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Life goes on!

January 27th 2013 3:08 pm
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Every day gets a little better. At first it seemed frightening to not have Nabi with us anymore. I was nervous and tried to find him. It seems easier to accept that he is in a better place, without pain or confusion. His gentle nature remains here in spirit.

The sun is bright and hummingbirds come to the window to look at us! I am getting lots of extra chin scritches and brushings. Doing double lap time kneading, too.



South Park episode 1603 "Faith Hilling"

March 28th 2012 10:46 pm
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My human has been concerned that I awake startled by a little sound, jumping straight up off the nice warm lap. Well, ya think? Just go ahead and put a piece of bread on my head! Nabi liked it - NOT. Oh yes he did, he likes everything. I slept through the show, so I didn't know what the heck the humans thought was so funny.

This place is a little silly tonight. Off to bed!



Ear wax?

November 9th 2011 11:39 am
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What's up with this ear wax thing? My human and the vet clean my ears with moistened q-tips. EEUUWW! Why do these things ramp up as we gracefully age? Come on. Who needs extra ear wax? Why does it go into overdrive now? My buddy Nabi is experiencing the same thing. We have been checked for mites & thank goodness that is not our issue. Still, it's a bother. Well, except I get a treat for being a good trooper. I love attention any way I can get it. Brush me, let me sit on your lap or chest. I'm a lover, that's for sure.

All the best,



It's all good!

July 5th 2010 12:32 pm
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I just had my annual check up at the vet. It wasn't bad at all! I thought I would be scared, but I was a star! My blood panel and everything checked out purrfect. I'm frisky and healthy.



Certified Fit!

November 10th 2009 4:08 pm
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My human has a personal trainer with whom I have developed a very pawsitive relationship. I show her how to stretch! Yes, as soon as she arrives, I like to make a little appearance. She even picked me up and pronounced me to be quite fit! She said I am in really "buff" shape. Heh, Heh. That's from scaling the tallest cat tree and chasing the other kitties around! Don't forget to s-t-r-e-t-c-h! It really helps.

Mary - fitness Diva


Birthday Girl

December 27th 2008 1:24 pm
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I had such a nice birthday! Lots of lap time and brushing. I love chasing my fellow furfamily & sleeping with my "brofur" Nabi. We have figured out the human's king size bed is just right for us. We even let a few others and sometimes the humans sleep with us!

Most of all, in my 7th year, I have become quite confident and have taken my rightful place as guardian of the tallest cat tree. That top perch is MINE. I can scale straight up the side, all the way to the top. I look like I am shimmying up a tree! No slowing down for this girl.

Every evening, I need some serious lap time. Humans must oblige by wearing blue jeans and sitting on the leather couch. These are my favorite conditions for serious kneading. My humans are well trained. If they are late, I will walk on the table while they are trying to have dinner!! Oh, did my tail get in your entree? Oops. Hurry up already!

Mary, Queen of Scots


Christmas Kitty

November 26th 2008 12:46 pm
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I was born on December 24th! That makes Christmas Eve extra special. So, be prepared to celebrate.
I have a new assertive purrsonality that continues to grow since my last dental. I keep surprising my humans and fellow furkids with my new activities. I am more adventurous in different parts of the house. I like to play chase and can climb straight to the top or our tallest cat tree.
One thing has not changed - I still love to make biscuits on my humans. Hee hee, even while the female human is trying to eat dinner! My favorite place is the inside of her right arm. Everyone else gets a laugh watching her try to eat left handed. (She's got a long way to go!)

Happy Thanksgiving to all,


Day at the Spa!

August 15th 2008 10:59 am
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I am off to get my summer treat - that's what my human calls it! A dental, pedicure and new haircut. Not so sure I'm going to like this. She keeps saying, "Oh it's just a little refresher - no big deal!" Hmmm. A year ago when I was rescued, I was skin & bones and had to be syringe fed while my mouth healed. Now, I'm called BUTTERBALL! I'm a good healthy weight and can eat on my own, thank you. As to that extra downey undercoat, it is a bit hard to keep combed-out. So, I will get a trim like Nabi's. Not too short, just a little off the back......Photo OP! Can't wait to show off my new look. My human will be surprised - I didn't get a trim last summer because I was so sick. Not anymore!



A little bit Persian?

April 14th 2008 8:47 pm
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Recently, my human has spent time with friends who have Persian kitties - lots of Persian kitties! (It's actually a wonderful cat rescue group.) The interesting thing is my human thinks I may have some Persian in my lineage that is apparent in my looks & also in my purrsonality! I can be sort of, well, bossy. Yep, it's true. I see one of my fur sisters getting attention and I just insert myself into the front of the event! Brush me, brush me, play with me - not anyone else.....or SWAT!

If something is going on with Nabi, like he's getting a pedicure or brushing that he's not happy with - I am right there in the middle of it! He does the same thing for me. We look out for each other & step up to pitch in if needed! Well, that's what we make it look like. Not sure I'd actually do more than pose to look like I'd jump in......but, it looks good.

I like to chirp when I am being brushed - which is another thing that makes my human think I must be a little bit Persian - I have such a thick coat & multiple daily brushings just make it more glorious. Plus, I shed like there is no tomorrow. How can I shed and still have such a thick coat - MAGIC!




February 9th 2008 5:49 pm
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My foster family told me today we are going to stay! Yes, this is going to be our furever home. We thought we were only passing through.........Our foster family saved me from being PTS - and fell in love! It was meant to be.

Now, I have humans who love my kneading magic & playful purrsonality.

This is a true Valentine!


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