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Time With Tony

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The Lovely Queen Mu has gone to the Bridge

May 10th 2010 4:19 pm
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Our hearts are broken today. Our dear sweet friend Queen Mu has gone to the Bridge. As you know she had an early birthday party only two days ago. We are so thankful for her friends who went to visit her and wish her a happy day.

With heavy hearts we now ask you to go by her page (#940377) and give her mom your support and love.
Tony Anna Stormy Sammy Grey Cleo and Ashe


Please Come to the Party!!

May 7th 2010 4:11 pm
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Our dear lovely friend Queen Mu (#940377) has recently learned she has cancer. Her mom was hoping she would make it to her birthday in August but now Queen Mu is expected to be with us only one or two more weeks.

We want to celebrate her life and her uniqueness. So today, Saturday May 8, she is having a Drop-In Birthday Party and we ask all of our friends to go to her page and wish her a Happy Birthday. Queen Mu is a precious friend and if you can drop by it would mean so much to her mom and to us.

our love to all, Tony, Anna, Grey, Stormy, Sammy, Cleo and Ashe


What a Break!!!

February 27th 2010 2:16 pm
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First i want to thank all my Furiends who came to visit and congratulate me on getting DDP. It is such an honor and always such a surprise for us. But it is also a whole lot of fun. Thank you each one, we love you all.

Now about this break our mom was talking about. it seems Mother Nature has a real strange sense of humor because our mom truly did get a five day break, just not the one she had imagined.

Dad had to go on a trip for four days so mom had all these plans, mostly cleaning and sewing and stuff. Dad left Monday morning and by Monday nite mom was thinking she had never been quite so sick in her life. She had picked up some kind of stomach virus. Day two, she slept and slept. She was kind enough to feed us and clean the litter boxes though. Day three, she laid on the sofa, fed us and cleaned the litter boxes, day four she was suppose to go to work, but she was very grateful to see lots of snow, meaning she couldn't get out to go to work LOL. so she laid on the sofa some more and fed us and cleaned the litter boxes. Day five she is much better and able to go to work. The up side? she lost three or four pounds so now she can eat lots of chocolate and pototo chips.

But not her idea of a break. Nevertheless, all is well, we are fed, our litterbox is clean and mom is all well again.

Hoping everyone soon gets Spring, us included. love and blessings Tony


Time Goes Too Quickly

February 18th 2010 10:05 am
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Dear Catster Furiends, we have decided to take a semi-break from Catster for the spring and summer. we will still be coming on to say hello now and then and to check our pawmails and give birthday rosies.

Mom realized this morning when she was finishing her grandson's birthday quilt that she has neglected so many things that she loves doing. her quilting, cross-stitch, reading and working in her roses. Catster became the first thing she did in the morning and the last thing at night.

We aren't leaving, we have so many furiends here we love dearly and we will keep up with them but time waits for no one and it is important we make sure we do all the things we love as well as Catster.

So we send our love to all and wish you all a healthy wonderfur spring and summer. love and blessings Tony


Allergic to beef

February 10th 2010 2:50 pm
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Would you believe i'm allergic to beef? how can a kitty be that? we knew i couldn't eat corn, it gave me the itchies really bad and i would pull my hair out. mom had tried some new wet food with beef in it for us. she never considered it might be a problem for me. but OMC my ears turned red and i started scratching. until Sir Sonny's mom told us another kitty friend of hers was allergic to beef, we didn't even think about the new food. mom took it away and no more problems. well, i guess the cows are happier anyway.

i'm off to climb to new heights (top of the cabinets) we can't go on the porch because of the cold and snow so i seem to have cabin fever. gotta run, headbonks Tony


ME 2 ~

January 31st 2010 10:22 am
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Awe struck Thanks

January 18th 2010 3:55 am
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My Dear Dear Friends, what an utterly pawsome day yesterday was. i had so many of you come to visit and congratulate me. I love each and every one of you, i guess i just didn't realize how many there were (big grin) Catster Friends are the dearest and best. My love and thanks yous to everyone who came to visit~

Sir Sonny Bono, Presley and Paris
Muppet, Chico and Family
Riley, Zack and Family
Pumpkin, Cheese and Family
Wanda, Normy and Family
Alex and Family
Finney and Family
Karma Kitty and Family
Lily and Family
Twixy and Family
Smokey and Family
Sir Alfie and Family
Webster, Dusty the Puppycat and Ringo
Kibbles and Family
Tate and Family
Beloved Angel Amelia
Karisma and Family
Minerva Lucille and Family
Eddy and Family
Rizza and Family
Penelope and Family
Smudge and Family
Buddie and Family
Spitfire and Family
Ka-Zar and Family
Chai Latte and Family
Riley and Skippy
Bonnie Bell and Snickey
The Bush Furs
Felix and Critter
Ciao-Li and Family
Eva Corrine and Family
The Bell Family
Nuk and Family
Edgar and Family
Gracie Mae and Family
Mickey Piper and Family
Jobel and Family

Since my secretary started typing at 5:00 this morning we do apologize if anyone has been left out. You have made my day Fantastic! happy headbonks Tony



January 9th 2010 2:01 pm
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OMC Stay Away from Bigoo!!!

after yesterdays warning even more stuff starting going on with our computer. we couldn't even get on Catster and the internet and we had some weird messages pop up.

thanks to Sir Sonny Bono's human brother (who is a computer whiz) we learned how to fix it. Thank you Sonny and brother!!! will you sprinkle some extra AngelDust over him for us?

so we are back (sighs with relief) but with a big warning~don't use Bigoo!! we had used it for years and it was ok but no more!!!!

gotta run, Dad lit the fireplace so we are going to go and get warmed up. headbonks and grateful purrs Tony scare

January 8th 2010 12:02 pm
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Hi Everyfur~

this is just a 'maybe' problem but i thought it would help to alert some of you also.

this morning mom went to where we get stuff for our pages sometimes. well all of a sudden this ALERT thing comes on and says our computer has all kind of virus' and do we want to fix them? of course mom just about had a heart attack. Then it dawned on her something about going to Bigoo had started this.

so she shut down the computer right away and went to her McAfee center and did a detailed scan. it showed nothing. then she did a spybot for spyware and it had a couple which it removed.

so what we think is that the Bigoo site is trying to get you to download their spyware/adware scanner. if you happen to go there and see this VIRUS ALERT don't believe it, we think it is just a scam to scare the whiskers off your face.

well the sun FINALLY came out so i think i'll go take a sunnap. headbonks Tony



December 30th 2009 6:36 am
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Most of you purrs probably know this, but we didn't. last nite mom was fooling around with her Photobucket account and decided to "Organize". well about half of my families backgrounds, banners and giftboxes dissappeared!!

so once you have your pictures set, DON'T move them!! it took mom a good long time to go back and fix them.

of course there is a warning (yes, mom read it but didn't think it would mess up just putting them in a different folder). WRONG!

so if we save just one purr or woof some time and aggravation it is worth it.

headbonks Tony

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