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Toonces rules, Ashley drools

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Two years sure has gone by fast...

May 10th 2013 6:49 am
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It seems like yesterday I was with my pawrents, napping and getting deep tissue massage and unlimited treats anytime I uttered a simple "meow". I was one pampered kit, that's for sure. I wasn't so fond of the kisses and being held, but I endured it because I would meow LOUDLY at the end to get my "reward" for enduring it ALL. :)

I miss them, but the Bridge is pretty cool and Mittens and I are having lots of fun in the sunshine! Unlimited Pez dispensers full of treats. Purrrr!

I know my family is still quite sad and they miss me, and my bothersome, yet somewhat lovable sister Ashley does too. Meowmie can't look at my pictures without crying, which is one reason it's hard to be on Catster. I realize I pretty much ran the show there, so a big tree fell in the forest when I left that sunny day. Even that dog they got, Snooki, missed me. But I have to say Snooki was pretty cool, she liked to nap and eat so we got to be such good friends in the short time we had together. The love didn't spread to Ashley, who I understand still loathes her.

Thanks to my Catster pals who didn't forget me and sent me some rosettes yesterday on the second anniversary of my journey to the bridge! This made an old fellow smile. Wow time sure does fly, but you know Paul McCartney was so the end the love we take is equal to the love we make. I was always all about the love, I loved everyone and I still do! God Bless You all!




The hoidays can be very hard...but we angels are always- there!

December 26th 2012 10:11 am
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Dear Diary:

The holidays were pretty hard for my pawrents. Meowmie and Daddy went to see my pet columbarium that is finally completed and to her astonishment, they had my death date (year) totally wrong! It upset her but I kept putting my paw on her shoulder and telling her I am not there, I am just the bridge and I will see her again!

Meowmie went by again to see if it had been fixed (and it hasn't!) and when she was leaving the cemetary (it has people there too) a lady came over and asked if she had a special baby buried there. I loved that she didn't say pet! Meowmie told her yes and showed her the plaque with one of my more handsome photos on it. Let's face it-I was pretty photogenic so all of them are pretty handsome. Anyway, she said it was a shame but she knew they would fix it as they were highly reputable and just give them time. She told meowmie she had a spouse, her mom, and her daughter buried there and how they kept the cemetary so nice. As meowmie was talking to her, from nowhere a little tiny bird came down and perched on the top of the columbarium. I am at a top corner (as I should be) and the little bird lit right above me and started to chirp!

Meowmie cried on the way home. I wish she would not do that because I don't want her to be sad. I sent that little birdie to tell her that she is loved and all of us communicate in some way to our loved ones until we meet again in the sunshine at the Bridge. The lady that was standing there said "I bet your baby sent that little bird to remind you of his love. Nearly every time I come here to visit my daughter I get a butterfly or a bird or a little breeze that tells me she knows I need to hear from her".

I was a little embarrassed that lady was smarter than Meowmie, but we all have an off day. We all know pawrents can embarrass us. At least they didn't dress me up in ridiculous outfits like Snooki. :)

We are blessed to love each other and be loved. I miss all my Catster friends and I'm happy at the bridge, and I do look forward to being reunited and getting even more snacks and deep tissue massage. I even will be glad to see Ashley someday. She really misses me, and I sent her swats of love. Well, sort of love.

God Bless you all as we soon enter a new year! Prayers for healing to all who need it, especially my Meowmie.

Big angel hugs and love,



My pet columbarium is finally ready to be finished

October 26th 2012 10:39 am
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Dear Diary:

I have missed all my catster family, but life at the bridge is good! Life without me with Meowmie and Daddy has been difficult. It has been a rough time for them because I believe I was the glue that held it all together in my family! Many, many tears have been shed and are still shed.

Ashley still cannot stand the dog, Snooki, who joined us a few months before I passed. Snooki was an okay girl, she mainly liked my hobbies, eating and naps. Ashley is as bad as ever, but somewhat mean to Snooki so there have been "fights" a plenty.

Today, however, was a tough day.

Meowmie got the call that the long awaited pet columbarium that was in pre-construction went I went to the bridge is finally done. Meowmie must pick a photo of me for my brass plaque and go and decide which "spot" is best for my cremains. I keep whispering to her that it's not me but just the cremains but she cried a lot today. I know of course that everyone misses me but am sure this will be difficult. Meowmie gets to place anything in there she wants with the urn and then they will seal it and place my plaque.

