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DDP Today!

July 6th 2012 8:03 am
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Whoo hoo! I'm a DDP! When you least expect it you're elected its your lucky day smile you're on Catster DDP (with a nod and head bonk to Candid Camera).

Thank you all who stopped by to pawmail and send rosettes. I would not know otherwise because meomie is very good about reading the diaries and pawmail but very forgetful about looking at all the DDP's.

Its an honor to be selected -- thank you and stay cool everyfur.


Help Save Big Cats

June 26th 2012 11:17 am
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Hello Catster Furriends-

If you are interested in the big cats (lions and tigers mostly) and have a few extra dollars lying around, check this out: ause-an-uproar/

For a $5 donation you can post your picture and help save the big cats that are disappearing from our planet. We will be posting our pictures soon because we love the big guys and hope them and humans can better learn to co-exist.



Confuser - Help Please!

June 20th 2012 8:01 am
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As WeeBees Siamese say, these machines really are confusers!
We are trying to stay in touch with the Tabbies via their blog. So meowmie made a google account for us so we could sign up to join the site. We wanted to say a howdy do but cannot figure out how to. Can anyone help please?


Response from the Watch Cat

June 12th 2012 8:50 am
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Here is the e-mail response I got from the Watch Cat and my reply.

Response from the Watchcat:

Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback on Catster Magazine. We're sorry the Helicopter Cat article upset you. I have passed along your comments to the Editorial Team for consideration.

As with any extensive publishing endeavor, there are bound to be articles which will not appeal to every taste. The Helicopter Cat is a story which got a lot of coverage by a variety of media outlets and does not contain any gory images or graphic descriptions on how the cat was killed. Over 100 Catster Magazine readers have opted to share the story via Facebook. That so many "liked" the story doesn't invalidate your opinion. You are certainly entitled to express your distaste for the artist's decision to create "memorial art" with his deceased cat, as many have done in the article's comment section and via e-mail to Customer Support.

Catster Magazine is publishing a wide variety of content, much more than we were able to do previously. It stands to reason that not every article will be to every individual's liking. And posting divergent editorial content is not always easy to do. For example, we get many requests each week to publish animal abuse stories at the urging of activists interested in pursuing the welfare of pets and when we do post such stories we often get e-mails telling us we shouldn't be publishing stories and/or pictures which are sad and disturbing.

If we post animal abuse stories, we make some members unhappy. If we don't post animal abuse stories, we make some members unhappy. Post a story about an artist's odd memorial to his cat, some members will think it is quirky and odd and share it with their friends. Some members will be offended. The one thing they have in common? They all had the option to either click on the story to read it or pass the article by and now both sides are posting comments and writing e-mails and sharing the story with friends. What is perhaps lost in this flurry of activity is that as a result of the publishing the article, a vigorous debate has ensued about what is and isn't appropriate for a pet memorial.

We don't read every newspaper story in every section of the paper. We don't watch every television program on a given network. We don't listen to every radio show on a given radio station. Catster is much larger today than it was even a few years ago, but even in the past members have been selective on what parts of the site they frequent and/or read. Here's a way to more easily find articles by writers you feel are contributing the type of content you find worthwhile.

Just click on the author's name for an article to bookmark their author page which has links to all of that contributor's articles underneath the their bio, with the most recent article being listed at the top. The same technique can be used for any contributing author. Here are some other examples:

[links to authors—deleted]

And here is mine:

(I don't have a Cat Column… yet.)

BTW, feel free to send suggestions to us at Catster Support for articles you do want to read. I will be sure to pass them along to the Editorial Team. Of course, we can't promise every suggestion will result in an article, but you never know what might end up being the genesis of a future column. My recent Watch Dog column on pet memorials was prompted by an e-mail flyer for a pet memorial service sponsored by a cat rescue group.

Thanks again for taking the time to give us feedback on Catster Magazine. We really do value your comments and appreciate you taking the time to write.


Here is my response to Watch Cat's e-mail:

Watch Cat-

Thank you for your reply.

What you neglected to address is one of the issues most disturbing to the Catster community: why is it that showing dead animals is banned in your guidelines, but not banned for the magazine? Whether you consider it abuse or not, the animal was surely dead and that is in violation of your own guidelines. We are very upset that you consider a double standard acceptable.

