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All is Well and I am Sooo Thankfull

March 3rd 2014 8:22 am
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Whoo Hoo, March 3, and we are live at Catsterland!! *Doing the HAPPY dance*
Ok, so I lost my decorated page when I went and added my Dreamboat status to my name ~ that’s ok with me. A nice, decorated page is great, but, guess what?? It didn’t end my world when it disappeared. It was a Christmas theme background.
I’m hoping in the coming days, when we find out what kind of changes will be occurring, that we can still decorate our pages, even if it’s a simpler scaled back way. What is most important to me, is the fact we are all still here and can have our pages, especially the Memorial pages to our Angels.
I also realize there are functions not working properly. As long as someone can’t hack into the personal stuff and get my email address or password, I am fine with the site right now. There is work that needs to be done on it, and like I said, I am just so happy we can have this wonnerfur place to play in.

Catster has been good and kind to me. I have been blessed to make life long furiends here, have a safe place to grieve with understanding caring furiends on the loss of Buddy. Been supported when I have been sick. I have had many many honors bestowed upon me, which will always bring a smile to mai Meowmy’s face whenever she thinks of these awesome pawsome days.
I have never ever said I am leaving this place ~ its too important to me!! Life is neve smooth, sure we have great days, but there are also bumps along the way. And when things don’t go smoothly its not like we can say, that’s it, fix it or I’m out of here!! Instead life has taught me to be patient and that things happen for a reason.

I can tell you this, there is no other place like Catster, and I think just about all of us had to go looking for another home last month and found this out.

So today, it being the original close date, am just thrilled to see it going on!! I think the changes that will be coming, are going to be ok, too ~ I just want all of us to have a home like this where we can play and share, laugh, smile, love, mourn, dance, help one another ~ the decorated pages is nice to have, but as far as I am concerned that’s a bonus. A decorated page is not going to define who I am ~ instead its how I help someone else, how I share and care for others ~ to me that’s what is important!!

I guess I just want to keep the true Catster spirit ~ will you keep one along with me too???


I Want to Thank My Furiends Fur Helping Me Caterbrate My- Daily Diary Pick

March 2nd 2014 12:22 pm
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I was a Daily Diary Pick on Feb. 25/14.. kind of late getting this posted but with the bad severe weather we've been having and what not, its still never too late to write down for futBoth ure who helped me caterbrate my special days.

Both Angel Hooch and the family of Mac, Legolas, Ivy, Zander et al, each gave me a Blue Ribbon ~ Wow I am a real Blue Ribbon winner in their eyes, MOL!!

Angel Buddie sent me a pawligram concatulating me!!

Auntie Dana and furmily made me a most bewtifur keepsake picshur!!

I had been soo spoliled in the days before from so many wonnerfur furineds , oh yes, and I made more new furiends too!!

Thank yoy all so much, I love all of mai furiends soo dearly


OMC!!~ A Daily Diary Pick!!~Thank YOU So Musch

February 25th 2014 10:52 am
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Wow, isn't that something special, it really is you know!! I am in great company today with the likes of Queenie, a fellow Admin in our pawsome OKR!! group, Mr. Purrzz just shouting it out these days, Rosie so sweet and bewtifur, Ozzie such a charming fellow ~ And Tabatha our Cat of The Day, along with Rufus as Cat of The Week ~ wow, what a lineup to be a part of. Very special kitties and very special times and memories in the making. Just think of all the other ones coming up in the days to follow!!

Catster, you're the greatest, THANK YOU sooo musch!!


It Has Been a Glorious Week ~ Thank YOU All Once Again Fur- Helping to Make My Catster Cat of The Week So Special

February 23rd 2014 11:30 am
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Wow, I have had one of the most loving, exciting weeks of my life. As mai Cat of The Week comes to a close I want to thank you once again Catster for choosing me to be Catster Cat of The Week. This has meant so much to mai Meowmy and I. I sure hope I have represented Catster well this past week.

