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Thank YOU Everyone for All the Wonnerfur Gifts

February 17th 2014 1:20 pm
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Wow!!~ I am just speechless ~ I will be thanking each of you personally for all of the bewtifur gifts and kind comments you are bestowing upon me during this great honor. I am saving them all and will be putting them in my precious memory book we are making.


OMC!!! Thank YOU So Much Catster for The Highest Honor

February 16th 2014 10:34 pm
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Meomwy got home and I said, "well its about time I need to meow wif mai furiends," so she turned the puter on fur me. First thing I check in mai email account.

I go there and whatcha think I see??? An email fur me from Catster. They told me I am this weeks Cat of The Week and even gave me a wonnerfur gift on top of this, the highest honor one can receive here on Catster.

Well, let me tell you I had to look a few times at the message, MOL!! Rubbed my eyes and stuff too. Meowm comes in the room and looks at me and wonders whats up ~ cuz I has mai nose right up to da puter screen, MOL!! So Meowm reads it and lets out a BIG whoop!! Meowm grabs me and gives me a beeg and and is smiling big and soooo catcited.. dis is when it sinks in ~ I really am dis weeks Cat of The Week!!

OMC!!! Thank you soo furry musch for this grandest of honors. You know, while we all didn't know what to do or where to turn in our darkest of days the last few weeks, I just wouldn't give up. Sure I started to look around, but there is no place like Catsterland and never will be.

I never wrote a final goodbye, just couldn't. I made up my mind to stay and work, make special keepsake picshurs still and help where I could. I was just going to carrying on and do what I normally could do.

I love Catsterland so much and I really appreciate Catster bestowing upon little ol' me the highest order they possibley could.

You have made my Meomwy so very happy. This is a huge memory mai Meowmy will remember furever and so will I.


OMC!!! Our Profiles and Places Will Be Saved After All ~ I- Am Stunned

February 12th 2014 3:36 pm
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Just got home a little while ago and saw this post about the new big news that the Catster community features will not be shutting down on March 3 after all.

I am just stunned!! Crying and laughing and I don't all!!~ wow is all I can manage at this point.

All of us have worked so hard. We have mourned and cried, got down to brass tacks to save as much as we could and felt like refuges.

I do know in all of this, it has brought us, the members who truly make Catster what it is, its brought us all together. We are stronger for it and we know we all can work together and we all truly care but each other.

It showed in all the work, all the ones who came together to help their fellow Catster member save their stuff when they had not clue how.

I am scared an leary ~ but so catcited at the same time

Dear God thank You for hearing our prayers and helping us and giving us the strength and for answered prayers.

I sure hope not too many took down their profiles ahead of time


One of Samoa's Dreamboats ~ YAY!! Thanks So Much

February 3rd 2014 9:50 am
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Oh boy am I ever a happy boy today!! I am on the list of Samoa's Dreamboats and it is one of the best days of mai life, let me tell you.

I went to thank Samoa and leave mai comments but I can't, instead I get an error somefin or other. So I reached out and let her know how happy she has made me today.

I am having all kinds of problems on Catster today. I didn't touch the fun box at all, just went into mai area to change the title area of mai name and saved it and ~ WHAM!! lost mai background and some other stuff, like my dates of all my DDPS and stuff like that.

Thats ok, cuz I already have mai page saved and that will show where its saved plus i am gonna save mai pages one last time at the end of Feb.

So Catster fleas be darned!!~ I still have all of my memories and mai special days saved ~ and now mai new title is showing up :)


Miracles DO Happen ~ My Furmily DOESN"T Have to Move!!

January 27th 2014 10:05 am
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I has great and wonnerfur news to share wif you all ~ we don't have to move!! remember when I wrote about dat bad man who was making us move for the end of February?? Well he was doing it all wrong and unethical and he got his paws slapped big time!! We have known about this news for a little bit, but was holding our breathes because things can always change. Now we know for sure we are safe...for the time being anyway.

After a big scare like that, it is hard to trust again. So Meomwy is still going ahead and down sizing and keeping what's important. The trust factor is gone ~ yup!! We learn as life throws us dem curved catnip balls :)

I firmly belive in the POTP, purrs and prayers. Mai wonnerfur furiends you know who you are that kept us in your prayers and thoughts while we went thru some pretty scary dark days and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. See, we are heard and listend too, their are powers from on high keeping a close watch over all of us and kknows what is going on.

