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February 10th 2009 5:40 am
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"I've be Hearted" by Nelly Bell May and asked to play a game telling about myself and then ask another kitty.

1. Favorite Color: Blue, it complemented my eyes.
2.Favorite Food: Chinese food from Philadelphia!
3. Treats: A tiny serving of vanilla ice cream.
4. Table Scraps: NO, I had my own place setting at the table.
5. Toy: My cat perch in a sunny window,when I was younger, a cat nip sock.
6. Birthday: I was almost a Christmas kitty, December 26th.
7. Color of collar: I didn't wear one, the winter I was 18, I got a pretty blue and red argyle sweater to help keep me warm. I loved it and looked very handsome in it. Mom is looking for a picture of me wearing it to put on my page.

I'm looking for another kitty friend to play.
Purrs from the Bridge, Weezercat


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