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Happy New Year Wishes

December 31st 2011 12:13 pm
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A furry happy new year to all, furs and their humans.
May you be happy, cared for and your food dish be overflowing.


Thank you!

December 26th 2011 7:16 am
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Thank you to all my Catster furriends for the lovely presents! So much good cheer and good wishes warmed my heart. Kitty kisses and purrs for a happy New Year to all!


Neighborhood Look Alike

October 31st 2011 12:54 pm
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So after all the shoveling and choping and hauling and who knows what else was done on Sunday, meowmie went for a walk around the neighborhood to take pictures of the green grass and yes--green leaves on the trees-- and snow. This just doesn't happen to often and especially not in October.

When she came back from her walk she told me that she met my look alike a few blocks away. Its a boy cat with a mostly black face, white bib and paws, and white whiskers just like me. She took his picture to show me and I must admit he does look like he could be related. He even rubbed around meowmie's legs and rolled over for a tummy rub! Can you believe it! His human came out to see what was going on and meowmie found out there is an even bigger male cat in the neighborhood looking like me! This human asked his cat if he wanted to come in or play with his new friend (MOL)!!! I guess some humans just have the touch and us kitties know it.


The Vet

September 29th 2011 8:28 am
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Oh yes, Monday was vet day.

There I was, sitting on my perch watching out the window as I do almost every morning when along came meowmie and pounced on me and dumped me into the carrier. And I mean she grabbed me so quick all I could was stiffen my legs in protest and then cry cry cry.

So the new vet examined Meep first and I got to walk around the examining room. Instantly I spotted a hiding spot just my size. Whoosh! up into the sink I jumped. Just my eyes and ears were showing and I pretended to be invisible. It almost worked. Meowmie found me and I got examined and stuck with needles and weighed.

My poops were discussed most extensively and a probiotic (the contents of a capsule) is dusted onto my food once a day. This is supposed to help my digestive track and my loose poops. The vet is giving this treatment a week to see if it helps. Actually it would be a pretty good solution - the powder is not smelly or anything and I don't have to endure having my mouth pried open for pills which I will not not ever swallow.

Mewomie is happy we have our rabies shots so just in case we ever sneak out and have a fight with another animal we are protected. She has been concerned ever since she found the skunk paw prints in the back of the house. I, for one, know better that to mess with a skunk, but the skunk might not be so smart (MOL)!

Wish me luck with my poops!


Thank you, Pirates!

September 29th 2011 8:19 am
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Thank you to all the pirates who wave flags with me. I am furry proud to be your pirate friend and hope we saile again next year.
Aharrr harr harr!


Goodnight Irene!

August 28th 2011 8:25 am
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Meowmie is singing "goodnight Irene" - she says its an old song and I think she is singing it so Irene goes away and goes to sleep. That is a very good idea. We are all okay, no power outages and the tress are staying where they are supposed to be. As long as the giant spider who set up house outside the window yesterday stays where she belongs we're all okay.



August 25th 2011 8:24 am
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We had a visit from our neighbors that live behind us this week. They came to see the paw prints meowmie found in the driveway and they brought their cat with them in a stroller! Can you imagine that! A big gray with some stripes boy kitty named Brady. Meowmie said he was my new boyfriend. How embarassing!

I was in my usual lookout post in the front window and meowmie called to me to make sure I would see what was going on. I was not happy about the strangers or the strange boy cat. But I am glad meowmie finally investigated the goings on around our house.

At night I jump off my perch and run very purposefully to the side of the house, then I run back to my perch. Meowmie does not understand because she cannot see in the dark like me. She tries but now she understands that a stinky invader is coming onto my property.

Maybe if Brady can get rid of it he can be my boyfriend...


Tremulous Moments!

August 24th 2011 9:39 am
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Oh yes we felt the earthquake up here near Beantown too. There was some strange feelings going on . . .