I have loved Catster from the moment my furmily found this place, back on March 6/07. I am going to have mai 7th anniversary candle on mai Catster cake ~ YAY!! I have never ever wanted to leave. My heart was shattered into a million pieces with the announcement. Then I learned from mai furiends and we all banded togefur. And now Catster will continue and more precious babies will have special days and weeks on Catster, too. Catster is so grand and wonnerfur, I sure hope I have represented the true spirit of Catster this past week.
I have sent personal thanks out to each and every family who helped me caterbrate mai exciting week with personal messages, precious keepsake pictures, forever bewtifur gifts fur mai page, gifties I love to look at. Since I learned how to save this stuff, it’s all now saved too, for mai memory book. I also made new furiends this week.

I have written this in mai diary here so Meowmy can look back upon this most blessed week in years to come.

Thank YOU all ~ mai furiends who helped to create memories that will last furever and ever:

BEWTIFUR KEEPSAKE PICSHURES: Rory ~ Kibbles ~ Pansy ~ Weebeesiameeze ~ Jax ~ Auntie Laura ~ Auntie Dana ~ Cesar (two special screen shots)

Angel Buddie for your catciting Pawligram, I saved this one in a screen shot ~ you sure know how to make a little guy like me feel so important and loved.

The following is a list of all of mai gifts received and who gave them ~ I have saved each and every one of these in a screen shot too!!

CROWN: Jasper ~ Pansy ~ Jax ~ Bobbie ~ Platelicker ~ Toffy and Vanessa ~ Kaci Sunshine, Miss Mittens and furmily ~ Ringo and Webster and furmily ~ Gimli and furmily ~ Napolean and Colorado ~ Francis, Kibbles and furmily ~ Zoey, Opie, Muffy and Oliver ~ Muppet, Nakita, Sampson and furmily ~ Cody, Ginger and furmily ~ Blad and Moppie ~ Sundance, Apollo and furmily

Golden Beating Heart: Smiley Cassanova and Luigi; Guido, Baci, Grappa and furmily ~ Alex Finnegan

EMERALD: Milo Blue Eyes, Mallee and Smokey Joe ~ Sarge, Lena, Pepsi and furmily ~ Calista, Pistachio and furmily ~ Gunnarr, Peekabo and furmily

DIAMOND: Betsy ~ Tiger, Tiny and Beauty ~ Angel Soc and furmily ~ Percy ~ Mr. Sam, Mr. Pink, Daytona and furmily

GOLD STAR: Angel Hooch and furmily ~ Sparkman ~ Lexi, Duke, Paisian and furmily ~ PJ

RAINBOW STAR: Poo, Tigger, Lily, PooToo and furmily

TROPHIES: Bella, Bee Jay, Mufasa and furmily ~ Cody ~ Nibbler ~ Athena ~ Sniffles, Tamir and furmily ~ Jasper An Angel (also a fellow Admin at OKR!!) and a great furiend

BALLOONS: Bruce (The Boss)


RED HEART: Keisha, Sylvester and furmily ~ Paisian and furmily ~ Alfie, Dave, Olllie, Buzz and furmily ~Scooter, Beepers, Ashlynne and furmily

RED RIBBON: Rory and furmily
CUP OF HOT COCOA: Hobo, Moose, Spencer and Yoda

BLUE RIBBON: Finnegan and Lacey ~ Simba ~ Angel Rebby, Princess and Kody ~ Sausage, Meatball and Pierogie ~ BonnieBell ~ Binx, Casper, Athena and furmily

BEEG HUGS: Elpheba, Elliot, Tommy and furmily ~ Luke, Tully and furmily ~ Mia, Milo, Q. T., Zeke, Kody, and furmily ~ South Florida furmily ~ Kelsee ~ K.C. Morris