I hope Meowmie and Daddy can not shed tears. They can come see me there, even though I'm not there! It's a place to come and sit and remember me and it's very pretty. But please pray for's hard even though it's been a while. But this is a cool memorial to me, and I think I deserve it! MOL!

Now to pick the photo. Meowmie is looking at them on Catster now trying to decide which one....

I do read though I don't get to post a lot because my staff is always BUSY but I miss my Catster fam. I hope you all are well and I love you.

Meows of love,



Catster rocks--thank you Catster family from the bottom of- our hearts

May 18th 2011 7:48 am
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My dear Catster riends:

My Caster family has been a true blessing to my family and to me this last week. The acts of love and kindness have been a warm blanket around our hearts. When I left for the bridge on May 9, our journey into another phase of our lives began. My family is struggling with not having me around (and I can see why. I was the glue, everyone knew that!). Ashley still cries and cries, looking for me. I was my meowmie’s baby for 17 years and the toll has been quite hard on her. I was my daddy’s BFF (Best Feline Friend!) and he loved me so much, he has really been hurting. Poor Ashley, she is devastated. Meowmie gives her lots of snacks and tries to comfort her, but she is so sad. She still finds the energy to smack Snooki the dog, though. I don't think she's ever going to accept her, because Ashley is such a diva. But, I do miss her so much.

The one thing that has helped is the outpouring of love from my Catster family. Though we haven’t been so active in the last months (posting anyway--we read as much and as often as we could), it was good to know we weren’t forgotten. The rosettes, emails, and cards we received have blessed my family more than you will ever know. I don't know that we can thank each one personally, but know that we know and love and appreciate every single sweet gesture. I miss my family, but I am free to be with all my friends at the bridge and of course, my lovely Miss Mittens, the love of my life. The days are carefree and the cuisine is delightful. And of course, cuisine is important to me. :) I hope I can put some weight back on so I am still the little bucket of love I was before this took a toll.

God has blessed me in my life, and my family blessed each other so much. That includes my Catster family. God bless you all, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please continue to purr and pray for my loving and grieving family.



All my Catster friends at the Bridge have welcomed me with- open paws!

