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Hello my furends

February 3rd 2013 6:02 pm
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Mama said we need to add a diary on my page,it's been too long! Today would have been my 11th birthday if I were still on earth. Mama,daddy,and Tiggy can't believe I've been at Rainbow Bridge 4 1/2 years... Can you believe it?

I'm having a great day at the bridge. Lots of goodies fur me to eat. :)


A hello to my pals from the bridge

January 21st 2011 2:04 pm
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How are my furends doing lately? It has been a while since my last entry...

An update: In October, I welcomed my momma's momma and momma's uncle. Momma Kim lost her mom (age 64) and uncle(age 66) within 2 weeks of each other,so it's been a very grief filled time...the holidays were rough, but she is remembering lots of the good times.

I think it is time I find me an angel girl kitty, what do ya'll think? mol


Today is my 2nd Bridge date

August 3rd 2010 9:00 pm
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Hey my pals,

sorry it been so long since I've been on catster. I do think of you all,my friends. I have not furgotten you even though I'm at the bridge.

Hope you are doing great? Me? I've been playing and chasing butterflies as always,and even sending some to mama K and poppie C. Tigger even gets a visit from me now and then!

As always,this day is still hard fur my pawrents...they can't believe I've been gone two years now. Fortunately,there are many more laughs and fewer tears when they think of me. They still talk fur me as always,since I was such a huge pursonality.

Me luvs you all and hope to be in touch much more soon,your buddy,Boo angel


Thanks to my furends

August 7th 2009 4:25 pm
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My pals,

Thanks so much fur all the rosies,comments,pmails, & stars you sent me fur my 1 year bridge annifursary. It made me and my family very happy.

I had a wonderful time at the bridge ,they throw big pawties up here all the time! And now,I can eat all the cake and goodies I more insulin shots,woohoo!

My family weeped off and on all week,very emotional fur them...but I'm doing well and looking after them,plus all of you too. Luv you all,your pal,Boo angel the butterbutt


Today is my one year bridge annifursary....

August 3rd 2009 5:32 pm
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Hello my furends,

Even tho you have not heard much from us lately,ya'll are still loved and thought of.

This day,last year,I unexpectedly had to be helped to the bridge. Momma & Papa never thought the tears would end,they thought they'd be looking like racoons for a long time.mol

Today has been an ebb and flow of tears...Tiggy still looks for me when they ask him "where's Boudin"...I am still there in spirit and am very well and happy.

I visited Daddy in a dream last night and was wearing orange "John Lennon" glasses! But mama wishes I visited like I did after I passed...

I love all you guys and hope all is great with you,here when you need me,Boo angel bear


Hi furends, updates on me and the family....

June 29th 2009 5:55 pm
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Hi sweet buddies!

I know you think me & Tiggy have fallen off catster,but we have not furgotten you guys.

My one yr annifursary bridge date is coming up on August 3rd,and the folks cannot believe it,can you? I'm having a blast up here,but they are still sad.

My mama K just suffered another big loss,she had a miscarriage,so I'm trying my bestest to float down and visit her on earth while she sleeps.

Tiggy seems to be doing purrty good,he's been eating very well...the kidney disease does not seem to be progressing,which is great.

Well,my furends,how are you all doing, thanks fur keeping in touch with me,me luvs you and hope you have a happy and safe 4th!

Boo angel


My 9 months bridge annifursary today

May 3rd 2009 1:38 pm
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Well my pals,

You probably think me & Tiggy have dropped off catster fur good,but nope. It's just been a kooky year so far.

We have officially been members on catster fur 2 yrs now! Now all mama needs to do is find a means of getting our catster plus subscriptions renewed this month. The family has been doing a little better financially,but with Tiggy's two vet trips last month,it's a little tough. Tiggy had to have a tooth extracted,I watched over him during the anesthesia and all. He's doing ok,just needs to gain weight.

Today is my 9 months annifursary at the bridge and the pawrents can't believe it.They have been weepy lately,talking to my picture and all. I'm celebrating with many of my pals up here,including Cole whose bridge date is tomorrow.

Anyways,yes, I am hoping to get some more catster time very soon,so don't furget about me,I have not furgotten you,luv angel bear Boo


Hey furends,somebody called asking fur me!

February 28th 2009 4:39 pm
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Listen to this weird story...papa got a call last week from Walgreen's(the place where the nasty insulin came from,mol) And a lady asked fur Boudin *cat* Bordelon! Papa told her,"uh,that is our cat"...she laughed,then he said "and he passed away last August"...the lady was so upset.

Can you believe that I'm that important! Mama K says that is was a little trick I played on them to make them laugh and know I'm thinking of them...whatcha think? luv ya'll,your pal,Boo angel bear


Today is my 6 month bridge day and 8th birfday

February 3rd 2009 5:39 am
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Well,pals, mama talked to my picture this morning and cried a bit,she can't believe how ironic today is. I have been at the bridge fur 6 mos and it would have been my 8th birfday. Weird,huh? I told her we are having a huge pawty up here!

Luv ya'll... your buddy,Boo


Hi pals, an update on us

January 27th 2009 6:44 pm
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Hi furends!

I sure hope you all are doing great and feeling great too? I certainly miss ya'll and my family.I sure hope to be on much more this week and weekend. Mama had to take about 3-4 days off the net and stuff this past weekend,kinda like a media break...ughhh,well fur me and Tiggy that aint cool, especially when we have not meowed with our buds in a while!

I have not heard from my girl,Phoebe in furever,probably since Thanksgiving....pray that her and her family are ok.I know that they were having pooter issues and were planning to move to NC.

I miss ya'll very much and luv hearing me & Tiggy are still remembered,even tho we have not been very active since I've passed. Ya'll are such great pals,we are grateful,luv, Boo angel & mama K

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