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Thank you's

October 21st 2009 1:59 am
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Thank you to all my furends that sent burfday gifts to me.
Hazel Lucy with the candy hat.
the 2 from anon a moose
Sarafina the party hat
Pebbles and Rocky , and Tilly the cupcakes
Andre, N'bikay and Gnomey for the crown.

Mommy cooked breaded fishes and gave me some. not alot cause of my chrystals.


October 19th 2009 3:00 am
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I am 4 today. Mom never thought I would make it this far because of the chrystals She figured I would have to cross the bridge then she found this food that desolves them and I am still here. With her my brofurs and best of all My Sweet wifey Margo. kiss, kiss.
And All of my caster furends.



October 13th 2009 11:10 am
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Hehee Every one thinks they missed my burfday and are wishing me good tidings . Thank you all by the way. Margo's Mom ( Margo's secretary ) can only go on the computer for so long cause of her eyes are sick.
So she wished me a Happy Burfday at the first of the month but really my burfday is on the 19th. So no you didn't miss a thing Will have a little get together with my pals probably on the weekend before. Will see how Mom feels about having a house ful of cats for Charlie to chase.


Thank yous

October 8th 2009 1:20 pm
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I Want to Thank the kitties that sent me gifts for my burfday.

To my wonderful sweet wifey Margo for the beutiful cake it was yummy.
for the party hat Elsie.
for the acorn Hazel Lucy (She must think I am a little nutty) Hummm!
for the football the furmily of Mercy, Oly, Noah, Petrie, Oliver, Shamus, Rico and Petals.
for the cupcakes Oliver and Dewy and Alfie Sir-Kneads - alot.


Oh My!

September 15th 2009 2:23 pm
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I am so embarassed!!!!!!!!

I went to the litter last night in the dark and sumfin grabed my butt.
I run through the house like my tail was on fire. All hairs were standing up and my tail was puffed. Spift spift Hiss hissss.
Mom grabbed me and took alook and found out it was a hair ball, kling-on. The Kling-ons got me by the butt. Mom eyes were leaking cause they had me. She saved me she didn't even have to use her taser. She's good my hero Mom.


Thank you

August 28th 2009 2:51 am
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Thank you all for the gifts and concats
thank youfor the rosettes
from Jasmine and her furmily
thank your for the heart
Mathis der meowler
thank you for the beach balls
Edwina and Furmily
Thank you for the ice cream it was delish
Ollie Popkin
and thank you for all the kind words from
Hazel Lucy
Calvin and

I has the bestis furends on the world

Must go now and tell Mommy and Dad a Happy Anniversary
they have been married 28 years. Wow thats like furever.
Margo and I haven even had one yet.


DDP of the day

August 26th 2009 2:28 am
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I am DDP today Thank you HQ for the honor.
You have made my furmaliy proud.


Got mews from Margo

August 22nd 2009 4:55 am
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Margo's Mom eyes still arn't working well and has to have some one read and use the puttter for her. Diabetis does bad things to the body.
She has to wait til the swelling goes down inside her eyes to see if it worked any at all . She will see the specialist in November to see what can be done more, even new lens.
She is going in for minor surgerys then we hope and pray no more Dr.s
Mom Says she probably feels like a guinnie pig by now being poke and proded.

We will wait and be patient and pray that it all turns out for the good.


company comeing???

August 21st 2009 3:13 pm
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Mom and the nieghbor lady have been talking about this guy Bill that is coming. Apparently he will be at every ones house on Sunday night and staying til monday morning. He sure has a funny name Hurricane Bill??? Sounds like a cowboy. A shoot-um up kind of guy.


Mom Fell

August 18th 2009 3:59 am
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Mommy was cleaning a lady's house. She was in the tub and was getting out (one of those big soaker tubs) she had one foot up to get out and down she went and hit the taps with her hip bone. She said she laid there for a while and couldn't move , then she slow ly made her way out. She is doing ok but is black and blue, no she is just black in that spot. any one know what she could put on her feet or in the tub so she won't slip while cleaning tubs cause Mom's short and can't reach she has to get in them. tried mr clean reach thing doesn't work on all tubs. We have well water in most places here and it is different water in each house. Well I had better go cuddle with Mom and make her feel better. I loves my Mom Puuurrrr

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