If your goal is to get rid of the membership you are succeeding.

100 Catster members "liked" this article? There are thousands of Catster members. Even if 100 members actually did like it that is a tiny fraction of the total membership. Clearly you are catering to marketing standards of what makes a successful media site without any regard to your own guidelines which include what the spirit of Catster is. I understand you cannot please everyone but I do expect you to follow your own guidelines, whether it is by the editorial staff or the Community.

Just because you can publish more articles does not make them better. Giving me a list of my favorite authors? Again this is marketing nonsense. None of them are my favorites.

I do not think I will be renewing my Plus Membership.


Not cool Catster

June 7th 2012 8:38 am
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Okay guys-for those of you with weak stomachs be prepared.

It was with great curiousness that we read the article on the front page of the public Catster about the Dutch artist who sent his cat, who had been hit and killed by a car, to "heaven" via helicopter. If you look at this be prepared for some shocking views. We did not listen to what the interviewer or "artist" said but the pictures were more than enough.

I hope to heaven the cat really was killed by a car and not his human because what his human did to him in death was not nice. Catster is supposed to be for cat lovers. We did not see any evidence of that in the disgusting video.

And the person writing the article? What cat lover could have posted this? Please please if you have seen this or take a look, please post your comments. I'm sure 99.9999% of you will agree that this is NOT what we expect or want to see on a site devoted to cats.

And now I'll hope to hell that this diary is chosen for DDP so everyone gets to know about the gross article.


Hairball Enormous

May 21st 2012 7:58 am
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Its puking season - you know, in spite of all the brushing you get and rubbing on the carpet and blankets, there's all this hair that just settles in the stomach and sometimes comes out in one giant pukey! Lucky me because I got to eat some rose leaves from the pretty flowers meowmie got yesterday for her purrday which helped me make one enormous pukey. So thank you for sharing meowmie, hope you enjoyed your purrday.


Please Help Harrison

May 10th 2012 10:25 am
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Our furriend Samao has asked for help for her pal Harrison (#1196521). He needs re-homing/re-adoption so plese read his diary and see if you can help.
Purrs to all-Bibi


April was a busy month

April 27th 2012 9:27 am
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Hello furriends! Finding a flea-free moment to update our lives right now and apologies for not present-making, concatulating and thank-you relating such as much as we have tried.

Well as you know the month started with a houseguest named Spike. I did try hard to get in the room with him and check out the intruder but meowmie wasa very careful to guard him from my attentions. She said he is a very elderly kitty and stressed so Meep and I were not allowed up close and personal. He made his way safely to his new home and his meowmie was most greatful.

Then meowmie went away for a few days visiting with her sisters. Our uncle Deeda and auntie Jen from upstairs checked on us and took care of us. But it was not meowmie herself. We had to sit very hard on her when she came back to make sure she was not going away again. Kind of like treating her like a balloon . . .

Tons of birdies to watch (sorry Tabbies but I just can't stop myself) and squirrels and dogs and other cats too. It has been a very lively spring. Windows open, windows shut. Snuggle weather and stretch out and get cool weather.

Now its curl up and nap weather!

Love you all-


Houseguest Kitty

April 11th 2012 11:30 am
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Last night meowmie came home with another cat. I was very surprised and more than a tad concerned. In my foster homes cats coming and going all the time meant I would be shifted around too and I was young then and it didn't matter so much. But now I've been with Meowmie and Meep longer than anywhere and I get to groom with Meep (even if he is a pesterooni sometimes) and sleep on meowmie and try to groom her too!

Oh please say it isn't so! That is why I was acting so stangely last night and hiding until I could sit down on top of you.

Bibi's mom: Bibi you are my forever girl and unless I am totally incapacitated beyond all speech and movement you will be with me! I will never let you go until you tell me it is your time (wet and salty water coming into my eyes as I write this).


Good Tv!

March 12th 2012 10:23 am
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This weekend I got to watch Puss'n'Boots on the tv. Meowmie rented the movie and I really enjoyed it. At last - we got to watch a movie starring cats. It did not put me to sleep the way most everything else does that meowmie watches (sorry mom). This had cat adventure, dancing, romance and more. I give it a four paws up!

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