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The Life of Ka - zar

I've been tagged

February 23rd 2008 3:56 pm
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I've been tagged by my buddy Zeek.

Here are the rules

I've been tagged!!
Here's how it goes-
Name 7 special things about yourself, that should be easy.
Pick out 7 furiends to tag. List them in your diary with their
id #'s. Go tag them(by paw-mail) direct them to your diary
for rules and tell them to pass on the FUN. Tell them to
list the rules in their diary just in case they tag someone
who doesn't know how to play.

Here are 7 special things about me.

1. I'm an only fur kid
2. I love boxes to get inside and play in
3. I have moved four times with my family
4. I love being around people.
5. I am the runt of my litter
6. My favourite food is beef or roo mince
7. My favourite place to sleep is in Grandma's chair

My buddies I wish to tag are

1. Tabby (Tabitha) ID 398262
2. Boots ID 606406
3. Tommy ID 504893
4. Chumley ID 696334
5. Elisabeth Ann ID 696334
6. Mooch ID 442361
7. Rags ID 275439


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