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Life Of A 'Couture Roof Baby'

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~ just an update on me~

December 14th 2011 11:38 pm
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Dear Diary,

I hope all of my Catster friends know that I wish them a Blessed and Happy Holiday Season!

It took a minute, but I’ve adjusted quite well into my new home and my new family is just wonderful! Everyone involved in my rescue four years ago and everyone involved in my care since then are just thrilled that I have finally found my forever and loving home! *purrs*

My latest update from my family is that I am doing well. I recently went in for my 6 month check-up and all looks good…. well, except that I have once again gained some weight. *blushes* Last time it wasn’t my fault, this time it appears that I am being a bit ‘piggy’ with the yummy food that I have access to! Mol! My mom states that I have become the ‘keeper of the food’ and my most favorite place to hang out is in the center of it all. What can I say, my foster mom only fed holistic food….. now I have yummy good food! *purrs loudly*

My new brofur Tiger, the one who resembled my real brofur Gucci, passed away a few weeks ago. *sad purrs* It was discovered that he had mouth cancer and he is now running pain-free and at peace at the Bridge. My mom and dad miss him so much, I try my best to comfort them! *gentle hugs*

I now hang out with my tortie sisfur, Tikvah, and my other furmate, Punkin. Life is good and I am grateful for my new family!

Merry Christmas and many Blessings for the New Year!

Purrs, Love & Headbonks,


~ dreams do come true ~

July 8th 2011 12:31 am
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Dear Diary,

Wow, where do I begin? Suddenly I am no longer known as Armani~adoptable~….. But as Armani~ADOPTED~ Not too sure about this, as I have been with my foster mom for the first four years of my life and my world as I knew has just been rocked.

A knock late one night on foster mom’s door led to us meeting. I had been transported quite a ways to the town she lives in to be placed in a temporary foster home only to discover that there had been a mix-up and there was no actual foster home for my siblings and I. Later that night, my new foster mom’s agreement to, “Oh sure, they can stay here for one night until this is worked out”, led to her becoming known as a ‘long-term’ foster home as each of us had many obstacles to overcome before we could find our forever homes. My fur-sis, Prada, and my bestest buddy and bro-fur, Gucci, eventually found their forever homes, I however did not.

Listed as ‘special’ and ‘needy’ and ‘no small children’ kept me low on Petfinder’s radar list of potential adopters. Time went by, years went by with still nobody suitable interested in me. Then suddenly a nice family accidentally came across my Petfinder page/bio, they read all about me and decided that they could offer me a loving and forever home! Mom awoke to an e-mail message and phone message left by my now new family on June 28th. Excitement at first, both foster mom and my new family experienced ‘cold feet’ and tried to back out.. but that wasn’t meant to be!

On July 2nd my Auntie K and foster mom took me on a road trip to go check out my potential new home and family and they adopted me that day!

My new mom, Elaine, reports that I’ve already met my new doc and, other than my Polycythemia condition, that I am a healthy boy. She’s been instructed to bring me in for a check up at least every 6 months, along with doing the weekly dehydration test. I have a new Norwegian Forest Cat brofur, that looks a lot like my real brofur Gucci, and a new tortie sisfur. I think they like me!! ~purrs~

Hugs & Love,
~not adoptable because I’ve found my forever home at last~


~ anonymous pop and snowballs... thanks!~

January 14th 2011 12:03 am
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Dear Diary,

It’s been along time since my last entry, but I want to assure everyone that I am doing well. I still have not found my forever home, but I am still hanging out at foster mom’s house waiting for the purrfect family to adopt me. Foster mom has temporarily removed me from Petfinder as she wants to rewrite my story on there. She still had my original ‘special needs’ story on there where I needed weekly sub-q fluids and my blood-letting procedure done every few months.

Since that icky black widow bit me I have greatly improved with my condition, known as Polycythemia. Today I no longer need sub-q fluids and my last vampire ’ blood-letting’ procedure was performed over one year ago!! *grins* I still can never have booster shots again, so I have to be listed as a special needs kitty, but not near as ‘special’ as when she first posted my original story.

On FB foster mom stated that I am not too happy with my current living conditions. I was completely attached to my brofur, Gucci-Goo, and since he was adopted out I cannot seem to find another fur here to cuddle with and be best buds with. Muppet and I were buds until she had her surgeries and she started feeling better, now she wants nothing to do with me. *pouts* Sampson goes out of his way to intimidate and pick on me, and even though she can’t see too well, Nakita does too. Chico is cool, although I know that he is a tolerant kitty and attempts to put up with every fur. Foster mom still hopes that I can find my purrfect forever home where I have another kitty, or doggie, to snuggle with and be best buds with. I feel pretty much alone most of the time and kind of stressed-out living here. I still love to play and have the loudest purr anyone has ever heard! I am also a beautiful and big Norwegian/domestic short hair mix, a gentle giant.

