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May 20th 2008 3:23 am
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Well it has started Mom's sleeepless night. the weather is warmer and Spot stays out all night. Mom worries the whole time he is gone.

Mom has got all her pots ready for plants a little tip for those who have container gardens. so you don't have to water every day go to the dollar store and buy diapers or femine napkins and take the fluff out and lay it a quarter way up in the pot and put soil in don't for get this stuff is absorbent and swells so leave room for that It sure beats watering every day and it is the same stuff you buy for ten times the cost and it dissappears over the winter cause I reuse the soil every year I just add compost and peritlite and vermiculite to keep the soil light and airy. This tip was given to us but a professer from the agriculture collage. Who came to our garden club to lecture on container gardening. Mom has learned alot since joining the club.
well thats it for now at least Spotty won't bug me now he is sleeping.


My weigh in at Kitty weight watchers

May 16th 2008 3:25 pm
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Well the Dr. told me I have to watch my weight so I got it right out there where I can see it. MOOOOLLLL!

Got weighed to day and I gained what I lost. How can that be Spotty is eating my food I only get 2/3 of a cup a day. Some one is sneaking food to me.
Margo sent me treats but I thought I run that off. How pfhhht!
I am puzzled and Mom is Puzzled and the vet is puzzled.
Mom is the only one aloud to feed me.
Any suggestions on how to lose this I have 7lbs to lose.


Go away Spot

May 15th 2008 3:09 am
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I don't know what is wrong with Christofur Spot but he just won't stop picking on me. He chases me all over the house and bites my bum. He jumps on me and flattens me to the floor and bites my neck like a vampire. Paddy picks up for me he smacks him. but the last two days he has been wild. and he won't go out side any more which leaves me stuck in the house with a wacko.
Mom says I have to go in and get weighed again to morrow. Daddy has the day off so he will come and get me. I just don't like the cage bit. I cry and howl and I am a hissy face when I get there.
But I purrrss and purrrss all the way home.
Well I had better hide you - know - who is coming.


I've been tagged my my sweetie Margo

May 13th 2008 4:50 am
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1. misaugeing Mom's back in the morning.

2. Making Sure Dad gets up in time for work.

3. Keeping Mom's eyes dry

4. making sure she know I loves her

4 Places I have lived or stayed:

1. At my birth Mothers house

2. At my Fur ever home

3. At the v.e.t.'s when I got fixed ( I was never broken)

4. At the babysitters

4 Places I ould rather Be.

1. in front of the food bowl

2. cuddled up to Mom

3. next to my gurlfurend Margo kiss, kiss

4. in front of the food bowl

4 Friends I have tagged

1. Spark man the Spud man

2. Gibbs

3. Cash

4. Karma


Mothers Day Blues

May 12th 2008 4:19 am
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Hello my caster friends.

Mom has the blues to day . It is the second Mothers Day without her Mom.
Mom has leaky eyes. Her Mom , my Nanny died May 6th 2006.

To complicate matters My Grandpa is moving in with his new lady friend, and it seems like he is getting rid of Nannys memory. He is selling all the furniture they picked out together and Mom has inherited all the china and silver , anniversary stuff like for your25th 30th wedding anniversay even pictures of the family. Mom is wondering if she is next to be gotten rid of afterall she is her Mothers Daughter. Oh yes Mom has Nanny too she is in an urn in the china cabinet. When Grampa crosses the bridge he goes in it to and Mom is the excitrix to the will . what ever that means. Grampa will have a militrey funeral. MOm is confused and lonely at this time. so she has been leakiing alot.

I have been trying to help I messaged her back this morning and washed her face. gave her head bonks and she gave me hugs and kisses, Mom gets too mushy some times. She hugs too hard sumetimes too.

Well My Brofur Christopher is in now I must go and play.
talk to you all later
Kiss, kiss


back on Line

May 9th 2008 4:40 pm
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our puter was not working right so Mom took it in to get fixed. so we are now better and have more memory so we are not so slow either,
Sounds like the Hockey game is on. I hear the anthems being sung. Good may be this is the night I catch the puck. Almost time for them to drop it. It's mine all mine.


Smoke alarm

May 5th 2008 8:13 am
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WEll MOm took the smoke alarm back to the store where she got it and told them it didnot work when she had the fire and Get this they won't take it back or replace it. Well MOm is livid and even though she works at WAL_MART she will not spend another dime there. If all they care about is your wallet not if you live or die with faulty merchandise. About the only thing Mom buys there is cleaning supplies any way so there are other stores with the same products in it and for cheaper. Mom gave her dis count card back too.
Well when mom gets a hate on for someone or thing she sticks to her guns and that's it. Wal-mart will not see Mom other than the days she has to work. Take head my friends beware of the gready stores that don't give a darn about you just your money. shop else where there are other stores. you compare prices you will find lower prices else where. Thier advertising practices only make you think they have the lowest prices it is a ploy to get you in the door.
Take this smoke detector and shove it!


puter on the fritz

May 5th 2008 5:03 am
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Mom is taking puter in to get fixed it has the hiccups I suppose it is from the fire. so after tomorrow morning we are offline til we get it back.



May 2nd 2008 3:22 pm
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well I lost weight I was 8.5 kgs now I am 7.5 the vet says I lost weight but too fast so I have to go back in 2 weeks to make sure I am not lossing too much too fast. Wish they would make up their stupid minds.

I was quiet on the way there but I sang pretty good on the way home. Don't like that big green monster.
Yuk! pfth!.hissssss!
well we will see what goes on now.


Ohhh OOOhhh!

May 1st 2008 4:23 pm
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Mom bought in that big green thing from the garage . I don't like that green thing. She stuffs me in to and takes me in the car. Only one place I know that we go with that and that's the V.E.T..
Mom says I have to get weighed to morrow. I am in the weight watchers for cats. Don't much like this diet stuff. I likes my food.
well I'll let you know if I lost an ounce or two.

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