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13 DIY Costumes for Cats You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on April 3, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

cat wearing lion wig

13 DIY Costumes for Cats You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Whether it’s Halloween or you just like dressing your cat up in costumes, there’s no denying that it’s adorable. However, costumes for cats can be hard to find or pricey. So why not try your hand at making your own? With these DIYs, you’ll find tons of ideas for costumes you can make your cat for free or for a very low price. Keep reading to see all of the cute ideas we’ve found!

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The 13 DIY Cat Costumes

1. Candy Corn Sweater

DIY Candy Corn Sweater
Image Credit: diymaven

Keep Halloween simple this year! You can make this adorable Candy Corn Pet Sweater if you have some basic crocheting skills. The instructions are extremely simple, and you only need 3 skeins of yarn to get you started—the classic orange, yellow, and white. Plus, a size H crochet hook, and you’re in business!

We really like this design because it’s ultra-lightweight and likely won’t irritate your cat. The fantastic thing about this particular design is you can use it year after year to celebrate—it’s washable! If your kitty isn’t used to wearing any clothing or accessories, this can be a good starter.

This particular crochet pattern is designed for kitties that fit between the 12- and 20-pound range. You can easily adjust it to fit a cat of any size, however. Plus, if you have a canine or other pet in the home that you want to dress up as well, you could make them matching outfits!

2. DIY Cat Shark Costume

DIY Cat Shark Costume
Image Credit: instructables

If you’re looking for something extremely simple, lightweight, and not irritating for your feline friend, check out this project. It’s your very own DIY Cat Shark Costume—perfect for an energetic cat who likes to use its chompers during play!

This is one of the shortest and simplest DIYs we could find. You simply take a piece of cardboard, cut it into the shape of a shark fin, cover it in gray fabric, and add some elastic. Voila! You’re good to go. It’s really that quick. You might even have all the supplies at home already, so it could very well be free for some folks to create.

Instead of any complicated sewing or expensive supplies, you simply use a little fabric glue to hold things together. This is a perfect design for cats who really can’t stand anything constricting around them. They will likely not even notice it’s there. But you certainly will, and you can get some pretty adorable photos this holiday season.

3. Kitten Sock Onesie

DIY Kitten Sock Onesie
Image By: coleandmarmalade

Initially, this particular DIY was created to prevent any licking or contact with incisions after spaying or neutering. However, by following these basic instructions, you can wind up with a really cute Halloween costume as well. You will need to customize it to make it your own.

You can use any design that you desire, creating a Halloween-esque look to celebrate the season. It will match the perfect size of your kitten, as these costumes are made out of knee-high socks. So, you can get your supplies with just a few dollars! Plus, if your kitten just so happens to be fresh out of surgery during this time, it’s a double-whammy.

Luckily, around the holidays, there will be plenty of Halloween-inspired socks to choose from. You could get some with pumpkins, candy corn, ghosts – you name it. You simply make a few cuts and slide it onto your kitten, and you’re good to go. It’s a perfect design for smaller cats under roughly 8 pounds. The outcome will be pretty stinking cute!

4. Dracula Crochet Pattern

DIY Dracula Crochet Pattern
Image Credit: etsy

With this cute crochet pattern, you just need the pattern, the crochet hook, and the yarn—and you’re good to go! You might already have all the yarn at home if you’re a hobbyist! This paid pattern is such a straightforward option—if you don’t mind spending a few dollars.

This creator uses red, black, and purple yarn in this particular design for the overall look. This cute creation fits like a hat, so no larger design will restrict their body. It’s perfect for those cats that are hard to dress—even though they still need to cooperate to a point.

Even though this is a paid pattern—it isn’t too expensive if you can spare $4 from your budget. You can create it in an afternoon cuddled up with your cat.

5. DIY Cat Shirt with Socks

This is another sock hack by Abuzer Channel. It incorporates an ankle sock to achieve your desired look. You simply make a few cuts, and it’s easy to slip on your cat without an issue. There are no complicated instructions that you have to read and follow step by step. This creator shows a quick two-minute video of the process.

All you need to make this DIY is a Halloween-inspired sock and a pair of scissors. You make a few cuts on the sock and stretch it onto your cat. And there you go! You have a Halloween costume for next to nothing. You can even make a few for a little photo shoot if you’re feeling festive.

We love this idea because it is inexpensive, and you have a lot of room to get creative. You can even add accessories onto the sock with a little fabric glue if you want to. Add some fuzzy balls to give it a clown-like appearance, glue on some cotton balls to make them look like a cotton candy surprise—you name it.