So thank you so much for the kind ‘anonymous rosette’ sending me pop and purrs! ~big hugs~ I really appreciate them, although I wish that I could thank you properly. And Muppet would love to know who smacked her with an anonymous snow ball!! Mol! We had a few other furs asking if it was us who were throwing the snowballs… Nope… not us! Just sitting back and waiting to find out who the culprit is so we can ‘pay’ them back!! *giggles*

Big Prayers for Ka-Zar and our Australian friends, and also for all of the ill kitties, doggies, and those hearts missing a furry loved one tonight.*gentle hugs*

Headbonks and Purrs,
*adoptable at last*


~crazy & sad times~

October 27th 2010 2:15 am
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Dear Diary,

It’s been a crazy past few weeks around here, especially with having company back to back. And now with the World’s Coolest kitty & doggie photo contest going on, foster mom’s been all busy voting on photos and sorting through all of our photos. But even with all of that going on, that wasn’t near as crazy as her forgetting about Gucci & I’s 4th birthday yesterday! *giggles* She had no clue until she checked her e-mail this evening and questioned why Gucci and I were receiving some attention. She just about fell over backwards when she realized that my friends had not forgotten our special day, but she had. MOL!

So, thank you dear friends for remembering us on our Birthday. *big hugs* It was four years ago that we were born up on top of that two story building in Las Vegas, NV and a very kind man rescued us from there in the middle of a lightning storm. *Bless his heart* Prada and Gucci eventually found their forever homes, and I’m still in search of mine. Good thing kitties are patient! *purrs*

I will trot around tomorrow and pass out our personal thanks to our friends. I will also be expecting some sort of surprise belated birthday treats from my foster mom. *winks*

Purring and praying for Sugar, Gleek, and all of the ill kitties and doggies. RIP Mystique…. I always respected feisty, but also at times sweet, you!

Purrs & Love,


Floating on Cloud Nine

May 31st 2010 10:45 pm
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Dear Diary,

Oh what a fun holiday weekend it has been. A free for all on scrumptious food and goodies in Catsterland, air conditioning for the hot part of the days here, and I met myself a girlfriend this evening! *grins & blushes* Yep, a cute Siamese gal with the prettiest eyes and an adorable pink collar with a bell on it.

Now this all came as quite a shock to foster mom. It all started when she was on the phone jabbering and giggling away and Sissy C and J walked out the front door to leave somewhere. Somehow the door didn’t shut all of the way and all of us, except for Krikit, decided to sneak out on an adventure. It wasn’t until foster mom hung up the phone that it sunk in that there wasn’t one of us furkids insight. Then she spotted the open door and went on a frantic mission to round us all back up.

After walking the entire property line, she managed to find Chico, Sampson and Nakita but Muppet and I were nowhere to be found. She put Sam and Nakita inside and told Chico to go find us. I can’t speak for Mupp, but I saw mom numerous times out front calling for us. I was over in the neighbors yard trying to impress my new gal, so I just ignored her. *giggles* But then she spotted us and ended up ruining my first date with a gal that I’ve ever had. How embarrassing! My gal scampered off one way and I said, “Wait, let me come with you!” But foster mom’s voice quickly turned to one of those serious ones. You know, like if you don’t do what she demands then you’re going to be in big trouble. Gee, I sure hope my new flame didn’t see me being carried like an infant & scolded all the way back home! *hangs head*

I hope my friends and HQ know how grateful I am for including me in on the weekend festivities and tasty food! *thankful purrs* We tried our best to send back yummy food to those who shared, but more food kept rolling in all day so we still have some catching up to do.

I believe it’s time for a nap! I have an extra full belly, a soft kitty bed calling my name, and lots of planning to do on when my next rendezvous with my pretty new gal will be.

Headbonks & Purrs,

PS - Muppet was found right after I was sitting with Chico on the back patio.

PSS - OMC, I just discovered a gift from Big Bad Baby Twinkle! Purrhaps I'll put off that nap and have me some cake! Thanks BBB Twinkle!! *hugs*


~ home from the 'vampire visit' with excellent news ~

December 16th 2009 6:55 pm
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Dear Diary,

I’m finally back home from my ‘vampire’ appointment and I have great news to share. The two other major concerns today, besides my blood-letting procedure, were my ears and my swollen lymph nodes underneath my armpits.

