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Mercy Me!

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Thank you and farewell!

July 11th 2016 10:48 pm
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Dear friends,

We want to thank you for leaving us with so many wonderful memories. This was the best place to meet other cats and those that loved them. We have been through so much together!

In case you're wondering, there are 11 cats in the house now! Yes, Sofie, Riley, Pebbles, Reebok, Nike, Joy, Enzo, Melody and Pixie are still around, but there are two more!

Jake and Ace are two long-haired boys. Jake looks similar to Joy and Ace is black. They're about 16 months old now. Mom is on the Humane Society's email list and there was a plea last year for fosters to help pull kittens from the local kill-shelter for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, this will always be an ongoing issue.

"Just a couple of weeks" Mom says to Dad, but being that Dad is just one of the best guys around, he agreed to it. They ended up taking home a litter of four, three boys and one girl. Well, the kittens decided it would be in their best interest to prolong their stay by having poop explosions! No way could they then be put up for adoption! Two weeks turned into four but they finally got well and had to go.

By then, Jake already told Mom and Dad that he found his permanent home right between them on the couch when they watched TV, so he was adopted first. Mom was really sad to drop off the other three, but one of the boys and the girl were adopted within two weeks. The last one was the black boy, now named Ace. Mom couldn't stop thinking and worrying about him getting adopted and didn't want him to be left there much longer. She didn't really need to convince Dad, though he let out a big sigh. They are both very friendly.

Joy had some teeth pulled and got a lion cut while she was knocked out. She looks sooo cute! Huey the dog is still there breaking up cat arguments as well.

We know we've missed a lot on what has been going on with our friends but we wish you the best, always.

Take care.

Mercy and family


Rainbow Bridge Day

July 18th 2012 4:04 pm
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Thank you to my pals for stopping by to remember my Bridge anniversary yesterday. It's been two years already.

Mom has been working hard to get rid of stuff in the house to make room for new stuff for the cats. Dad cut down the oldest big cat tree in the house. Some of the posts on it looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, anyway.

I would have had so much fun with the new stuff they're getting but I'm glad to see my brothers and sisters are happy. Mom still mentions my name to them to make sure they don't forget me and to keep me there in spirit.

Thanks again for remembering me. You know I miss you all!



Shopping on Purple Cloud 33!

March 6th 2012 7:20 pm
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The party continues with my being one of the DDPs today! Angel Rocky Ann and I went shopping on Purple Cloud 33 and had lunch afterwards. She brought her pink shopping bag and I brought my red one. You know RA, she knows where all the best deals are!

Thanks to my angel pals and earth pals for congratulating me today with comments, pmails, gifts, treats, and mementos. It was great visiting with you!



Birthday Party on PINK Cloud 99!

March 1st 2012 6:45 pm
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Today I celebrated another Birthday at the Bridge! Rocky Ann came to get me and put a pink blindfold on me. Then she led me to PINK Cloud 99 and when she removed the blindfold I was so surprised to see my Angel friends, all the decorations and food! Rocky Ann told me that Wally and Alfie helped her with all the decorations--great job, boys!

We had a great time dancing, singing, eating, chasing butterflies, bowling, and going on hot air balloon rides!

When it got dark, we sat around and talked about the good times we had on earth with our families and how we hope they know that every time they think of us, it should be counted as a visit from us.

Orvis: I told Taz you love him and miss him and he told me he'll always love you and miss you, too!

I wanted to mention that the crocuses Elise and Genny sent for my garden at home started blooming early last month. Huey almost took a bite out of a flower today until mom told him "NO" and he stopped. The daylilies from the families of Kibbles and Zeeke have new green leaves so I know there will be more flowers this year and every year.

Big THANKS to all my angel friends and earth friends who remembered me today in their own special way. My day was heavenly!



I'm an Angel Dreamgirl!

February 14th 2012 7:18 pm
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Thank you to the DREAMGIRLS group for naming me as one of their Angel Dreamgirls on Valentine's Day. They sent me a "sweet-heart" to let me know!

You can see the entire list of their Dreamgirls, Dreamettes and Angel Dreamgirls in Pete's diary:

Pete's Page

I can just imagine these boycats in their clubhouse drooling over pin-up pictures of all the girlcats. Maybe I need to send an Angel Fly to check it out.

Thanks again DREAMGIRLS group!

Angel Dreamgirl Mercy


My costume photos

November 9th 2011 6:34 pm
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Well, we had another friend tell us that one of my old Thanksgiving photos showed up on Facebook. We don't have a FB account but Mom was able to find it.

While the comments that were made were all in fun and no one claimed the photo to be theirs, Mom has decided it would be best to remove all my costume photos from my page because this issue started with them being on this website in the first place.

