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Deep Freddie Mac

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Hey! That's not a hairball!

July 1st 2010 12:21 pm
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So yesterday Mommy came home and saw something next to one of our food dishes. She figured it was a hairball and went to pick it up only to discover it was a TURD! MOL! Someone had a cling-on and had taken it for a ride over to the food area-Gross!

She picked it up and scrubbed up the floor then she walked into the living room and stepped on a REAL hairball this time. It was a big one too!

At least we know how to keep her on her toes :)


Me?! DDP?! Hooray!!

November 3rd 2009 6:07 am
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I am DDP today! Alright! I guess the Catster Diary Gal liked my tale about the chipmunk.
I hope more critters come into our house so I can write about them and get picked again! :)

Thanks to all my pals for the rosies and pmails! :)



October 29th 2009 8:55 pm
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A chipmunk got in our house tonight!
It scared Daddy and he ran upstairs! MOL!
Mommy stayed downstairs and helped me chase it. I batted at it and it rolled over and put its arms up as if it were surrendering. Then it got up and ran some more.

Finally it ran by the front door and Mommy shut the inside door, trapping it in our entryway. Then she opened the front door and let it out! No fair! I was going to eat it :(


Ice Cream Tag!

July 9th 2009 9:26 am
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My pal Sugar Bear tagged me for a cool game called Ice Cream Tag!
I get to tell what kind of ice cream I would be if I were able to become ice cream!

Ok, so I would be Mint Chocolate chip, because I am dark and cool!

I am going to tag 4 buddies to play along:


Have fun!


Oh NO he didn't!!!!

December 10th 2008 7:01 am
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Ok, I like my little brothers, I will admit it, but this morning made me wish that one of them had never come to live with us!

There I was, sound asleep, when I heard the jingling of bells. I didn't think anything of it, I figured one of my brothers was up early playing...then I heard it again, followed by the unmistakable noise of a toy hitting the floor *clack*
Then paws running...
*jingle jingle*

*jingle jingle*

I had to get up to investigate! I crept into the bedroom and what did I see?!?!?!

He was bringing the toy right back to Mommy and she was throwing it and he was bringing it right back to Mommy and she was throwing it! Over and over again!

This is not cool! How did he learn that trick? Fetching was MY specialty!
And he was doing it better then I did!

See, when I fetch, I may play with the toy a bit and I never give it right to Mommy, I always put it a little out of reach, you know, to make her work for it!
But Bernie was bringing it back as soon as he got it!
And he put it right by her hand.
AND did I mention that this was at 6 AM?!?!?!

I could not believe it! First he is allowed in the basement ("An Ambassador of Peace" Mommy calls him!)
And now this fetching business...hmmph!

I am going to be ready tomorrow at 5:30 AM! Mommy better be ready too! :)


Ah HA!

December 4th 2008 10:49 am
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I did it! I saw the basement squatters, up close and purrsonal!

Here is how it went down: Mommy went down to the basement and before she could close the door, I darted through!
Yes, I am that fast!

She sighed and said "Fine, Fred, you can stay for 1 minute!"

Then she picked me up and carried me to where the squatters were squatting!
She pointed to one of them and held me up high so I could get a quick peek
"That one is Minnow"

Then she showed me the other one.
"That one is Rocky, now let's go upstairs!"

NOOOOO! Stop! I didn't get to sniff or look around !
It was no use! She ignored my cries and carried me back upstairs. :(

At least I got a good look at them....I will show them later on who is the BOSS around here!


Boot Scoot Boogie!

December 3rd 2008 5:34 am
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I really gave Mommy a nice surprise! She was sitting on the couch watching tv, and I came strutting into the living room and started to scoot around on the cats know what kind of scoot I mean-I was boot scootin!

Mommy was asking me what I was doing. Then she said she must be psychic because she was just reading earlier that cats boot scoot when they need their anal glands expressed (ewwwwwww!) and that I must need that done to my glands! What a coincidence!

Um, no Mommy, you are not psychic and my glands are fine! I told her and walked into the other room.
She followed me (of course!) and there it was! The reason for my boot scootin'....a piece of red ribbon!

You see, I love eating string, and that red ribbon that Mommy had in her office looked so good, I just had to taste it. Unfortunately, it was a bit stubborn coming out. I had to scoot around our fancy rug sized litter mat, the kitchen floor (where the ribbon fell) and the living room rug!

Mommy was not happy with the mess I made! She had to wash our mat, the kitchen floor and the rug! ;) Not to mention the air freshener she had to spray all around!

I got punished by getting some Laxetone put on me (to help anything else come out, I was told) and hearing Mommy sing "Boot Scoot Boogie" and "The Ribbon is Gonna Get You" (weirdo!) all night!

I also have two new nicknames, Scooter and Boot Scoot...sigh....


Foiled Again!

November 21st 2008 8:45 am
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Last night I put my plan into action! I was going to find those basement squatters and show them who was boss!
I recruited my brothers to help, since it is their house too (I guess! MOL!)
I pried open the basement door, I was very quiet this time, and I snuck down the stairs on my tippytoes...Spike was right behind me.

The plan was supposed to go down like this:
I go down first, followed by Spike, then Bernie and then Oliver in the rear. I would distract Mommy by running around and while her back was turned, Spike, Bernie and Oliver would come down and hide behind the washer and dryer. Then after Mommy put me back upstairs and left the basement, they would open the door for me and let me in so we could gang up on those cats!

Well it didn't quite work that way! Spike moved too slow and M0mmy caught me faster than I expected her too (for an old lady she can really move! MOL!)
When she turned around to take me back upstairs, she caught Spike going around the stairs, heading to the washer! He froze (punk!) and she scooped him up!
Then she went to go up the stairs and there was Bernie and Oliver, both halfway down! Darn it! Those brothers of mine can't do anything right! HISSSSSSSSSS!

So anyway, our plan was foiled...again!
I heard Mommy say she was going to put a latch on inside of the door, right now, it doesn't close right and she uses a sock or potholder to keep it closed tight-but sometimes when she goes down there she doesn't close it tight enough and that is where my powerful paws come in! MOL!

I also heard her say that the little one almost came up to her and she was all excited-whatever! I don't even know what a "little one" is, but whatever it is, I hate it!


I am a DDP!!!! WOO HOO!

November 17th 2008 10:42 am
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Alright! Thanks Catster! I am a DDP! What a week, first I make the finals in the Coolest Cat contest, and now this! I am one lucky guy!

Thanks to all of my friends who have sent me notes and rosettes! I appreciate it and I will be sure to thank you all purrsonaly!

I haven't been back down to the basement yet, Mommy is doing a better job of making sure the door is secured when she goes down there...but I have my ways and I am making up a plan! I will find out what is going on down there sooner or later!


I Knew It!

November 12th 2008 7:08 am
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Ok, I knew Mommy was up to something...she is always going down to the basement with plates of food and she is hanging out down there for no reason and she is bringing empty plates and bags of stinky stuff out from there-something is going on and I decided to find out once and for all what was happening!

Last night, while she was down there I managed to pry open the basement door!
I ran down the stairs as fast as I could and I caught her!
She was scooping out litter boxes! And they weren't the ones I use!!

She heard me coming and looked up "FRED! Get out of here!" I ran past her and went around under the stairs-I spied 2 plates of FOOD!

Mommy chased me and caught me and forced me back upstairs, but not before I got a good whiff of CAT scent! TWO different cats! In my basement! I am not even allowed to GO down there! HISSSSSSSSSSSS

I must find out who is living down there and show them who is boss of this house!
I am going to keep a close eye on Mommy....maybe I can sneak down there again tonight....

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