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The King of Hearts

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I'm 3!

July 10th 2008 12:14 am
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Hello everyone! Yesterday was my birthday...I turned 3! Mommy was so nice to me all day. She spoiled me with hugs and kisses and treats! She even took me outside on my leash! But then mommy looked at my baby pictures and got a little sad because she says i'm all grown up now, even though she still calls me her baby boy! I am sleepy after such a happy to you all soon!




aStRo iS BaCk!

January 13th 2008 11:12 pm
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Hello everyone!!

Sorry it has been so long since I've been able to play on Catster! We have just been so busy between the holidays and traveling and mommy's work & school.

We went to indy for the holidays and just made it home yesterday. It has been an exhausting month! Mommy had to work a lot, and try and spend a lot of time with daddy before he left. Daddy left on January 2nd for Iraq, so things have been really crazy with all of that going on.

Phoebe Jo & I have had to do our best in trying to take care of mommy since daddy left. She's handling it okay because she has us. Mommy told us just the other day how lost she would be with out us to love her and give her lots of purrs and sandpaper kisses. She likes those the best.

Well, we are finally getting settled back into our home, so hopefully mommy will make more time for us to play with all of our CaTsTeR friends! We miss you all...can't wait to hear from you!

*-aStRO BaLzaC-*


Please Pray

September 11th 2007 3:12 pm
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Hi everyone,

Mommy's boyfriend just got his orders and will be serving in Iraq for 12-18 months. Mommy has had a difficult time with this and we would appreciate it if you could extend any prayers. Thank you for your support and we'll do our best to stay in touch.

Luna, Astro, Phoebe Jo


May 10th 2007 6:59 pm
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Almost two weeks ago mommy noticed my poo wasVERY strong smelling (she could smell me using the litter box in the corner of the bathroom when she was in the living room on the other end of our place so strongly that she actually had to get up to make sure I didnt poo on the new carpet), so she started to watch me when I used the litter box to see if everything was working out alright (hehe..."working out" ...hehe).

About a day or two later she noticed I had a case of the mud butt... diarrhea is just such a dirty word. And since this was mommy's final exam week she was home with me A LOT and about 2-3 days after she noticed I had the poops, she realized that she couldn't remember the last time she saw me urinate. So she took away my privacy and watched me every time I went to use the litter box...gave me stage fright a couple of times. On friday mommy called the vet because she still hadn't seen me tinkle and daddy didn't pay any attention to what I did when I was taking care of business.

Mommy told the vet the poops had lasted over a week and she had not seen me pee pee in a couple of days. Our vet said "You need to get him to a clinic like now." And our doctor NEVER worries-he doesnt overlook anything-but he never worries (probably because mommy is always doing enough of that for ALL pet owners!). Well, we were on our way to Indy when mommy called the vet, so we still had about a 2 hour ride civiliaztion (ever been through southern Indiana? Then you know what I mean.)The reason our vet said we should immediately get to a vet rather than wait for our appointment the following monday was because he said that kitties should urinate at least once every 12 hours, and holding it inside can actually make our bodies toxic and cause a lot of problems really fast.

Aside from the unusual restroom habits, my attitude has been very different which mommy also pointed out to the vet. I have been very cranky and almost downright mean lately. I only want mommy, and I only want her sometimes. Without hiding, I've been keeping to myself; Mommy catches me laying up against the wall about a food away from my food dish just staring at it - not sleeping - just staring. Mommy also catches me laying under the chairs in the kitchen just staring into the cornerof the wall where my food dishes are...almost like I'm in time out. Not really lethargic...i just dont really care about much of anything going on around me for a few hours a day.

When I saw the vet over this past weekend I weighed 13.5 pounds (which is a 1.5 pound weight gain since the end of March and I'm almost 2 years old). I was running a slight fever and they did a urinalysis on me. The urine test showed some infection but not quite what they would consider a UTI "although there are definite signs of infection" (according to the vet). So they gave me some amoxil drops and sent me on my way, recommending I visit my primary vet if the diarrhea continues through the weekend.

So late friday night when we were in Indy, I snapped at mommy on friday and all she did was sit by me; I also snapped at mommy's sister. Then I bit mommy twice on tuesday and bit mommy's friend wednesday night and put two holes in her shirt and bruised her arm. And I also pounced on Phoebe jO very angrily, my tail was completely fluffed up and my back was arched and I just stood over her and stared her down. Mommy separated us for a while and I got in trouble for pretty much attacking her...for no real reason. Plus, it is now thursday and I still have the poops! And my attitude has not changed at all...still being mean which is so UNLIKE me. So, I have to go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon to see what's wrong. I know what mommy will be doing all night long...I hope she gets some sleep so she can baby me all day tomorrow!


Phoebe Jo is back!

April 18th 2007 4:39 pm
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Pheebs came back from the vet! And the best news is, there was no tumor!! She's back on antibiotics though, which is sad but she should be used to it by now! All she ever does is take medicines! Hopefully this will be the end of that road though! I just heard mommy open up the catnip so I gotta go before Pheebs hogs it all!! I'll write again soon!


...Phoebe Jo's at the vet...

April 16th 2007 8:50 am
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Phoebe jO had to go to stay with the vet this morning. Mommy found a sore in her mouth a couple of weeks ago, and since she was still eating normally and it didn't really seem to bother her, the vet said not to worry too much. Well, mommy noticed a couple of days ago that the little sore was pretty much gone, however the whole inside of phoebe's lips were swollen pretty bad, and on the outside corner of her mouth in the same spot it almost looked raw and partially scabbed over. Then last night she started bleeding a little bit. Not in a way that couldn't be controlled, but it still really scared mommy. So she took her to our vet this morning and he said he had to keep her for a few hours. She'll have to be sedated so he can examine her mouth more closely. Hopefully she'll be back this afternoon, and mommy can stop crying!