May 10th 2011 9:38 am
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I am basking in the sun at Rainbow Bridge! I see all my Catster pals welcoming me! Wow, the sun is shining so brightly and there are unlimited Party Mix Treats all over the place! And my girl Miss Mittens was the first one there to greet me. The Olde Furts are well represented up here for sure; they all came out to greet me, as did many more of my Catster pals who paved the way for me! Arnold P and I are talking about Augusta this morning over some cat snacks and some great food.
I want to tell you about my experience so other pawrents like mine can know and can have this as useful information should the time come for them. Mine had to learn really fast as I got sick quickly, so I hope this is helpful for anyone who might need it.
My meowmie found a v-e-t who was quite nice who was semi-retired and had a kitty practice for 20 years! She came highly recommended and she told meowmie she would come to our house. I understand through other Catster pals many vets will do this for you at your home so you don’t have to transport which we all know is traumatic. The vet, Kathy, was very nice and sweet and loving. She told meowmie I could have anything I wanted to eat, which was just to distract me from the little shot I know, but I was down with that. The shot made me sleepy feeling, but it didn’t hurt at all, she was so gentle. I ate lots of party mix while meowmie held me and my aunt stroked my head. Daddy’s eyes were leaking really badly so he had to go outside. The shot made me tired and I wanted to look at meowmie with my head up high, but in a minute or so I just let my head relax and my body relaxed, but I could still see meowmie’s face just fine. Meowmie said she didn’t realize my body was so tense until it started to relax. I was hurting but I didn’t want her to know how much, so when the medicine started to take effect, I could relax! I wasn’t in any pain anymore! Wow, that was good stuff! Then the nice lady put a little IV in my arm and I purred at meowmie some more with my big loud purr, and I nuzzled meowmie’s hand a lot. Meowmie was trying not to let her eyes leak but kept talking to me about how sweet I was which frankly, I can never hear too often. She sang to me and kissed me a lot, but I didn’t mind because I felt so relaxed and warm in my blankie. Meowmie looked sad but kept trying to smile at me. I kept looking at her so she knew I loved her and I would miss her. I am pretty sure she figured that out from my signals. Gosh, we’ve been together a long time.
Then, I saw the bridge and all my pals! Wow, it’s just like everyone said! I chased butterflies and then I wiggled on the ground. I ate grass and I played and played. Then Miss Mittens and I had to catch up and go see all our friends together. She was waiting for me just like she promised she would, pretty girl!
I watched my pawrents and I still am. They are so broken hearted and Ashley cries from room to room, looking for me. Doggie Snooki kept kissing my face and sat next to meowmie the whole time. She turned out to be a very nice girl and I think she will look after my pawrents for me now, since Ashley is pretty but highly unreliable. I really had a hand in Snooki coming there, because I knew my eyes were growing old and my time was coming, far before anyone else knew. I knew everyone needs someone, and they all need each other right now. I hope Ashley will not be so mean to Snooki because Ashley needs a friend right now.
A nice lady from a local perpetual care group came to get my shell and that shell (as I am no longer there, remember?) will be cremated today and placed in a beautiful pet columbarium with my picture and a bronze plaque about me. The lady asked for some snacks to take with her to put in my urn! How did she know I liked them so much, that was so cool! That resting place seems pretty fitting to me, as I was pretty regal in life so I should have a regal forever monument and those will be finished this summer so for now, I am safely kept at the perpetual care center. The lady was so sweet to my pawrents and she sat and stroked my old body as I looked down from above. How kind she was to them!
Meowmie never left me yesterday as I never left her my entire life. I was so glad when she married Daddy, because he was my bestest pal ever. I miss her and Daddy already, but I know we’ll be together again and I am enjoying all my Catster pals today. God bless all of them and thank you all for showing such love to me and to my pawrents, who are just having such a hard time coping with this. Seventeen years was just not enough time together. Seventy years would not have been enough. Without grief, we cannot know love, so I hope that their sad time passes soon. I miss them, too. Please purr and pray for them and most of all for poor Ashley who is really grieving her little heart out. I guess as aggravating as she was she really loved me most of all.
God bless you all!
Toonces (who’s going to take a little cat nap now under a tree!)


Friends, I feel my time is drawing near....

May 8th 2011 9:31 am
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I have loved my time on Catster and all the friends I have made. I wanted to tell you what is going on with me.

Suddenly, things have gone quite wrong for me. On Friday, I wasn’t feeling well and by that afternoon, I could barely walk. Meowmie and Daddy took me to the v-e-t and that stethoscope was cold.

I saw tears in my vet’s eyes and he would not even draw blood because he told Meowmie it would hurt me too much. It seems my discs have just gone in my back and now caused my hips to just go as well, so I can barely walk. I am eating a lot though and purring when I am petted, but my pawrents bring the food to me and then I drag myself to hide. The vet gave me some pain medicine and I heard the vet say it would be a miracle if I came back from this.

I don’t ask for prayers for me because I’ve had a long and wonderful life, but my pawrents are devastated because I know they have to make “the decision” that they’ve never wanted to make. This has come on so quickly (I was just at the vet three weeks ago and was fine!) and they cry a lot. Ashley and Snooki are coming and lying down with me. That dog I wasn’t so happy to see has sure been sweet to me, and Ashley just looks very sad. As much as Ashley aggravates me, I really do love her and Snooki has become my nap partner. She’s pretty nice for a d-o-g.

I want to say though I haven’t posted a lot recently, I do read and I have made some wonderful friends on Catster and will cross-post this on several groups. I have been a fighter all my life and rallied back but my old bones are just giving out now and it’s just too hard to fight. I sure have enjoyed my friends on Catster through the years and it led me to meet my Mittens, who it seems I shall join soon. Seventeen years is a good life, I have sure enjoyed mine. I’ll update what’s going on, and I know miracles can happen because I got one years ago when my kidneys were failing and suddenly, I turned around. But, I am also realistic too. Meowmie and Daddy took me outside in the yard yesterday because the yard is fenced and I can’t run, so I laid in the sunshine and watched things going on. It was nice and Snooki came and sat with me too.