RED ROSE: Sunny ~ Ally Cat, Little Boy and furmily

SNOWMAN: Walker, Molly and furmily

GOLD FISH IN BOWL: Tristan Zachray and furmily


BEEG PIECE OF CHEESE: Newman and furmily

PINK RIBBON: Pounce, Dexter and furmily

CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE: Mugsy, Taffy, Texas and furmily

CATSTER CUTIE: Harley Dreamettte #2 ~ Phantom, Spice and Patches ~ Snickers, Kitty and furmily

CATSTER CASSANOVA: Snowy, Queenie, Toby and furmily ~ Harley, Cody and Raj ~ Tigger, Maizy, Felix and furmily

From the bottom of mai heart, THANK YOU ALL once again fur helping to make precious memories with me this past week. It sure was a glorious week!!!


Thank YOU To Mai Furiends Fur a Wonnerfur Burfday

February 22nd 2014 10:40 am
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I had mai 9th Burfday yesterday. It sure was a grand day, too. One I will always remember. Sure had lots of fun. There was a surprise pawty for me over in mai group I manage, OKR!! ~ it was so catciting!! Mai Papa Buddy brought a cake all the way from the Bridge ~ wow!! And there was lots of food and drinks and balloons to purrlay wif.

Mai wonnerfur grand furiends, Kibbles and Francis and furmily made a few keepsake pictures of the pawty and I will have that up on mai page soon. I sure got spoiled this year, YUPPERS!!

Now I am going to put down in mai diary here for Meowmy to look back upon one day mai most excicitng 9th burfday and alla the love I shared wif mai grand furiends ~ I saved all of mai prezzies in screenshots now too fur mai memory book!!

KEEPSAKE PICSHURES: Napolean and Colorado ~ Mayhem ~ Tundra ~ Auntie Dana ~ Milo Blue Eyes

KEEPSAKE CARDS: Candian Kitties Club ~ Birthday/Gotcha Club Mugsy ~ Angel Queenie ~ Weebeesiameeze ~ Angel Soc ~

SPECIAL CAKE THEY MADE: Moose and furmily I love the Igloo cake, its pawsome

CATSTER CUTIE: Big Harry and furmily


CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE: Angel Soc and furmily ~ Athena ~ Bruce (The Boss) ~ Angel Hooch and Crew

FOOTBALL: Milo Blue Eyes, Mallee and Angel Smokey Joe

RED HEART: Jax and furmily ~ Moose and furmily
BEG HUGZ: Timo ~ Harley, Cody and Raj ~ KC Morris (we share the same burfdy) ~ Queenie



GOLD BEATING HEART: Alex Finnegan ~ Platelicker

CUP OF HOT COCOA: Jezebel, Travis and furmily

PINK RIBBON: Wanda, Norman, Tess and furmily

CROWN: Tiger, Tiny and Beauty ~ Kibbles, Francis and furmily

CANADIAN FLAG: Smiley Cassanova and Luigi

SHRIMP: Gunnarr, Peekaboo and furmily ~ Mazie ~ Mia, Q.T., Zeke, Kody and furmily

SNOWMAN: Angel Rebby, Kody and Princess


Thank YOU Everyone for All the Wonnerfur Gifts

February 17th 2014 1:20 pm
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Wow!!~ I am just speechless ~ I will be thanking each of you personally for all of the bewtifur gifts and kind comments you are bestowing upon me during this great honor. I am saving them all and will be putting them in my precious memory book we are making.


OMC!!! Thank YOU So Much Catster for The Highest Honor

February 16th 2014 10:34 pm
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Meomwy got home and I said, "well its about time I need to meow wif mai furiends," so she turned the puter on fur me. First thing I check in mai email account.

I go there and whatcha think I see??? An email fur me from Catster. They told me I am this weeks Cat of The Week and even gave me a wonnerfur gift on top of this, the highest honor one can receive here on Catster.

