …luggage!! aah! The last time I saw that luggage out was when Doc Forbes & meomy drug me to UC Davis! All signs were seriously pointing to meomy is going on vacation….. and without this little Muppet!

Well, if that’s the case I decided that I better start preparing to fend for myself around here. The Big Bully Nakita is not going to get the better of me! I’ve been on a search for new, secret hiding spots! Yep! Meomy now keeps finding me in the most peculiar places and I make her promise to not show Nakita. Finally meomy explained something to me, she told me that I was going on a vacation too, but just not with her. Huh?

It turns out that I get to go stay with the lovely ‘M’ Crew in Las Vegas while meomy is away! Wow! That means that I get to meet the entire ‘M’ Crew including the two little dream boats in training, Mokka & Makana! How cool is that? And I’ll have the whole upstairs an entire suite all to myself! It is so kind of them to allow me to vacation with them. *purrs of gratitude* I better get busy and help meomy pack my bags now. Look out Las Vegas, here I come again and this time it is to have fun! *hee hee*

~Purring & Praying for the ill kitties and doggies & for those who have had their beloved furry ones journey to the Bridge.~

Ooh ooh, Aah aah!
Grateful Hugs & Love
Lil’ Muppet

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