Starting with my ears, Doc T. cleaned them out and then used his scope to thoroughly check both of my ears. There is no redness, irritation or inflammation in either one! He said that after he cleaned my ears out, that they look ‘perfect’ to him! He wants foster mom to wait now and see if my skin cells continue to slough off again, rather than starting on the icky long-term meds! Hurray! That was wonderful news to both mom and I!

My swollen lymph nodes turned out to be caused from my icky Polycythemia! The tests showed no tumors or any indication of infection and after the vampires sucked my over abundance of red blood cells out, my lymph nodes were back down to a reasonable size!! My blood was too thickened to filter through the lymph nodes like normal so the blood had kind of ‘pooled up’ in those spots. The chest x-rays showed that I have good things going on, and anything that did show up was age-related! What a relief!! :)

So, I am home, foster mom is in an unbelievably great mood compared to before when she drove me to the doc today, and I owe a lot of thanks to the Catsters who were praying for me! Thank you so much!! *grateful hugs*

Doc T. said that between Muppet, my Auntie P’s cats and myself, that Doc Forbes could write a book and become very rich! Mol! In all of his years of practice, he’s never actually been able to meet a kitty with Polycythemia, until me! I guess it’s very rare and very little is known about it. But then here I come, get icky Polycythemia from booster shots and then much later…… get bit by a black widow spider, narrowly escape death, and am almost cured from the Polycythemia for quite awhile! And to this day, since the spider bite, I am pretty much staying hydrated on my own…… no icky Hydration Monsters sneaking in my home anymore!! :)

Doc T. wishes that there was more technology on black widow venom and it’s antidotes for certain conditions, because he said that I most certainly prove that this can be the cure for Polycythemia! Black widow venom causes anemia, the opposite of what Polycythemia does, so it made sense to him why I got better after I was bitten. The two kind of balanced my blood cell ratio out!

It’s been a long day and foster mom wants to keep an eye on me through the night, so I better sign off now.

Gentle Headbonks & Purrs,
*very, very close to becoming once again ‘adoptable as a special needs boy'! Looking forward to becoming the King of my own castle one day!* :)


~ off to see the vampires ~

December 16th 2009 1:22 am
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Dear Diary,

Foster mom told me tomorrow is my big day. I have rapidly digressed with my condition so she will once again hand me over to the ‘vampires’ asap so they can rid me of my excessive red blood cells. *sighs* Thank goodness that I am knocked out for their procedure and really don’t remember too much!

My ear goop came back as ’strange’. It’s not bacterial, viral or anything like that, it’s just a bunch of my dead skin cells? I’m now also known as the kitty who’s ears are, for some unknown reason, ’sloughing skin cells!’ OK, whatever! There are only two known meds that can help me with this issue and one is a long term ‘OK’ med and the other is more dangerous. So I will be starting the ‘OK med’ tomorrow for 6 weeks and then we will go from there. Paws crossed that after taking 6 weeks of these icky meds that we will start to see an improvement! Thank goodness this is only a once a day med!!

While I’m under anesthesia, they will also run tests to see why my lymph nodes are not behaving themselves. My doc now also has requested that they do an oto-scope (sp?) on my ears to check and see if anything else seems odd with them. She didn’t see any inflammation with her examination, so that’s a good thing!

I appreciate everyfur’s purrs for me. *grateful hugs* I seem to do alright with anesthesia, but the procedure alone has it’s after effects that are not fun to go through. And having a scope stuck way down in my painful ears I’m sure will not feel too good once I wake up either! *foster mom always stresses about this stuff* Foster mom’s trying to keep nothing but positive thoughts about my other tests.

But hey, as Nuk has dubbed me….. I am the ‘purrinizer kitty’ …. I just keep purrin’ & purrin’! *thanks, Nuk*

Prayers for all of our ill friends & for the families of those that have had to say their sad farewells.

Gentle Headbonks & Purrs,
Armani ~ the one determined someday to be deemed ‘adoptable’


~ jus' an update on me ~

December 10th 2009 8:19 pm
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Dear Diary,

The vampires are closing in on me once again! I can feel it and foster mom says that she can see it in my eyes. I also felt hot to her last night, so today I had to be a brave boy and take a trip in to see Doc Forbes so she could see what my red blood cells were up to.