Gotta go purrr by mommy, I'll write again soon.


"Where'd All The Good People Go?"

March 22nd 2007 8:08 pm
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So...Mommy made me go to the vet on tuesday...and I had to get SHOTS! I despise shots...and I despise the fact mommy puts her foot down and MAKES me come out of my carrier when we go to the vet! I can purrr and give her a few headbonks on any other occasion, and I can get away with EVERYTHING...except hiding from the vet. And then, when we got home, I felt like I deserved to spoiled for at least a day but phoebe jo kept pouncing and trying to play with me! It was like she was mocking me all day! And mommy let her do it! And daddy....he called me a big baby. So what if I'm a 12 pound BOY who is almost 2...i love my mommy...and I wanted my mommy ALL DAY LONG. He's just jealous...I took his seat on the couch by mommy, and I made sure to spread out as much as possible. Hey, I needed my space....and my mommy! Man did mommy spoil me with cuddles and kisses and shoulder rubs too!! She was so upset over this cat abuse video, and I was being so clingy to her that she spent allllllll day with me. I think she even shed a few tears at one point, and heaven only knows how many times she said she loved me! I knew that, but I felt like a KING so I milked it for all it was worth. :o)

This video thing really took its toll on mommy's heart for a while there. She just felt so concerned for a whole list of reasons, which she made daddy listen to...I got bored, so i went away. I think she's finally starting to feel a little better because she keeps telling me and pheebs how lucky we are to have such good friends. I figured out finally that she meant all of our catster buddies. She just feels so helpless sometimes, and its hard for her to stay motivated when it seems like love is so overpowered by all the grief in the world. I used to think she was just too emotional and she should just get over it...but she never actually accomplished the 'getting over it' part. She would just feel upset and listen to this song called “Where’d All The Good People Go” by Jack Johnson. I got so sick of that song.

I guess being surrounded by so many genuinely good people has taught her that she’s not supposed to just turn her head and get over it....thats what everyone else does...thats why things don't change. You all have made her feel really worthwhile. I just wanted to thank you for that, and for helping and supporting all of the efforts during this fight for justice and support regarding this video. Where’d all the good people go? They went to catster.

For all that you all have done, and for all that you all are, and especially for all the ways you ALL have inspired mommy, thank you. I am even more spoiled now than I was before…and I’m just LOVING IT! :o)

Gotta go…I just saw Mommy move the treats from their normal spot…time to turn on the charm! Later kitties!



March 18th 2007 3:02 pm
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YouTube allowed a cat abuse video to not only be posted on their site, but to stay on there from December 11, 2006-March 15/16, 2007. We are in the process of seeking legal action against the boy who did it, as well as youtube for leaving the video on the site, even AFTER NUMEROUS flags and messages asking for it to be returned. They never even responded to messages or complaints...nor did they remove the video. The creep who posted it removed it after receiving messages from other users expressing how they felt about him... PLEASE sign this petition...we need 1,000 signatures to have youtube held accountable for such disgusting content and lack of respnsibility and ethical management skills. Please, take just a minute and sign this...the video was nothing more than heartbreaking. ction/956629011

♥AsTRO & PhOeBe jO



March 17th 2007 9:53 pm
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This message was posted in one of our groups, and we think it's a really awesome thing...Please help us help this little one! We voted, and it feels so good to know she's in 2nd place with only around 100 more votes to win it.....lets make this little one's finish and incredible one!!


pucco buster posted this in a group of mine and i think its a great thing to pass on random acts of kindness ..please vote for the pup below..

I have noticed the cutest dog on the snobby dog contest . she is a white pekingese Named Angel and the owner has entered her I think five times and she never gets over five or six votes. I saw her on there again in a different outfit this time. I just feel bad because I am think that this person doesn't belong to such a wonderful group as us and probably doesn't know such a group exists.

I just have a feeling this is some older person who would love to see their dog win. I just think we should vote for this dog even though we don't the owner.

I just feel it is the right thing to do.

she is the white pekingese named Angel.

I would hate see her come in last again.

Lets do a stranger a favor. A random act of kindness. Good Karma for all


Spring Break 2k7

March 12th 2007 4:38 pm
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What a busy couple of weeks it has been! Mommy had a birthday on the 27th of February, so between all the cleaning, rearranging, and people coming over to MY house, I almost went crazy! Then, last week brought spring break time, which brought STRESS to me! I had to spend a week in indianapolis at Grandma & Grandpa's house, first of all. Then Mommy left Phoebe Jo and I for 3 days and went to Florida. So, we had to have babysitters...which were mommy's nieces & nephew. The girls were 12 and 6, and the boy was 4....UGH! They simply refused to just admire me...they HAD to pet me, and hold me, and pick me up. And I mean, I even make Mommy come to ME when she wants to pet me and I only let her hold me for a few minutes, simply because she's Mommy & she feeds me! Maybe the babysitters wouldn't have been so bad if they knew that things must go my way...they just must! We're finally back home, in MY house where I can get back to my duties of ruling all who enter. I am happy about that! :) Oh no! I just overheard Mommy on the phone, saying my name A LOT and and mentioning the words "annual shots", "rabies vaccine", "FeLV/FIV Vaccine" and "FVRCP Booster"! Man, I know exactly what that means! She's going to make me go to the doctor soon to get shots....She knows how much I dislike going to the doctor and especially how much I dislike shots! This is so UNFAIR! :(

Time to go suck up...maybe she won't make me go if I'm extra cute... ;)

I'm sure I'll have lots to write about soon!


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