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Good Tv!

March 12th 2012 10:23 am
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This weekend I got to watch Puss'n'Boots on the tv. Meowmie rented the movie and I really enjoyed it. At last - we got to watch a movie starring cats. It did not put me to sleep the way most everything else does that meowmie watches (sorry mom). This had cat adventure, dancing, romance and more. I give it a four paws up!


Bibi O'Bibi

February 25th 2012 11:20 am
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So joining in on the honorary Irish name thing, thanks to the one and only Newman, I've been dubbed myself Bibi O'Bibi. When I'm especially cute and affectionate, meowmie says "oh Bibi." So that's my name!


More Thanks!

February 22nd 2012 7:31 am
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More thank yous to Samoa and family for the tasty shrimp-yummers! and Jack Matthew Cash sent an awesome pawsome shrimp too! Gorgeous golden hearts from Alley Cat Angel & family and Zeeke Dreamboat and family--so beautiful! And Smiley Cassanova sent a star that glows so bright.

Thank you all for making my COTD truly special.


Zowee! COTD!

February 21st 2012 9:51 am
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Meow meow meow! I'm so honored and excited! I'm a superstar of the day on Catster! My picture on page 1 ... who woulda thunk that me, a little girl, born in an urban drainpipe could be a true glamor star princess cat of the day!

Thank you, dear friends, for celebrating with me. I am truly touched by all the zealies and p'mails . . . I'm sitting here wearing my crown from Skylar and family, eating shrimp from Molly Angel and family, while the star from Charlita Thunderpaws shines brightly! Thanks to Friendcat I have a fishbowl with fish (never had a pet before). And on my own very special shelf sits the trophy cup from Minko & Pipo, fleur de lis's from Le and the family of Luke & Tully, the sign of paw power from Boots-plotting Moses downfall, and a red ribbon from Tate. Later on I will eat sushi from Moses-I love Kate while I reread my concatulatory pawmails from the Trouter Tabbies, BeBe!, Buddie and Many Toes.

And on my page I added the beautiful sparkles from Minko & Pipo and the gorgeous spring pic from Manytoes!

Thank you everyfur! My heart is glowing with happiness for your love.


Spring is Coming!

February 8th 2012 7:17 am
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Spring is coming! I have heard the birdies chirping early in the morning and I am at my post monitoring all their activities. Then there are the dog walkers going up and down the street and I keep a steely eye on them too. And my neighbor cat who was trying to chase a squirrel! OMC! He got right up close but the stupid squirrel went so far the cat could not follow all the way. The cat is very smart and knows how to go up the tree, when to turn around and how to get down. I would like to be his friend. Meowmie, could you please arrange for a date?



January 4th 2012 7:58 am
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We had some early morning commotion today. Meowmie got up at 6:00 a.m. and it was pitch dark out. She stumbled around guiding herself by the light of all the electronics lights and light leaking in from the neighbors outside lights. Then she did not go back to bed but got dressed and gave us breakfast. I was furry furry worried that she was going to try to snatch me up and take me to the v-e-t and I ran away when shed tried to pet me.

Then the front door bell rang and a stranger came in. He made noise and put things in the ceiling and the basement and then he left. I came out and took up my guard cat post in the front window. He said he ahd to get another smoke detector from his shop because he did not have enough on his truck. Then he came back!! I flew into hiding but he saw me and said I was quick as lightning. Then he poked the things he put in the ceiling and they made horrible noises. Finally it was all clear -- he left and did not come back. Meowmie told me what a good girl I am and went to work. Now it is quiet and I am recovering from all the excitement.



January 1st 2012 9:00 am
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My gosh! Can you believe another year has passed and its my birthday. We think I'm 9 years old which is senior age for cats. But I still jump and run and play a lot so I will not dwell on age much.

Since it is New Year's Day meowmie is home and giving me lots of pets and attention. I hear there is something special in store for din-din. Real tuna? trout? (MOL)!

Mostly I am happy to be in a nice home and love my meowmie and Meep too. I love all my Catster furriends and am grateful for your friendship.

Peace and love to all and lots of good food and water for you too!


Happy New Year Wishes

December 31st 2011 12:13 pm
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A furry happy new year to all, furs and their humans.
May you be happy, cared for and your food dish be overflowing.


Thank you!

December 26th 2011 7:16 am
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Thank you to all my Catster furriends for the lovely presents! So much good cheer and good wishes warmed my heart. Kitty kisses and purrs for a happy New Year to all!


Neighborhood Look Alike

October 31st 2011 12:54 pm
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So after all the shoveling and choping and hauling and who knows what else was done on Sunday, meowmie went for a walk around the neighborhood to take pictures of the green grass and yes--green leaves on the trees-- and snow. This just doesn't happen to often and especially not in October.

When she came back from her walk she told me that she met my look alike a few blocks away. Its a boy cat with a mostly black face, white bib and paws, and white whiskers just like me. She took his picture to show me and I must admit he does look like he could be related. He even rubbed around meowmie's legs and rolled over for a tummy rub! Can you believe it! His human came out to see what was going on and meowmie found out there is an even bigger male cat in the neighborhood looking like me! This human asked his cat if he wanted to come in or play with his new friend (MOL)!!! I guess some humans just have the touch and us kitties know it.

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