As suspected, their numbers are too high and I am running a fever, so I must be handed over within a week or so to the vampires so they can suck the extra red blood cells out of me! *cringes at the thought of going through this once again*

I’ve been battling an unknown issue with my ears for one year now. I’ve tried every antibiotic and ear drops numerous times, yet I still have this odd discharge in my ears which causes discomfort. I am not able to tolerate anyone petting me on my head very much. (Although, unlike my furmates, I loved my Santa photo shoot with foster mom and purred the entire time!) So today my Doc has decided to send a sample of my ear goop off to determine just what it is and how to go about treating it. Paws crossed that this will finally solve the mystery of my ears.

While having my exam today, Doc Forbes discovered that the lymph nodes under both my front armpits are enlarged. This is very concerning to her and it doesn’t make any sense that this would have anything to do with my Polycythemia or my ear issues. So when I take my trip into see the vampires, and while they have me under anesthesia, they are also going to take x-rays and run tests so hopefully they’ll see what is going on with that! Foster mom’s praying her special prayers for me, she’s trying to keep positive that it’s not anything too serious. I’ve been a very tolerant boy having to live with icky Polycythemia and icky ear issues. I’m purring that I don’t have to add anything else icky to my list of health issues.

So, I’m finally back home after 4 hours, and I’m going to go see what my furmates have been up to. I’ll update you soon, Diary. Despite everything, I’m going to have a wonderful Christmas and I wish all of my friends the same!

Happy Holidays!!

Headbonks & Purrs,
Armani ~ not adoptable today either~


Lost in Hello Kittyland!!

July 24th 2009 4:56 pm
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Dear Diary,

Mom caught this on the surveillance camera this morning……

**NINGA MEATBALL stealthily creeps down from the rafters and blasts Armani with whipped cream using her OOZINATOR BLASTER covering Armani in whipped cream, obviously temporarily impairing his vision, since his face was covered with whipped cream**

**giggles hysterically, the Ninja throws Armani in her Hello Kitty baby carriage, and wheels him out the door to safety where NO HOOMAN can adopt him!!!**

Just wait until I find my way home, Meatball!!! Naturally, that might go quicker for me if I stopped and asked for directions..... but I'm a mancat! *giggles*

Lost in Hello Kittyland,
*not adoptable today either, unless you like pink cats.... hee, hee*


~ goodbyes with good news ~

May 17th 2009 7:33 pm
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Dear Diary,

I can’t say that it’s been an entirely fantastic time since Gucci and Hulk were dropped off for mom to kitty-sit. For the first week Gucci acted like he did not remember me. He growled and hissed up a storm at me and threatened to kick my furry behind if I didn’t back off. That really hurt my feelings! I kept trying to jog his memory with telling him stories of our fun times we had as kittens, but he wouldn’t hear of it. Finally he was so tired of me persistently bugging him that he held true to his promise and tried to beat me up! That was it! I was done with him and I told him that I wished we were never brothers! *pouts* But then a few days after that incident, Gucci kept coming up to me asking me to tell him some more stories from our kitten days. Nope! He had his chance and blew it. I wanted nothing to do with him and now I was the one hissing at him to stay away from me.

But this last week Gucci and I have made our peace and we have gotten along pretty well. We’ve played and chased each other around the house and even have taken a few naps together. We knew his time here was coming to an end, but we both seemed o.k. with that. He missed his pawrents a lot and couldn’t wait for them to return to pick him and Hulk up. And I knew that this time our goodbyes would not break my heart like the last time.

Just as I was counting down the last days of mom kitty-sitting Gucci-Goo and Hulk and thinking that we would never see each other again, Gucci’s mom called. She had wonderful news that Gucci’s dad had been offered a job back in Las Vegas and so they didn’t have to move to Kansas after all. Their dad was on his way back from Kansas as she was speaking to mom! Hurray! That was the best news ever for their entire family! Everyone was so worried about Gucci and Hulk having to make that super long trip and their pawrents didn‘t know a soul there. But now, this Tuesday morning, Gucci and Hulk will be headed back to Las Vegas to live with their pawrents where there’s a new house and also their same ol’ family and friends waiting for them all. We are just so thrilled for their family!!

That’s about it for today. I'm still feeling much better except mom fears the hydration monsters are going to have to return for awhile just to make sure I keep recovering well. No big deal, I'll just be sure to hide in my secret spot that mom still has been unable to locate!! *giggles*

Headbonks and Purrs,
*thankful for the purrs*

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