Well, let me tell you I had to look a few times at the message, MOL!! Rubbed my eyes and stuff too. Meowm comes in the room and looks at me and wonders whats up ~ cuz I has mai nose right up to da puter screen, MOL!! So Meowm reads it and lets out a BIG whoop!! Meowm grabs me and gives me a beeg and and is smiling big and soooo catcited.. dis is when it sinks in ~ I really am dis weeks Cat of The Week!!

OMC!!! Thank you soo furry musch for this grandest of honors. You know, while we all didn't know what to do or where to turn in our darkest of days the last few weeks, I just wouldn't give up. Sure I started to look around, but there is no place like Catsterland and never will be.

I never wrote a final goodbye, just couldn't. I made up my mind to stay and work, make special keepsake picshurs still and help where I could. I was just going to carrying on and do what I normally could do.

I love Catsterland so much and I really appreciate Catster bestowing upon little ol' me the highest order they possibley could.

You have made my Meomwy so very happy. This is a huge memory mai Meowmy will remember furever and so will I.


OMC!!! Our Profiles and Places Will Be Saved After All ~ I- Am Stunned

February 12th 2014 3:36 pm
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Just got home a little while ago and saw this post about the new big news that the Catster community features will not be shutting down on March 3 after all.

I am just stunned!! Crying and laughing and I don't all!!~ wow is all I can manage at this point.

All of us have worked so hard. We have mourned and cried, got down to brass tacks to save as much as we could and felt like refuges.

I do know in all of this, it has brought us, the members who truly make Catster what it is, its brought us all together. We are stronger for it and we know we all can work together and we all truly care but each other.

It showed in all the work, all the ones who came together to help their fellow Catster member save their stuff when they had not clue how.

I am scared an leary ~ but so catcited at the same time

Dear God thank You for hearing our prayers and helping us and giving us the strength and for answered prayers.

I sure hope not too many took down their profiles ahead of time


One of Samoa's Dreamboats ~ YAY!! Thanks So Much

February 3rd 2014 9:50 am
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Oh boy am I ever a happy boy today!! I am on the list of Samoa's Dreamboats and it is one of the best days of mai life, let me tell you.

I went to thank Samoa and leave mai comments but I can't, instead I get an error somefin or other. So I reached out and let her know how happy she has made me today.

I am having all kinds of problems on Catster today. I didn't touch the fun box at all, just went into mai area to change the title area of mai name and saved it and ~ WHAM!! lost mai background and some other stuff, like my dates of all my DDPS and stuff like that.

Thats ok, cuz I already have mai page saved and that will show where its saved plus i am gonna save mai pages one last time at the end of Feb.

So Catster fleas be darned!!~ I still have all of my memories and mai special days saved ~ and now mai new title is showing up :)


Miracles DO Happen ~ My Furmily DOESN"T Have to Move!!

January 27th 2014 10:05 am
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I has great and wonnerfur news to share wif you all ~ we don't have to move!! remember when I wrote about dat bad man who was making us move for the end of February?? Well he was doing it all wrong and unethical and he got his paws slapped big time!! We have known about this news for a little bit, but was holding our breathes because things can always change. Now we know for sure we are safe...for the time being anyway.

After a big scare like that, it is hard to trust again. So Meomwy is still going ahead and down sizing and keeping what's important. The trust factor is gone ~ yup!! We learn as life throws us dem curved catnip balls :)

I firmly belive in the POTP, purrs and prayers. Mai wonnerfur furiends you know who you are that kept us in your prayers and thoughts while we went thru some pretty scary dark days and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. See, we are heard and listend too, their are powers from on high keeping a close watch over all of us and kknows what is going on.

I believe in answered prayers ~ now they may not all get answered the way we want them too, but nothing ever goes unnoticed~everything is noted in the BIG BOOK!!

So never give up, keep positive thoughts, keep praying, keep moving forward and know what all of us are now going thru, we will make it thru somehow!!

Love you all


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