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Musings from the Top Cat

Oh my goodness!

August 21st 2012 4:53 pm
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I woke up from my morning nap to find out that I'm Cat Of The Day! *purrrr* What an honor, and thank you for all the purrs and zealies and good wishes!


Purrrrrrrrr *sniffle*

May 1st 2007 9:37 am
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Awwww, you guys are all so sweet to wish me happy birthday and stuff. Dahlia and Thomas, those little imps--they went and told everybody! It's been a strange year. I lost my sister Sinead last fall (she went out to hunt mice one night and got eaten by coyotes), and I had an awfully hard time of it for a while. Mama did, too, and we cried together sometimes as we looked for Sinead...

But then, a while later, little Dahlia came along. Mama found her at a print shop, where she was being fostered for the local humane society. She and her brothers were in a cage together, and Mama was all gooey and melty when she took Dahlia out of the cage and she snuggled right up to Mama's neck and started purring like a little motorboat.

Mama asked us if she could bring Dahlia home, and we said it was OK with us, as long as she wasn't trying to replace Sinead. She reassured us that she wasn't (because nobody could replace Sinead ... or anyone else in our kitty family), but that she wanted to give a needy cat a forever-home.

The funny part was that when Mama brought Dahlia home, she thought Dahila was a boy! But she found out otherwise pretty quick!

I was grumpy at first when Dahlia came home, and she started getting all sweet on Thomas--they cuddled together constantly, and I felt lonely. And my hips were sore. I'm afraid I'm getting a little arthritic these days, but the warm spring sunshine and Mama's Reiki are helping me feel better.

Now we've got ANOTHER cat in our house! Mama's niece drove all the way up here from Louisiana with her family (a fiance; two screaming, screeching kids; one annoying yappy dog and one cat). The kitty got abandoned here because the niece couldn't take care of her and couldn't tolerate the cat acting like a cat! (She was unspayed and hadn't had any vaccinations, and she was in heat all the time.) Mama took responsibility for this cat--Miss Katrina, a.k.a. Miss Kitty--and as soon as she got a clean bill of health from the vet and got spayed, she came to live in our house with us. I'm basically treating Miss Kitty with serene disregard right now, but Dahlia is having regular disagreements with her. You know how it is; the two smallest and youngest cats are deciding how the pecking order is going to go. Mama will put up a profile for Miss Kitty as soon as we get some pictures of her.

Meanwhile, I'm off to go bask in the sun and dream of catnip and goodies. Thanks again, everybody--you're awesome!



We're doing a Blogathon!

July 14th 2006 8:21 am
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My sister Sinéad O'Kitty, my brother Thomas T. Bombadil and I, are blogging for animals in Blogathon 2006! Please sponsor us as we blog to raise funds for Noah's Wish, an organization dedicated to disaster relief efforts for animals. We'll answer your cat health- or behavior-related questions every half hour. If you want us to post photos, we can do that too. Join us on July 29-30 and get in on the fun--and help the animals, too. Purrrrrrrrrrs to all of you. Spread the word far and wide!

Sponsor Us!


What an honor ...

May 28th 2006 9:18 am
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My secretary (a.k.a. Mama) just went to check My e-mail and discovered that I, Siouxsie Mew, Most Puissant Feline and Reigning Top Cat of the Palace of the Pampered Pussycats, Co-Author of the Esteemed and Famous Cat Advice Column Paws and Effect, have been selected as a Diary Pick of the Day today!

I must say I'm quite chuffed (as my British cat friends would say) about the whole thing, and just a bit peeved that My secretary doesn't help Me update this diary more often. But I guess I have to give her a bit of slack because she does work so hard to help us write our weekly advice column and occasionally she even gets off the computer long enough for us to update our other blog. Perhaps we should give Mama a break and tell her that she should help us update our diaries here on Catster rather than our diary on That Other Blog That Shall Remain Nameless As A Courtesy To Our Host.

What do you think? Let us know if you want Mama to update My (oh, yeah, and my sister Sinead and my brother Thomas's) diaries here more often. I love you all and I'm quite delighted that random people are going to be looking at My Royal Diary all day. *purrrrrrr* I even had Mama change My primary picture so you could see Me gazing down benevolently from My Throne.


Mama's going to help other kitties

May 19th 2006 11:11 am
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Mama, the bringer of food, dispenser of love, and our loyal secretary/typist for our weekly advice column, Paws and Effect, is going to be at a fund-raiser for the Camden-Rockport Animal Rescue League, a no-kill shelter located in midcoast Maine.

The second annual Strut Your Stuff Cat Show and Photo Contest will take place Saturday, June 10, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at the American Legion Hall, located at the corner of Pearl and John Streets in Camden, Maine. Cat show judging will take place from 10 a.m.-noon, a Kiddie Kitty costume parade will happen from noon-1, and pet health seminars and book signings will take place from 1-3 p.m.

Mama will be there in her capacity as an animal communicator (she can communicate telepathically with kitties, because we trained her so well), and she will be selling merchandise from the Paws and Effect Boutique at CafePress. She's also going to put together some booklets about common cat behavior issues to sell to people who come to the show.

Mama adopted our stripy brother Thomas from the Camden-Rockport Animal Rescue League, so she's glad to give something back to the animal shelter that saved his life and made sure he had a loving home. *purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

If you live anywhere near Camden, Maine, we hope you'll come and visit Mama on June 10 and help the Rescue League raise money to help other kitties!


Purrrrrrr. Go Mama!

December 1st 2004 2:58 pm
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The official Paws and Effect website ( is up and running, and we're always happy to answer your questions about cats and their relationships with people and other animals.

Not only that, but we've just opened a Paws and Effect Boutique at CafePress ( to sell goodies that will help us support Mama while she works so hard for us AND help animal rescue organizations in our local area (midcoast Maine). We've got some beautiful black cat designs and designs featuring artwork by Monica Richards, artist, author and half of the wonderful band Faith & the Muse. *Purrrrrrr*


My very first entry....

November 23rd 2004 8:43 am
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...and I get to brag about our new website,! My little sister Sinead and I have been writing an advice column for cats and their people for a long time now. We used to be a community column on this website run by Mean, Nasty People, but now we've struck out on our own.

The website's going really well. Mama did a great job putting it together for us, and it's got our weekly column and archives of columns we did in the past, plus recommended reading, links, and lots more. *Purrrrrrrrr* I'm so proud of it! Come and visit us and tell us how you like it.

Purrs and kisses till next time, everybody!

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