We left most of my photos wearing collars and a few with hats, but that will be it for now. We're sorry that your comments had to be deleted along with them.

I sure have some great friends who recognize me right away in cyberspace. Thank you for looking out for Mercy Me!



Today is my Gotcha Day! Meow!

October 3rd 2011 8:18 pm
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I like how that shows up on our pages!

Dad was saying to mom to just think about where I might have ended up if they had not saved me from living in and around that tree. It was scary out there.

That first day when mom put me in the bathroom with a bed and litter box I went right in the bed like I was so glad to be home! I was a perky young girl and stayed that way as an adult.

Well, I had two friends tell me that I'm famous! My Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz photo showed up on LOLcats / I Can Has Cheezburger today. Did you see it? This means people I don't even know thought about me today on my Gotcha Day.

I know my photo is here and out "there" on the Catster FB "wall" though we aren't on FB.

But, that's not as important as those of you here that have thought about me today and sent me sweet messages and gifts. Thank you for making this day extra special!

I know my family, especially mom, never gets through a day without thinking of me.



What I would be for Halloween this year

September 22nd 2011 10:46 am
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Mom saw a costume and says that this year I would have been:


Yeah, I think I would be a perfect "CHICA CHICA BOOM CHIC"!



Stories from heaven

August 16th 2011 9:45 pm
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A special pawmail was sent to mom today from ELISE's mom. With her permission, I'm sharing it with you. We sure miss hearing from Elise and Genny more often, and wish we could fix all of their mom's 'holes in her head'.

WARNING: You may need to grab a kleenex

Previous Meow Sent: 08/16/11 11:45 am
Meowed From: Elise
Meowed To: Mercedes
Subject: To Sweet Angel Mercedes & Her Mommy, A Million Thanks

A very special gift came to us this winter and I have hesitated all this time in telling you because I have no proof but recently I told Sherry (Angel Buddie's mom) about it and she thought I should definitely tell you about it.

For years we have been growing the striped crocuses in our front yard. I love looking forward to them which Is why I sent the same kind to Mercedes' Special Garden.

This winter was extra cold and snowy on LI so they were very slow in coming. I was confined to bed for seizures so every day when we had a couple of warm days I kept asking my husband if the crocuses had bloomed. One day he finally came in and said "The crocuses have bloomed but you won't believe this. In the middle of them is a pure white crocus. That never happened before." I said it was the Mercedes crocus and a gift from heaven from a little angel. I asked him to take a picture so I could send it to you but of course he never did. That night we had almost 2 ft. of snow and a long freeze. By the time the snow melted all the blooms were gone so I never got the picture.

The reason I am so sure it was from Mercedes is because once before I got a message from heaven through a flower. Before my mother died I was given a bag of tulip bulbs by a friend. I was working long hrs and never seemed to get around to planting them. One week my mother was staying with me and decided to do me the favor of planting them. Unfortunately she planted them too close to the brick edging that we had and they never came up. She died from a brain tumor the next year.

I didn't have the heart to transplant them and left them where they were. Oddly enough every year the one closest to my front door would come up every year but never bud or bloom -just the leaves came up. This is almost horticulturally impossible since the plant gets its food for the next year from the dead flower but this happened for almost 20 years.

Two years ago I had a horrible dream that almost destroyed my belief in heaven or any sort of afterlife that would allow us to see our families or furbabies after death. I couldn't shake it off and was becoming very depressed. I spoke to my mother and asked for a sign that there was an after life. A couple of days after that my husband came in and said, "You won't believe this but come outside. That tulip your mother planted over 20 yrs ago that never bloomed has a bud." When it bloomed it was red. When I looked it up that meant "believe me & love". I felt my mother had answered me.

I hope you enjoyed my stories from heaven. I will never forget Mercedes or look at the Wizard of Oz without thinking of your little beauties but most of all Dorothy.

With Love,
Arlene (Elise & Genny's Mom)


Rainbow Bridge Day

July 17th 2011 2:13 pm
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A whole year has gone by since I became one of heaven's angels. Mom and Dad didn't want to spend this day being too sad because the truth is, they hold memories of me close to their hearts every day and will love and miss me forever and ever.

The sun is shining brightly. Huey and the cats have been doing a great job of reminding my parents that they need to get up every day, not only to go to work, but to take care of them, love them and appreciate how much they love them back.

The fence around the house is getting replaced Monday and Tuesday. After that's done, my garden area is going to get cleaned up. So far, that space is being shared to honor Cosmo, Quincy and Milo as well. Mom ordered a garden statue to honor Milo so when it arrives I'm sure he'll share a photo of it.

Thank you all so much for thinking of me and my parents, especially today. I know your kind and loving words warm Mom's and Dad's hearts.


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