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Lucky's Room

October 28th 2008 2:07 pm
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Mom is almost finished renovating Lucky's room. Step one was to rip out the carpet and put down laminate flooring. Mom wanted to replace the ratty computer chair that Lucky has slept on for years but ended up keeping it for her. Step two was Mom assembling the "loft bed" for use as a guest bed. So far, I am the only one who has been able to get up there. Mom hasn't seen how I do it yet. But she was worried about my having to get down. It is almost 6 feet high! So, she put furniture in such a way that we can go down in steps. Then, she put Lucky up there with me. Stupid Lucky didn't use the ladder or the steps to get down. She jumped! Mom didn't like that as she was afraid Lucky would break a leg! Of course, she didn't. I go up and down there all the time and Mom still hasn't seen me. But I don't jump down the whole six feet or Mom would have heard me. She should have set up a video camera to see how I did it the first few times before she provided those steps. I love the loft bed because I can see outside another window from up there now!
Update! Mom just checked on us and we are both up there! Lucky is under the covers and I'm on top! Looks like we both love OUR new bed!!!




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