Thanks for the prayers. I love you.


Well, my pawrents are idiots.

March 21st 2011 12:20 pm
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Dear Diary:

My pawrents are idiots. I can't tell THEM that because I like the Party Mix, but they are idiots.

Two weeks ago, they came home one day with a stinking dog! Can you imagine? She's what they call a chihuahua and she's little. I am three times bigger than she is! And she likes me. Yuk! She actually kissed me. Ew!

However, if you think this is bad, she and Ashley are at war. WAR! Ashley detests her because she is a suck-up to Meowmy. So is "Snooki" the stinky dog. So they compete for Meowmy affection. Ashley is so jealous. Watching Ashley get mad is almost worth the effort on this one. BWAHHAA!

Now, that said, Snooki is very respectful of me. She does not lie in my sunny house spots. She does not eat my treats. She does try to get my cat food, but I try to get her dog food so that makes us a bit even. She mostly naps and eats and she's very quiet. But she works Ashley's nerves and Ashley stares at her with mean looks all the time.

This is mildly entertaining! I must say, for a dog, Snooki is not that stinky and she's less irritating than Ashley is on a daily basis. I do laugh when Snooki has to go outside in the rain to pee. HA!! How inferior. But meowmy bought her a pink raincoat! Can you imagine? I'd die before I would wear a raincoat. Seriously.




My heart is broken in little pieces...

September 1st 2010 12:42 pm
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Learning today that Miss Mittens (Mittsy to me, my girlfriend and soulmate, went to Rainbow Bridge has stirred many emotions. Of course, first is the gift of love that so many of us have from our pawrents, and how lucky we are that God gifted us with the love for each other. Second, my heart is broken for her mom Teri who must face the hard times until the sad memories are replaced with the memories of how wonderful their life was together and the happier days prevail. Third, my thoughts went to special sister Kaci who will miss her so....being 16 myself makes you reflect as we get to the twilight of our lives and I can't help but feel so fortunate to have my pawrents, yes, even my aggravating sister Ashley, and all my friends at Catster. I've been busy lately and my staff again has let me down in keeping in touch, but I do make Meowmy read what's going on to me in between naps and snacks.

Let Mittsy's journey today give us pause (paws) for reflection and thankfulness for the love we are all so fortunate to have and give to each other.

Mittsy, you are the most special angel today. Say hello to all our friends who are there. You are loved.

Sad purrs between tears,



A survivor becomes sweet 16

April 25th 2010 7:18 pm
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Dear Diary:

Some people never thought I'd make it to this age. Ha! Fooled THEM! You know, I had some tough times with some rough illnesses....years ago, the v-e-t told my meowmie my kidneys were failing and that I should be put to s-l-e-e-p...then she came to the office the next morning and overnight, not only had they revived, I was sitting up in the cage and loudly meowing to get out! I did and never looked back.

It's not always been the easiest road, but I have really had a fabulous life. Though my staff is not giving me quite enough Catster time the last months, I am around and reading at least and plan to sneak in more time. I love Catster and all the friends I've made and those who have friended meowmie on that book of faces thing...we've never been exactly sure of my birthday but knew it was April when meowmy got me, so Ashley (ugh) and I celebrate together.

God has blessed me with a meowmie and daddy who cater to my every need, a good and loving home, wonderful friends, all my Catster pals, and yes, even Ashley. She is good for cleaning my ears at least, though she does tax me to no end....she's the cross I bear, I suppose.

Most of all, I am blessed with Party Mix. Those treats ROCK!

Love to all, and gratitude for all my loved ones,

Sweet Sixteen Toonces


The Catster team ROCKS!

December 28th 2009 3:09 pm
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Dear Diary:

I have been traumatized! We could not get our Catster emails! At one point, I couldn't even log in! I finally got in touch with the team at Catster, and they went to work figuring out the problem! They were so nice to deal with, and we finally figured out the problem and they solved it for us!!

We missed all our friends during the holidays! I've been caring for Meowmy who had a rough knee surgery, then broke two ribs! Poor meowmy! I've been busy chewing the artificial Christmas tree and then hurling it up. Meowzers!

I missed and love you all. I look forward to reconnecting with my pals!

Meows and love to the Catster staff!


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