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The Life of Ka - zar

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I love my human friends

August 22nd 2007 5:13 am
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Everyone went out this morning and left me all alone. It made me realise how much I love my human friends and appreciate what they do for me, especially since I've been sick in the last week. On that front I'm happy to report I'm alright and fighting fit now but when I was sick my Mum and Grandma really looked after me. They made sure I was getting my pills which were what made me feel better, they made appointments with the vet so I could get my shots and made sure I was eating which for a few days I didn't I know this got Mum really worried as I eat like a horse normally. Uncle Grant for giving me lots of cuddles and Grandpa for driving me to the vets.

I just want to let you know I love you all and thanks for looking after me


Ka - zar


I was really brave today

August 20th 2007 7:16 pm
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After my little misadventure yesterday when I went outside and almost got beaten up by the neighbor's cat Tina I thought I would be brave and venture outside again. There was sun outside but it was still really cold I don't get how that can happen. I came inside and Mum turned the heater on for me so I could warm up. Nothing eventful happened today as I stayed in the yard this time so Tina couldn't get me and I was safe. Well I might even go out again this afternoon hopefully it will be warmer.

Ka - zar


The sun is out

August 19th 2007 9:29 pm
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I'm one very happy kitty today as it was sunny enough for me to go outside for the first time since I can't remember when. I went outside and went out to the front yard, Mummy doesn't like me going out there as I can get on the road and get hit and she's lost three other cats as road kills.

It was really nice and warm and I was minding my own business and then our neighbor's cat Tina came out of no where and pounced on me. I couldn't get to the door quick enough and Mummy opened it to let me in and started to laugh. I'm glad she found it funny as I sure didn't I got no sympathy when I got in the house either Grandma and Uncle Grant were laughing too, they wouldn't find it funny if it happened to them.

Well I'm still alive and as the saying goes what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Ka - zar


I am one very happy boy

August 19th 2007 5:36 am
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I went from having a great day yesterday to an excellent day today. I feel like I have so much more energy and Mum was saying to uncle Grant if cats have mojo she thinks I've got my back and that's gota be good.

I ate another full breakfast with Grandma and then waited for Mum to get up and play with me, but by the time she got up it was time to go back to sleep so the play with Mum didn't happen today but I did get a cuddle instead which was just as nice. I sat with my head on her left knee which seems to be giving her a lot of trouble lately and she says my laying on it is good therapy for it so I will keep doing it.

I spent most of day in front of the tv asleep as there was nothing else to do. Mum watched the netball and yelled a lot at least it wasn't at me for once and then we watched the football (aussie rules) and after that finished I had tea.

Then I really got full of energy and started running laps around the lounge room which was fun until I realised Mum was trying to do some homework on her laptop and started giving me dirty looks all the time so I stopped so she could have some peace so she could some work done and now I will go back to sleep.

There is nothing else left to write

Ka - zar


I ha da great day today

August 18th 2007 12:35 am
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I've had a great day today as you cats who may have read my previous diary entries will know I've been unwell for the last few days. But I think things are starting to turn around.

My day started with having breakfast with Grandma as she is the only person in the house that gets up early enough to feed me in the morning. After that I went and had a snooze in front of the heater as it was really cold this morning.

When Mummy got up I had a play with her, she's my favorite person to play with and she gives me great tummy rubs. At about 12pm I had lunch with Mummy she was nice enough to share her roast chicken with me as she knows its my favorite food in the whole world. This is the most I've eaten in the last five days or so and it managed to stay down.

The only down side for me at the moment is I have to go back to the vet on Monday to make sure I'm alright and have my yearly shots. So all in all life is pretty good.

Meow meow purr

Ka -zar


I'm starting to feel better

August 15th 2007 11:07 pm
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I don't know what is in those pills Mummy has been giving me for the last few days but I'm starting to feel better. I have decided that being sick does have some perks (please excuse the pun). Mum fed me some hot fresh chicken of lunch which is my favorite food and that made my tummy feel full for the first time in three days. I'm also starting to play again only a little as I'm not full recovered yet but I'm heading in the right direction. Now mum has to try and figure out how to get me to eat other foods but I am a very fussy eater, but I would be happy to get some more chicken.

Well there is nothing else to write so I will go.

Ka - zar


Being sick sucks

August 15th 2007 12:39 am
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This won't be long entry as I'm not feeling very well. My mum hasn't been feeling very well either this week I went to the vet yesterday and he couldn't find anything wrong with me and I know mum is starting to get worried about me. I've been given s0ome pills and hopefully that will make me feel better in the next few days. The vet is concerned about me because of my age. So keep your paws crossed for me that everything turns out alright.

Another thing that makes me sad is that the sun has come out in the last few days and I've been too sick to enjoy it.

Ka - zar


My Mum

August 13th 2007 1:02 am
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Just a quick entry to let everyone know I've add some photos to my page. It gives you some idea of the real me. The person in the second photo holding me is my Mum who I love very much and if wasn't for her adopting me when I was eight weeks old I wouldn't be here now. My mum is so great she even gave me a cuddle at 4am this morning as I was feeling sooky and cold it got down to -1 last night she always knows what to do to make me feel better. Well I will write soon as you can see from photos I love computers too.

Ka - zar


Let me introduce myself

August 11th 2007 4:26 pm
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Hi my name is Ka - zar and I'm a gray and white Persian Tabby cross. I'm nine years old and live with four wonderful humans in Australia. it's winter at the moment in Australia so my favorite pass time is sleeping in front of the heater and waking up for the occasional play with my humans and a great feed.

In the spring and summer months I love the outdoors and getting out in the sun but at the moment we are not getting much of that so I have to make do with being inside and playing with my humans.

Ka - zar

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