6. DIY Sock Cat Leg Warmers

DIY Sock Cat Leg Warmers
Image Credit: petdiys

Check out these simple but sweet leg warmers if you want to go 80s-style this Halloween. You can even add a headband and a bunch of other add-ons for this era. You can use old socks for this one, too! Who knew old pairs of smelly foot sweaters could be so useful?

You simply cut the sock in half and use each side of it to create these leg warmers. You can sew or glue them. In this particular DIY, the creator sewed the pieces, but you can glue them if you feel uncomfortable doing that part.

With litter box visits, the open-toe might be easier. You can leave the paws out or leave the toes in—whatever your cat will tolerate. If your cat doesn’t mind having them on, you can leave them all—at least just long enough for a photoshoot.

7. DIY Star Wars Princess Leia Cat Costume

Star Wars fans will go gaga over this DIY! If you have a sewing machine and a little time, you can whip this up in the afternoon. The overall design is pretty simple, as you’re only making a headpiece. So, even if you’re not the craftiest person, you could probably figure it out.

If you don’t have a sewing machine available, you do have the option to hand stitch. Hand stitching is more time-consuming, so prepare to spend a few extra minutes on the overall design if you go in that direction.

Rather than listening to a bunch of monologues or reading a lot of instructions, this creator just shows you a step-by-step visual guide. Once you’re done, you’ll have the perfect space buns for your little Princess Leia.

8. Kate and Frankie TY Beanie Baby

Here is a four-for-one! It starts with a simple TY Beanie Baby outfit. How simple—how precious! You have a little cutie. The creator takes a collar and spruces it up, creating a durable but simple structure.

Then, she takes a TY beanie baby tag and puts it directly onto the collar. Your adorable little cutie can walk around like a valuable beanie baby from the 90s. What could be cuter?

9. Kate and Frankie Bat

We stole this amazing video giving four DIY patterns in one swoop. Switch to the time 1:52 on the YouTube video and check out the adorable bat DIY you can create in several minutes. It is such a great little tutorial. She speeds it up in a timelapse, but you can see every stage of the development.

If you have some wire, a black kitty harness, felt, and cardboard, you can make a really nifty pair of wings. It looks ever-so-adorable on the Munchkin cat in the video—and we think it will look just as stunning on yours!

10. Kate and Frankie Einstein

So, you have a fluff monster on your hands? This DIY is perfect for a brief photoshoot—unless you have some clips to keep the “wig” in place! In the same video, go to 4:04—we have an Einstein—compliments of the hairs on your little kitty’s head.

This creator chose a nifty, dapper bow tie and fur fluff to mimic one of the greatest minds of all time! She even goes as far as putting this outfit on both of her cats so you can see how it looks on a short and long-haired cat.

11. Kate and Frankie Astronaut

What’s next in this cool four DIY mashup? If you go to the minute marker 5:28, it takes you to your little astronaut! If you have some felt, tinfoil, and a collar, you can strap this rocket on the back of your cat and fly them right to space. This is a very simple but exceptionally fun design.

You probably have most of these supplies on hand, but if you don’t, you can easily pick them up at your local dollar store.

12. Cat Clown Halloween Costume

DIY Cat Clown Halloween Costume
Image By: marthastewart

If you’re a fan of clowns and you much prefer to follow a step-by-step written DIY, this project might just be for you! The creator chose baby blue and red for the overall design, but you can essentially choose any kind of tulle color you prefer. All you’ll need are a few different materials and a glue gun, and you’re in business!

Rather than wrapping around your cat’s entire body, this design goes around the neck and the top of the head. Some cats might not enjoy fitted items around the ears, so take that into consideration before you make it. You might want to try out something similar first to see if your cat will tolerate it before going through the process.

But if you’re good to go, you can take roughly an hour of your time and throw this together. The only supplies you’ll need cost very little money—and you might have some on hand. So, this particular DIY is easy to throw together.

13. Oona Patterns, Etc Viking Princess Costume

DIY Viking Princess Costume
Image Credit: etsy

Would you like to make this hilarious Viking Princess getup for your pretty girl? If you’re willing to pay a few bucks for a quick pattern, we think this choice from Oona Patterns Etc on Etsy is a sensational option—and definitely one of a kind.

This particular pattern was inspired by Brunhilde. It is a lightweight design that is easy to put on your cat. You simply crochet the Viking helmet, braids, and bustier. Both pieces tie on, setting your cat perfectly every time.

This pattern is available in a digital download and is written for all sizes of cats and even small dogs! So, you could always keep it on hand for another occasion, too.


Final Thoughts

We hope our list of ideas has helped you find some amazing and adorable DIY costumes for your cat, whether for Halloween or just for fun. From clowns to astronauts to Star Wars, and even some really simple outfits made from only socks, there is something for the novice or advanced DIYer alike.

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