Meowmie was at work and felt like her chair was trembling. Then it stopped. Then it started again and she felt like her chair was going from side to side. Everyone in her office felt sick, like they ate something bad for lunch. Thank goodness no one puked any hairballs (MOL)! Meowmie looked out the window to make sure there weren't any tidal waves coming and was very happy she did not see any.

We were fine at home, a little spooked but okay.


Wake up Meowmie, I love you

August 11th 2011 12:49 pm
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The sun is rising. Now its 5 a.m. Yawn. Stretch. Think I'll see if meowmie is up.

trot trot trot trot. jump up on bed. Oh meowmie is sleeping. Maybe if I purr loud she will open her eyes. Purrrrrr. Notworking. Okay. Bump bumpbump. Meowie wakes up and gives me a lumpy little pet. Then goes back to sleep.

Stick one little claw out and poke, poke, gently pushing claw into face. Meowmie grabs blanket and rolls over.

Meow meow! Don't go. I love you meowmie.


Charlies Chocolate Paws Scales of Feistiness - 7!

August 9th 2011 1:09 pm
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With thanks for Nuk Anuk for inviting us to play:

1. Do you make demands of your human? (If you answered Yes, give yourself 1 point.)
For petting me -1

2. If you make demands by doing any of the following, give yourself 1 point for each:
Persistent meowing - 1
Biting No way
Smacky Paws -1 but not often
Relentless staring 1 Yes!
Inappropriate behaviors (i.e., chewing on furniture, electrical cords, the oven) does pooping the wrong place count? 1

3. If you make demands by doing any of the following, subtract 1 point:
Headbonking -1
Rubbing and purring on your human -1

4. If you let your humans rub your belly, subtract 2 points. (Does my "high" chest count. I like that rubbed but not my low belly) -2 Tummy rubs-aah!

5. If you let anyone kiss your belly, subtract 5 points. No no belly kissing.

6. Are you Head of your Household (HOH)? (1 point if you consider yourself HOH) I am the senior cat- 1

7. If you have kitty (or other animal) siblings, do you:
(Give yourself 1 point for each Yes)
Eat their food?
Demand that they groom you?
Chase them?
Stare at them relentlessly? 1
Stalk them?
Pounce on them?
Make them meow? 1
Steal their (well, *your*) toys? 1
Make them growl?
Make their ears go backwards?
Pretend to be grooming (or staring at the wall, ceiling, etc.) while actually stalking them? 1

8. Have you ever destroyed household items?
(1 point for each yes)
Clothing or shoes?
Kitty Toys?

9. Please list any other crazy things you do that are ridiculously feisty (1 point per).
Fluffed up like a Halloween cat and charged Meep 1

Total Score (Place your score/name in your Diary Title):

My total score is: 7 Feisty Lovebug! Yep that's me!

0-5 LAIDBACK LOVEBUG: You are a lovebug. You are sweet (and probably floofy) and you go with the flow. Nothing *really* bothers you and you like everybody. You don’t even mind having a feisty sibling! You are a laidback lovebug!

6-15 COOL CAT: You are one cool cat. Smooth with a touch of mischief. You’ve got a bit of feisty in you and a bit of lovebug. Balance is good; you know how to have a good time by chasing and pouncing AND you know how to have a good time by being a mellow kitty and just hanging out. You are a cool cat!

16+ CRAZY FEISTY: You are a nut. A cheeky little monkey! Crazy, feisty, the talk of the town! Chasing kitty sisters, demanding your human feed you NOW, eating your mom’s favorite pair of shoes, turning on the oven with your freakishly strong teeth just because you can! The world is your playground and you’ll try anything once (or twice). If your human can handle the shenanigans of a CRAZY FEISTY kitty cat, all is good! If your human cannot handle the shenanigans, wait until she leaves for work to get crazy and then blame it on your sistercat when your human comes home! You are crazy feisty (and a whole lot of mischievous fun!)!

Any kitty that wants to play is invited! Feel free to tag friends to find out just how feisty your friends are! I’m tagging:

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