I believe in answered prayers ~ now they may not all get answered the way we want them too, but nothing ever goes unnoticed~everything is noted in the BIG BOOK!!

So never give up, keep positive thoughts, keep praying, keep moving forward and know what all of us are now going thru, we will make it thru somehow!!

Love you all



Praying For That Miracle WE All Need and Want

January 26th 2014 10:24 am
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Miracles happen everyday.

Just look around us, we have kept furineds in purrs and prayers and they have overcome and the miracle has arrived for them.

I believe in miracles. WE all really need one soon.

After looking around other places so far I have one I really like and another where others have been joining up and yet most waite with held breathes for the miracle that Say Media will have a change of heart and save our communities.

Here is the link to the proposed new site:

hope you all can get in to take a look. its under construction and launch date is suppose to be Feb. 10.

To me there is still miles to go in the proposed new site. I have not come across anything remotely close to Catster and I fear we never will.

I feel just like Pistachio does, so many of us will be going in different directions and this makes me so scared.

I am having a beeg sad now and I have to go....

Meow wif you later, I am not leaving!!


Just to Let YOU Know We Found An Awesome New Site

January 24th 2014 1:05 pm
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Hi effury one!! apparently I am not the only one having difficulties on her lately ~ so hoping Say Media keeps its word about the date

Anyway, first of all here is the new sites name, it is called Petster

Just type in easy to navigate around, upload pictures, can decorate your room with css codes, make furinds, their are groups and you can create groups, there are kibbies there already from catster..there is no advertising and no cost. we can make this what we want, but I want to stay connected with my furineds so please think about joining ~ its open to all pets by the way

now I have been able to help save pages by using this website and its awesome and does work

keep that link and check it out...what you do it grab the url from hour page, its the number and link on your browser at the top of your page, now get that and copy it then go over to the website and on the right hand side a little down it say save page now, paste your url in that and hit the button, it gnerates a new url, may take a couple of minutes, it comes to another page with a bar and the new url copy that and save it somewhere in your files as this is the new url you will need to use when you want to look back on your pages one day ~ we have it and other stuff we saved burned to a cd for safety .

The only way I know how to save a diary is by copy and paste into a file folder and saving to your documents.

I still plan on being here to the bitter end ~ just making preparations and letting you all know wht I'm up to and where we are. Now there is a site in the works but I wanted us to have a save place to go just in case and I think I have found it ~ I looked at others and either they are too hard to haviagte around or I don't get a good feeling about them.

sorry about the spelling mistakes, I am going as fast as I can, there is so much to still do

so please keep in mind ~ we're there, Bitu is there, Kibbles, Francis and Angel Yoda is there, Spice and Phantom is there, and a lot more..someone wrote in their diary there about the Catster refugees and that is what we are and we need to stay together

Hugs and I Love You ALL Forever and Ever


I'm Staying!! Lots to Do

January 19th 2014 3:00 pm
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So many of my furiends have started to write their final good bye messages here. Each and every one of them breaks my heart .
I am never good at times like this. I get really befumbled and kind of messed up when a death occurs, and the demise of Catster as WE know it, is a death. A very needless death at that.

We are all scrambling to save all that we can. It’s like a war zone, where we have only a short time to be able to pick up what we have before all is lost forever. So then we become refugees, looking for a new home.

But where will that be?? When I came here and found Catster I thought it was the neatest place ever. I got to meet new furiends and join up in awesome clubs. Meomwy got to have a place where she could finally mourn her puppy, Bobbie.

We had to be off for awhile due to personal things in our life back then. But every chance we got, we came back even for a short bit to just shout out a beeg HAIOOO!! .

The day Buddy passed, Catster was the first place she wanted to go after she got home from the vets. Calvin, Buddy’s eye twin, helped to spread the word on mai papa Buddy’s passing, and his Mawmee, Auntie Laura made Meowmy the most bewtifur Angel picture. This place really helped heal Meowmies broken heart. We shared all of our ups and downs, happy news and sad. Concerns and laughter. And everyone was always there to help with purrs and prayers.

I got to be Cat of the Day, Diary of The Day, Daily Diary Picks and so di mai sisfurs and Buddy and Bobbie who were already Angels had special days given to them here by Catster too.

