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I wanna go outside!

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One Year Ago...

June 22nd 2008 8:19 am
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It's been a year since the Master called me home.
I know that you miss me, Mom, but I am fine, really.
I have made many many new friends. Lots of them you already know.

You would like it here. There's never any cold weather, when it snows (yes, it snows even here MOL) the snow is warm and doesn't stay around. There's just enough to play in.
When it rains, it nourishes the flowers and other plants but we never get wet. Oh, it does make mud for those dogs who like to splash and roll in mud (even here, the dogs are goofy).

There is always a sunbeam to lay in.

You know that I still visit you. Not as often as I did at first, but I'm still there. I mean, how can I totally leave you? You and I share a very special bond, deep within our hearts. I'll always be with you.

I see that you got a new kitten. That is nice. but man, is she ever a rambunctous kid! I am glad that you waited for me to pass over. I never could have tollerated such childish antics!

She is a good kitten, Mom. I like her. I've talked with her a couple of times, telling her the rules. Whether she listened or not, I do not know.

Ooh, I smell a freshly bloomed catnip plant. Gotta go.
I'll talk to you later, Mom.

Hugs, purrs and love,



September 18th 2007 9:44 am
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I have been given a special treat and am able to write this short note.

I just want to let my huMom know that I am fine and doing wonderfully.

This is a wonderful place, Mom. You wouldn't believe all of the open spaces we have to run and play in! Trees to climb and hide in, all sorts of little critters to chase and catch (but we never hurt them, because here, that would be wrong). I have made SO many friends! Even kitty friends, something that I would never do when I walked the earth.
In fact, I made a new friend this past week-end. A cute little schnauzer named Sydney. She told me that her huMom knows you! How cool is that?
Sydney was a bit nervous at first but me and the others (boy! are there a lot of others!) showed her around and introduced her to the Master and she settled in quite nicely. She is worried about her huMom, so, if you could, could you tell Christy that Sydney is doing fine?

Mom, I know that your heart is still very heavy because I had to leave you but, please, know that I am doing just fine.
I am able to 'pop' in on you, every once in awhile, to make sure that you are doing OK. I see you sad, so many times, and I do so wish that I could give you a head hug and let you know that everything will be fine, that I am doing well and am happy. Don't get me wrong, I miss you, very much, but, well, things are different now.
I think you know when I am around, for you stop and look and listen. Sometimes, while you sleep, I curl up next you and you reach out to pet me.

It never rains here, but, for some reason, everything is green and the flowers are always in bloom.

Mom, I know that you miss me dreadfully. I also know that you would like to have another kitty in your life. It's OK, Mom. I understand. We both know that no kitty can ever come close to 'replacing' me, after all, I was the bestest kitty to ever walk the earth! MOL*
But, Mom, you have a big enough heart to hold onto me (and Bat and Cubby - who, by the way, send their love) and to share yourself with another kitty.
In fact, I know for certain that there is a special kitty who needs you. You are just too deaf to hear the plaintive mews that are being sent to you. So, clean out those ears and listen for the mews!

I gotta go now, Mom. The Master is calling me for some special one-on-one time.

I love you, Mom.
Head hugs and purrs,

Guess who I get to sleep with (when I want)? Cricket!!!
Yup, little Cricket met me at the Bridge, when I arrived! It was SO great to see her again! She says 'hi' and sends her love, too.

*meowing out loud


A VERY sad day

June 23rd 2007 5:22 am
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It is with the heaviest of heart that I must say that my dear sweet Lucky passed over the Rainbow Bridge at 11:30pm, Friday, June 22, 2007.

She had been sick for 2 months. The vet said that, short of a bazzillion diagnostic tests, there was nothing to be done. That she was just wearing out.

I shall miss my Lucky cat as I have never missed another living soul.
She was my heart.


Spring may FINALLY be here!

April 23rd 2007 10:53 am
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Well, I think that spring is finally showing her face, around this place!
It was in the high 70's and low 80's, for two days! The snow is gonegonegone!
But, it was till around, a little, yesterday morning, as you can see in the new photo that mom posted.
She took me outside on both days and I really liked that.
I rolled and rolled on the sidewalk. I like to do that. It feels good to rub off some of that old winter hair!

I sniffed all over the yard. Mom let me stay out for an hour! That may not seem like a very long time to you but, to me, it seemed like forever!

There is a dirt pile between us and the next house and that pile hides the most deliscious smells. I am sure that there are mice living in it, or at least spending alot of time there. I could smell them. I checked the whole pile out and didn't see any but I know they are around. It's just a matter of time before I find them. Mom put up a new photo of Haley and I checking out the pile, too.

