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Abby's Musings

Mummy forgooted my birfday!!

April 20th 2011 12:25 pm
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4 years ago today my kitty mama Donkey birthed me . Now I am 4 years old!!! Today my mummy forgitted my birfday until she saw that my nice pals Jobel, Jasper and Jillian sent me a giftie.

I sure hope mummy and daddy give me some treats now that they know its my special day

Hey now I am the same age as Loki and Maggie , well for at least one month :-) MOL


Conversation with mama

January 23rd 2009 6:04 pm
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Here is a conversation I had with my Mama recently

Mama: " Abby you are such a cute little midget cat"

Me : "Excuse me!! I am not a midget!! I am a normal size cat!"

Mama: " But Abby , you are so tiny next to Loki and Maggie. You look like a kitten"

Me : " They are the giants, really I am perfectly normal, average, typical"

Mama: " Ok Abby , you win, you are normal and they are giants. But you are especially cute!"

Me : "ok , I will give you that one, I am cute . Now give me that treat"



Mirror Mirror

November 15th 2008 5:12 pm
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Wow- I can’t believe it. I am a finalist in the Coolest Cat contest in the Captivated Cat category. There were so many entries, so many wonderful pictures- its just amazing to me, simple little Abby, to be a finalist!!! I feel honored!!
I still recall the day Mama took the picture. She was actually taking some pictures of my brofur Loki. He just loves to have his picture taken- a real camera hog. Anyway I was playing near the armoire and I saw myself in it. At first I didn’t recognize myself as I have become a big girl. So I reached up to see who it was, and Mama, camera in hand caught me staring at myself! I don’t normally stare at myself of course. Anyway, Mama seemed very pleased to have caught me looking at myself. I like to please Mama so that was good.

On another note, I received a giant handmade catnip mouse this week from a lady Daddy works with. It’s huge and smells so good!!!!!!! I adore it. I had to slap Loki on the head to keep it from him. Mama and Daddy say there is something very funny about he slapping Loki, because he’s so much bigger than me. Not just heavier, but much, much longer and taller. SHHH- don’t tell but he knows that we girl cats are in charge. We boss him around, he’s a real big pushover. Literally!

The leaves are mostly gone from the trees here in Maine now, and its getting colder. But no snow here yet. There are many tiny birds in the trees though. All of us kitties love to watch them, ‘specially the chickadees. The Blue Jays and Cardinals are still here too. It would be fun to chase them, but you know- I am very happy to be indoor kitty. Racing from window to window to watch the birds is fine with me.

Oh and I almost forgot! When I went to the vet a couple of weeks ago I was able to open my carrier while on the way back home!! I am pretty smart – huh? Our carriers are soft and they have zippers. I was able to unzip it with my pointy claw fingers and crawled out and walked about in the back seat! Maggie, Kiwi and Loki were very jealous that I did that. I was literally walking on top of them . MOL! I got to look out of the window and everything – way cool! And I was a good girl and went back into the carrier when we got home so I could go back into the house . It was a fun way to end a vet visit outing.

Less than 2 weeks to Thanksgiving!


7 Things Tag

October 2nd 2008 9:01 pm
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Hi, I was tagged by my pretty furriend Maggie, who kinds looks like me and my sisfur Maggie , to play the 7 game. I find 7 things to tell you about me , then find 7 friends to tag.

So, here are 7 things about me

1. Just like my furriend Maggie, I am still daddy's Precious Little Girl and his favorite!!
2. I seem to have grown recently, even though I am 17 months old, but I am still not very big . Mama says I have a cobby body whatever that is. I think I have a pretty body!
3. I squeak instead of meow.
4. I love to lay on the bed, if Daddy or Mama go toward the bedroom I rush in and hop on the bed in hopes they will cuddle me. Hence the nickname bedbug.
5. Sometimes I try to wrestle Loki, even though he is 3x my size. He's a push over!( giggles)
6. I love the pointer light toy and I will scurry in if I even hear someone pick it up and I spin in circles to chase it
7. Apparently my middle name is Josephine. I don't know why... but Daddy calls me Abigail Josephine!!


I've been Tagged!!

February 6th 2008 8:50 pm
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I guess I better start my diary 'cause I've been tagged!!!!!!! By my sisfur Kiwi's BF Zack's little brofur Griffin. So now I have to come up with some facts about myself

Here's how you play the game...
Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 cats to tag and list their names. Well it looks like most of not all my pals have been tagged at least once, so I won't bug them again, but I will give out my 7 facts :-)
My Seven Facts.

1. I am very much a Daddy's Girl. I love both my pawrents, but Daddy and I have an extra special bond!!

2. The phrase Copy Cat was invented with me in mind. I love to copy my sisfur Maggie, which is good because she is well behaved. I like to do things just like her- like stand up and beg using my right paw .... I also copy Loki, but that ends up with me getting reprimaned. He taught me to jump onto the counter!

3. I eat odd foods for a cat. I love romaine lettuce- I even stole some from the bunny's cage. I also love to eat bread, peas and green beans

4. My mother cat's name is Donkey.

5. I sleep every night in the bed at Mama's feet, much like Muffin did. This makes Mama happy

6. I get kinda shy and stay upstairs when people come to visit

7. When my pawrents came to pick me up from my birth home there was a swarm of dragonflies buzzing above us!!!

So that is a little bit about me :-)

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