We’ll never have that again!! OMC!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
There are thousands of furmilies whose hearts are broken into a million pieces right now. We are all struggling and trying to help each other through this saddest of times.

Many are reaching out, sharing emails and I am one of those. Please, if you want to stay in contact let’s exchange email addresses.
I also have a facebook page, and here is the link to it:

Mine is a like page. You can hit the like button and then you will be able to comment, and I will see you and you can message me and send a friend invite too.

There is a mass exodus starting already and lots have come to Facebook. Please consider coming over. There are a few groups within so we can talk, and share and plan. At least we will be togefur!!

This is not my final diary entry. I plan on staying for the whole month. There are kibbies that still need help with their special days ~ like burfdays, gotcccha Days, RRRainbow Bridge days, and yes, some will be going to the Bridge this month too!! I want to be here and help in any way I can.
So while we are all frantically saving as much as we can, lets remember what Catster is all about US!!!! We are Catster, the members who love each other and share and help each other.

I am sorry I have missed a few days of not really being there to help the special days lately, but we are all working so hard to save as much as we can.

So stay tuned, I am still hard at work here ~ who knows, maybe Catster will finally make me CAT of The WEEk, MOL!!! Now wouldn’t dat be sumfin 


A Daily Diary Pick Back to Back!! And on One of The Saddest- Days of Mai Life, Too!!

January 18th 2014 10:01 am
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First, I want to say thank you to Catster for allowing me to be a DDP two days in a row!!

January 16th and the 17th of 2014. The 16th will never ever be forgotten, not only was it my Grandpaws burfday that I got to share my DDP with, but it was the day Catster announcd the community site will be shutting down.

I am not going there right now ~ I am too busy saving my stuff, and trying to help others. I am just shocked and hurt like thousands of us are.

Will save that for my final thoughts in another entry.

I want to Thank Angel Buddie for the pawligram, Smiley Cassanova sent me one too, Thank you both so very much!!

Jax mai wonnerfur friend, sent me a Red Heart, thank you Jax

Napolean and Colorado ~ my wonnerfur fellow Canadians, sent me a blue Ribbon, thank you both so much !!


Thank You All Fur The Love and Concern Shown to Me ~ Your- What Catster is All About

January 13th 2014 12:19 pm
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I want to take the time right now to write down in remembrance of mai furiends who were there for us last week when Meowmy thought I was furry sick ~ at times like this its when you find out who really cares.

We have personally thanked and given our reports to them. We will always and forever remember these kind furiends who were there for us and kept us in our purrs and prayers.

Moppie, Kibbles, Purincess Miranda, Athena, Percy, Jezebel, Tiger, Princess, Alexander, Mr. D, Platelicker, Zeke, Marmelade, Mazie, Mugsy, The Rest of Grammy’s Crew, Gleek, Mango and Kally Kat ~The furmilies of all of these pawsome friends prayed too!!

The following also sent POTP:
Jax, Tiger, Platelicker, kaci Sunshine, Angel Rebby, Zeke and Angel QT and furmily, Newman,

Kibbles, Francis and furmily sent me a furever Beating Golden Heart
Angel Buddie sent me a blue “Buddies Well Wishers Gang Healing Rosette”

I am so touched by the outpouring of kindness and love and concern shown to me ~ Your all the best!! This love and kindness will never ever be forgotten.

While going thru this and talking with the vet clinic we learned a few things. First, we have requested our vets bring in something to make pawprints with at the end of life ~ we tried at Christmas and its just too hard to try and get the impressions ~ so the clinic is looking into this ~ I also came across this site and will be passing it along to my vet clinic: paws_kits

Also mentioned if ever there is an emergency, and something happens, we are to be privately cremated so we can come home. We use a place called Precious Pets in Southern Manitoba, Canada.

Meomwy was so worked up last week and spoke with the receptionist at the clinic on the phone to make sure this is all written down and in our files. I know its sad to think of, but she wants to prepare ahead, because Meomwy knows how hard it is when loosing anyone of us. At least things are written down and in place, because you just never know and it makes things easier when the time comes

Now I plan on being here FUREVER!! YAY!!, MOL!!

We sure do love you all ~ appreciate all the love and warmth we have felt lately ~ your all the best and really help make Catster the most wonnerfur place to play in 

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