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please pray for my friends

August 5th 2009 3:20 pm
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just trying to get the word out to pray some more for my friends. please keep purring for Hooch. Tallulah 947825. her chemo will start tomorrow. i lit a candle for you, sweet girl and for your family. it will be so hard for her mom, who is very worried about Tallulah.PURR, PURR, PURR, PURR! PURRING FOR MY FRIENDS! May St. Francis and the Guardian Angels watch over you.


Useless information

August 4th 2009 7:05 am
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so the weather man said:
37+ days of 100 degree weather
forecast 100+ for the next 7 days

boy that is a lot of hot days! i think i will stay inside. i don't want to be like Punkin Pooh's family and have to take a real bath! gotta play it safe, cause i hate the bath!


My Life Story Part 1

July 29th 2009 8:34 pm
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my name is Dusty Miller.
I was born in Houston, TX
I lived in a barn with, well i don't remember. my dad wanted me so much...that my mom had to pay $20. for was my orange color that was so irr..well i don't know how to spell that big word. no it is not irritating! oh my mom says it is spelled i*r*r*e*s*i*s*t*i*b*l*e. i hope that is right cause she don't spell so good! so i was a tiny lad, about 12 weeks old. that was such a long time ago! oh gosh once again it is nap time.Concats to my friend GUIDO the ITALIAN KITTY for being COTW all week long! P.S. HOOCH FEEL BETTER!



July 10th 2009 9:17 am
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wow what a great day! i got two gifts today! one from my friend Rusty. was really good to hear from him! you know, we could be twins! the other was from a girl kitty named Cassidy! what a pretty girl she is. she is Hooch's sister. she has not been feeling so good. hehe her mommy calls her Cassie:) what a sweet mommy Hooch, Patchez, and Baby G have! all those babies have been sick, we know their momma has been sooooo worried about each and everyone of them. i think i will be bowing my head and purring for all of them. me mom will be going away for a week. she is going to Mexico City. to a church. she will light another candle for all the sick kitties on Catster. oh no....................... who will i bug when she is away?


is there such a thing as an ugly kitten?

July 9th 2009 9:20 am
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today is the running with the bulls in Spain. well i didn't have to go to Spain to get run over by some bulls! i was just minding my own business, lying there on the floor, when all of the sudden bubbles started playing with my neck, then my tail! what's with every kitty playing with my tail! all of the sudden there comes that nasty little kitten and she starts playing with my tail too. eli comes over and starts in on me too! what's an alpha cat to do but stand up and demand that all of them leave me alone. hisssssss is what the king of the house says and you would think that they would all go away but no. they all start running one after the other and guess who go plowed into ? i got the one, two, three punch! kitten, bubbles and the other bull, eli. of course they didn't stop when the dark knight joined in. they run like crazy. turn around and knock everything off of the table. those kitties are crazy and they could never be let into a china store!



July 3rd 2009 8:08 pm
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so tomorrow is my birthday:( i would be happy but me mom can't find my favorite type of food. well it is the only flavor that has that gravy i like. yeah i know she puts my medicine in it but what the heck! FRISKIES, what is wrong with you! it's not like mom doesn't buy enough of this canned cat food! i don't really care for that specialty canned cat food. well neither do the rest of the kitties in the house! so i beg Friskies to bring back the 13 oz chicken cuts! i am on my knees! PLEAZZZZZZZZZEEEEE! it is my favorite! i will sing you a song, or do a tap dance, okay? if they don't sell it no more, i will be like my human brother and say "I CRY!"


hehehe only a couple more days!

July 2nd 2009 3:35 pm
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so like it is almost here! my birthday is just 1 day away, if you don't count today? yeah that is what mom said. she says she has a surprise for me and she won't tell me what it is. but i already have 3 lizards, so i hope it is not a lizard!

oh i forgot that i was tagged by my friend Alfie! he wanted to know what kind of ice cream flavor i would be. well there is a special dryers ice cream named drumstick! you know like those ice cream drumsticks! hard cover, with chocolate. i am sweet like chocolate:) uh it does have nuts in it too! my mom and dad always say i am nuts. whatever. like you guys are NOT nuts!


it's almost my birthday!

July 1st 2009 8:21 am
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so like today is Gabby's birthday. we got some treats this morning and boy, they are tasty! i loves that party mix! we got this gift yesterday and it came in the mail! from far far away. it is from Gabby's best friend. i think she likes me but won't tell me (wink, wink). ok so she doesn't like me, she tolerates me!'s almost my birthday too! only 1,2,3 days! you can come to my party. everyone is welcome! there will be parties set up all over the US of A! there will be bbq and even fireworks! so remember, it's JULY 4TH. Dusty's B-Day, B there or B square:)


so mom took me outside again

June 29th 2009 8:11 am
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so me mom took me back outside yesterday morning. we sat outside for a little bit. mom was laying down besides me. she says "dusty miller,let's play a game. look at those clouds. what do you think it looks like?" i said "awwwww." mom said, "dusty miller not everything looks like a awwwww" so i said " raaaar" and she said, " well i guess it could be a raaaar." then i was watching these two birds that were fighting for this spot in the tree. then one of those loud planes went past us. it was in the sky, in those clouds. so mom says "dusty miller looks at that cloud! oh it looks like a..." but before she could say anything , i said "awwwww." she said, "ok that one looks like a "awwwww." then she took me back inside and this time i walked:)


to take a stroll or not to take a stroll

June 28th 2009 6:01 am
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so my mom brought me this harness. mom has tried this before, you know, taking me out for a walk. well i always manage to twist myself out of any harness:) well she got this harness that is a like a vest. she put it on me . i sat a while. i didn't seem to bother me. not to big and not too tight my mom said. so mom carries me outside, she put me down and i stand. i smell the fresh air and pretend that i am running down a beach by the ocean. oops gotta stay away from the water though, i don't like water to get on me. then i sat down and mom waited and waited. i moved to another spot. pretended i was up in that french tower, eating some tuna. got up and then i was in argentina with my girlfriend. driving down the coast. yes this is the life! until mom said "dusty miller you are suppose to be walking. " i laid down and wouldn't budge so mom pulled on the collar and tried to make me walk. no, i am not playing that game! so she took me inside. oh well maybe she will take me back out tomorrow and i can go on another trip.

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