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The Life of Ka - zar

A very late and very short chin wag for the week ending 3rd- August 2011

August 3rd 2011 5:48 am
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Sorry this chin wag is late. Mum's work have had her on speed dial again and she had her first day off for while today.

It is with a heavy heart that I tell that my mate CK got his wing today and flew to the raindow bridge to be with his sister Jazzi the sunshine angel. He was 22 and had a family that loved him dearly. Fly free mate until we meet again.

I want to thank all my mates that have been sending the sun our way we have had the most gorgeous winters days the last five days or so. We had a top of 18 today (and that is plus 18)and it's been in the high teens all week.

Looks like it going to go bad again tomorrow with forecasts of rain but we do need it at the moment as it starting to get a bit dry in garden. I went outside and had a good sniff around today everything smells so good. Got to wash the grass smell off me before mum got home.

Everything is going well with me. Sorry if anyone was worried about me as result of my chin wag being late. I'm as fit as a malee bull at the moment and everything is going well with the rest of the family.

I want to send my congrats to my mate Jasper for being a diary pick twice in the last week or so. The diary chick must have a thing for older kitties. What is the opposite of cougar? If anyone could please tell me I would love to know.

I hope this chin wag finds my mates and their families happy and healthy and I send my purrs to those doing it tough.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie mate

Ka - zar

Purred by: Laura W

August 3rd 2011 at 8:55 am

dood !!!

happy day two R down under pal; will be happee ta send mor heat yur way; we gots it....N we hope a spot ore two or rain makes for a nice growth in yur garden....

sorree ta lurn about yur friend CK; God's speed two him across rainbow bridge...

we sure dont noe either what de opposite oh a cougar bee; but we can tell ya we gots lions N tigers N panthers N pumas N leopards in R familee tree.....

hope yur day rocks, N health N happiness bak at cha buddy....peace out N rock on !
Purred by: Kaci Sunshine - Beloved Angel (Catster Member)

August 3rd 2011 at 9:28 am

I'm very sorry about your friend CK - may he rest in peace. He was dearly loved and had a long and happy life and I know he must be happy to see Jazzi again.

I'm so glad the sun answered our purrs and made it's way to your part of the world. We have more than our fair share of sun and heat, so when you need more, ask again and we'll purr more your way. It's very dry here too and we desperately need more rain. If you get too much rain, send some up north! :))

Purred by: Jasper, Angel Dreamboat #49a (Catster Member)

August 3rd 2011 at 11:11 am

Thanks, Ka-zar. My peeps were surprised, too, that I got picked twice, but what can I say? I'm irresistible. Either that or just lucky. Glad you're having some good weather. We could use a little rain ourselves.

Very sorry about CK. But what a wonderful long life he had.

Purred by: Chef Rooster (Catster Member)

August 3rd 2011 at 2:01 pm

Glad to hear your meows my friend. We just are heart broken over CK's making his journey.
You take care Ka-zar..we love you mate!
Chef Rooster
Purred by: Toby (Catster Member)

August 4th 2011 at 11:48 am

Good to know that everything is going well with you and your mum. We hope that you are giving her lots of snuggles as she must be tired with all that work.

We were sad to hear about CK. He'll be bounding like a kitten up at the Bridge but everyone here will miss him.

Best purrs



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