Did I tell you that that little demon dog, Nellie, is gone?
I am sure glad about that! I had no peace at all, while she was here. WAY too much energy for me. Us old gals should not be subjected to the terrors of childhood!

ooh, mom says that I can gop outside with her if I hurry up and get off the computer!

Gotta go!

happy tails.


I'm REALLY tired of snow!

March 24th 2006 12:42 pm
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Here it is, the 4th day of spring and it's still snowing!
I hate going out when it snows. I can't find any mousies and my feet get really cold!

Mom won't let me outside with her for very long because I don't like walking in the deep snow, so I head for the plowed road. NOT a good thing, she says!

Anyway, I was just wondering if any of you like the snow?

As you can see by the picture, I try to shovel it away.


Winter chill is in the air!

October 15th 2005 5:08 am
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Ooh, mom took me outside this morning and I got a rude awakening!
The grass was crunchy and wet. I do not like wet!!

I remember, a long time ago, when I used to go out when it was winter. There was no grass, anywhere. Just feet and feet of cold white stuff. I used to try to walk on it, but I would sink and my legs always got stuck. I sure hope the crunchy grass doesn't mean that the white cold stuff is coming back!

I am going to talk to my humans about moving to a place where there is none of that nonsense!


October 11th 2005 11:18 am
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I don't get on the computer much. My humom says I get too much hair on the keyboard! The nerve of her!

I have been a little sick, lately.
I have a problem with my left eye. It got all cloudy, a few weeks ago. Then, it got really painful and turned red. Mom said it looked like it was full of blood!
She took me to the vet and they gave her drops to put in my eye. As long as I get the drops, I'm ok, but if Mom forgets, my eye gets cloudy again.
I don't like it cloudy. It's hard to see out of it.

The vet said that it might go away. But her and Mom think I might be having little strokes (whatever that means). If so, there isn't much they can do.

Mom still takes me outside everyday, but not for very long because it is getting cold and she doesn't like to stand out there, shivvering.
Humans are such babies!


Bored bored bored

August 9th 2005 6:46 am
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I wanna go outside and play!
But mom says that she's too lazy and it's too hot to go out with me. I don't understand why I can't go outside by myself!

I have a cousin. His name is Buddy. He bleongs to my grampa Wally.
We both live in Munising but have never met. Which is just as well because I prefer dogs to cats, as company.

Anyway, grampa has started to let Buddy go outside, without a leash. I just don't get it. Maybe I should talk to Buddy and find out how he got grampa to let min do it!

Mom put a picture of Buddy on my page. He's the last picture.


A GOOD day!

August 6th 2005 11:06 am
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Oh, I had such a good day today! Twice!!
My humom took me outside (with my leash, darn it), but I had such great fun!

The first time out, I ate some of the deliscious long grass that was growing in the yard. Oh, it was SO good!
Then, we walked all over the yard. Well, my humom walked. I jumped and ran! It was so good to stretch my legs and to feel the grass tickle my toes.

I was outside for about an hour. I chased bugs and even caught a couple grasshoppers. They are tough to catch because they not only hop but they can fly, too! I caught two of them while they were flying. I think they might be miniature birds, they fly so well.

The second time I went out, the nice and tastey long grass was gone. everything smelled different. It reminded me of when I lived in the country and was free to roam without my leash on. The smell was the same. I looked around but didn't see any of the big animals I usually saw when things smelled like that. No cows or sheeps or horses. Just more bugs. Oh, and a toad! I played with that big guy for awhile but, well, he tasted really bad, so I finally let him go.

Then, when I was done protecting the property from the evil roaming bands of grasshoppers, mom brushed me. That felt really good. Nothing beats a good brushing outside. Then, I rolled on the sidewalk, to get my own special scent back.

Ahh, life IS good, even for an indoor cat!!


Life isn't always very fair!

July 9th 2005 2:32 pm
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I've been thinking about how unfair life can be.
I mean, look at me, I am one of the most purrfect kitty's ever to be and yet, I am subjected to being second fiddle to a dog1 I mean, just how fair is that?

Case in point, that dog, haley, always gets to go outside while I must be content (yah, right) with seeing the world through an invisable barrier.

Once in a while, mu mom will let me go outside but I have to have a collar and leash on! Come on1 I am a cat! meant to be free to roam the great outdoors in search of mice and other vile creatures. How can I live up to my true calling if I am attached to a rope?

Mom takes that dog out all of the times. And when they come back, the dog tells me about all of the fun things she did and saw and sniffed.

It's just not fair, I tell'ya!

How about if we organize and start a protest? All in favor say 'MEOW'!!!!

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